Dallas Real Estate Agent - Top Frisco Real Estate Agent
Dallas Real Estate Agent - Top Frisco Real Estate Agent
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Dallas Real Estate Agent - Top Frisco Real Estate Agent
Dallas Real Estate Agent - Top Frisco Real Estate Agent
Dallas Real Estate Agent - Top Frisco Real Estate Agent
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[email protected]

Competitive Edge Realty

8005 Fallmeadow Cir, Plano, TX 75024

Office: 972-231-4663

Realtor Commission Rebate for
Savvy, Motivated New Construction Home Buyers in in Austin, Texas

Get Up To 2.5% of the Sales Price Back On The Purchase of Your New Construction Austin Home

Real Estate Rebate Paid to Metro Austin Home Buyers - 2.5% Rebate on New Construction Homes

 #1 New Home Rebate Program in Texas of All Time

Work with the best and save on commissions in Austin Texas.

Austin Real Estate Buyers.


I am currently offering one of the highest biggest largest and best commission rebates for my new home construction buyer clients in Austin and suburbs.. buy with me and save!


If my home-selling system didn't work..

I wouldn't be a Top Producer.

I specialize in saving you money..


Seller special: 4% total commissions to sell your house (paid at closing/ no upfront fees). High Quality Photography included & Open House included. Plus Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Realtor.com and all major websites included in my 1% listing commission!

If I can't sell it.. nobody will.



Buyer special: 83% commission rebate on homes over $250,000 when you buy your new construction home from a builder with me, you receive 83% of my commission refund at closing.

Just because you pay less.. doesn't mean you get less. Call 469.269.6541


Thank you for choosing Nitin Gupta!


Nitin Gupta, Austin Real Estate Agent/ REALTOR with | Austin Top Realtor | Austin Real Estate Buyer Agent offering 2.5% commission rebate on New Construction Homes on any Austin Real Estate or New Construction Austin Homes For Sale valued $250,000 or more.  

Welcome to my website. I'm a Austin real estate agent with experience working with buyers and sellers and I specialize in saving you money. I offer discounted commission rates on new construction homes sold by builders, but not discounted service, on Austin MLS listings and currently 2.5% buyer commission rebate on any new construction builder home or MLS listed property over $250,000 in Austin or Suburbs. Save thousands with my special promo offers, seller commission discount on new home MLS listings or buyer commission rebate when you buy and/or sell a house, condo or apartment building in Austin or the suburbs with me.


FOR NEW HOME BUYERS. 2.5% commission rebate. I share my commission earned with you and you get 2.5% of 3% commission paid to me by new construction home builder.Austin Real Estate buyers.. get a 2.5% commission refund when you buy any new Austin Real Estate over $250,000 with me, buy any new property listed in the Austin MLS by any real estate agent anywhere.


Buy a $500,000 new construction home with me. Get $12,500 commission refund!

Example: $500,000 new home home purchase with me = $12,500 commission rebate to you. I typically earn $15,000 commission (3.5%) on a $500,000 sale representing a buyer. I keep $2,500 and refund $12,500 to my buyer-clients at closing. Buyers pay nothing for my service, sellers pay my commissions.

If you're going to have a Austin buyer's agent for your new construction home.. why not get one that gives you a 2.5% commission rebate?

FOR SELLERS. Austin Real Estate Seller Discount Commission on MLS Listings. I will sell your Austin or suburban Austin property for just 4.0% total commissions (1% listing agent commission plus 3.0% buyer agent commission). Open house and professional photos included. There are no upfront fees, no additional fees, no hidden fees, you just pay 4.0% commission at closing. *offer good on all properties over $500,000.

Sell faster and keep more equity with my full service discounted 4.0% commission program on homes over $500,000. How? Suppose you sign a 6 or 12 month listing agreement with your 'local top producer' at 6% commission and are now stuck at $500,000 list price with no showings, no interest and no offers. Your listing agent calls and suggests another price adjustment but you have no room left for price reductions because you just don't have enough equity in the house.

With my 4.0% full service discounted commission program you could lower the price by 10k and sell the house for $490,000 and still net more because you are saving 2.0% on the commissions. Sometimes all it takes is a 10-20K price reduction to make a difference. There are currently thousands of properties listed in the MLS at high commission with no offers. Do you think a 2.0% price reduction would make a difference? Of course, it would. Higher listing commission will not bring you more buyers or result in a higher sales price. If buyers can find comparable or better homes for less money in the same neighborhood, you are not going to sell.

It's your hard-earned equity.. keep it!

World Class MLS For Less! You don't have to pay 6% or 7% commission to sell your home.  

Q: How can you offer high quality MLS listings with professional photography, open houses, for only 1% MLS listing fee plus 3% buyer broker commission on homes over $500,000?

A: I pass the savings to you.. the client. I don't have an expensive office. I don't have a team. I don't have an assistant. I don't have a secretary. I keep my expenses low and pass on the savings to my clients.

My Showcase Listings


List with me. Click Here to contact us


Austin Home Buyer Agent offering Biggest Largest Highest Maximum New Home Buyer Commission Rebates: Buy any new construction property over $250,000 with me, listed by any broker anywhere and get 2.5% commission refund on any new construction home Austin Real Estate MLS listing listed by any builder anywhere. You hire me you will work with me directly from showing until closing, not my secretary or team members. If you're going to have a Austin buyer's agent, why not get one that pays you back?

Austin Real Estate Seller Commission Discount: from 1% MLS Listing fee on all properties over $500,000 (plus buyer broker compensation).

It's your equity.. keep it! Why pay more for the same result?

Full Service Buyer & Seller Representation.


Buy with me and get 2.5% commission refund on new construction homes over $250,000



Austin Best Value Discount Realtor, Nitin Gupta offering Full Service Discount Commission MLS Listings for the North Texas Property Sellers. Professional Photos included. Open House included.

Austin Best Value Full Service Discount Real Estate Broker/ Agent/ Realtor. Top Producer with numerous Properties Sold as Listing Agent for Sellers in recent years.

No suburb is too far.. I come to you!



FREE Market Evaluation! FREE Second Opinion! Call me before you list with another agent! You will be happy you did!

DalAustinlas Home Buyer Cash Back Commission Rebates up to 2.5% Commission Refund! Full Service Dallas Buyer's Agent.



Buy with me and save. If you're going to have a Austin Buyer's Realtor, why not get one that pays you back? Buy a new construction home in Austin or Suburbs with me and save Thousands! I offer 2.5% refund of the purchase price on homes with the selling price of $250,000 or higher. 2.5% equals to $12,500 commission rebate on a $500,000 home! It pays to buy new construction real estate with Nitin Gupta. Get up to 2.5% commission rebate when you buy or sell a home in Dallas or Suburbs with me! See how much you will save if you buy a home or investment property with me:  


Work with the Best! Top Producer with Top Results.

Why choose Nitin Gupta?

• Full Service MLS® listings at discounted commission rates, save Thousands!

• Professional photographs    

• Licensed Real Estate Agent in Texas (Lic.# 0668540)

• See My Clients Testimonials

• Top Producer for the brokerage

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With scores of Rebates and counting, We are the most experienced and trusted REALTOR with a Rebate Program in the New Home Market in Texas.

By working with us to buy your home, you'll receive a rebate deducted from our commission after closing to put towards new furniture, appliances, or even take a vacation - it's your money to do what you want with. This generous home buyer incentive applies to any Metro Austin property listed for sale where a 3% commission is offered by a Texas real estate broker or new home builder. 

Being Austin Realtors that pay cash back, we still work just as hard as any other agent to make your home purchase as easy and problem free as possible. Best of all, because our commissions are built into the sellers sale price, our Home Buyer Rebate program is totally free to those looking to buy a home, condo, townhouse or land in Metro Austin.  

2.5% New Construction Home Rebate. Rebate Applies to ANY Home Purchase Price. Rebate is paid from my commission.  No price limitations, minimums, or exclusions like other rebate Realtors. That's a $12,500 Cash Rebate paid to You on a $500,000 Home.


 Greetings New home buyers!  Austin New Home or Under Construction Home Buyer Rebate  also offering an UNLIMITED HOME SEARCH Rebate program.

I have been paying rebates to my new and resale home buyers for a long time  around Austin and ALL of the Surrounding Cities in the counties; Texas, more. Find your perfect home with buyer rebates on top of Austin discount real estate properties.


The time and effort it takes to find and purchase a new home is significant, so make sure you have a professional buyer's agent to help and pay you a rebate!

Register With Us BEFORE You Enter The Builder’s Model

In order to be eligible for your 2.5% New Home Rebate you will have to register with us before visiting new home builders.

We have to be registered as your agent on your first new home visit.

Sign Up For Cash Back Rebate by clicking on the button below


Real Estate is changing. With the use of the internet, home computers, and mobile devices, many home buyers prefer to search for a new home themselves: wherever they are and whenever they want.

The traditional Real Estate model is still playing by the old rules, but we at Texas New Home Rebates Program feel that home buyers should be rewarded for all of their efforts.

By actively participating in the search for your home, you save us time and money, so we pass the savings on to you!

We will give you 2.5% of the purchase price of your new home as a rebate at closing  


In other words, when the Builder gives us our 3.0% commission at closing, we give you 2.5% — that’s over 83% of our commission.

It really is that simple!

Feel Free To Give Us A Call: (469) 269-6541

Best Rated Discount Real Estate Brokers In Austin & Surrounding Areas!

Top 9 Things to Know About My New Home Construction Buyer Rebate & Resale Home Buyer

Discount Real Estate Brokers Austin | Austin Discount Real Estate | Austin Buyers Rebates


  • UNLIMITED HOME SEARCH PROGRAM (Exclusive ONLY to our clients). Please inquire

  • Applies to ANY Home, House, Condo/Condominiums, Town Home, Studio/Flat, land lot, or other Residential real estate property.

  • Home Buyer Rebate Example Calculations:

    • New Construction Home purchase price of $500,000 X 2.5% rebate = a $12,500 Rebate paid to you.

  • You can use or designate the Rebate Cash for anything. It's your money!  i.e. Vacation, home upgrades, appliances, HDTV, credit card payoff, etc.

  • New Home Construction Builders & their listing agents DO NOT NEGOTIATE the Commission OR a Lower SALES PRICE if you purchase without a Realtor.​

  • No contract is required for any rebate program, however; I still Guarantee the Rebate in Writing and it's Solely the homes buyers decision.   

  • DON'T LET ANY REALTOR DISCOURAGE YOU FROM GETTING A REBATE. They are not being completely honest with you. I provide excellent service.

  • **VIP** For New Home Construction Rebates.  If you are meeting with the "on site builder listing agent" without me, you NEED to sign in stating me as your Representing Agent and the list agent will record it.  Or I can meet you there.


Texas #1 New Home Rebate Program of All Time

Austin top discount real estate agent, offering the best Home Buyer Rebate Austin offers and low Realtor commission listings!

Searching for a Home Buyer Rebate Austin and homes for sale in Frisco, Coppell, Allen, Flower Mound, Plano, Irving, Grapevine, Southlake, Colleyville, Austin or University Park, Texas? Let us help you find the perfect home, condo or townhouse. The best part of buying now is that with a Austin home buyer rebate, Austin buyers can take advantage of cash back offers to discount home costs. We give the home rebate and work all over the metro Austin, Texas area. We represent home buyers and sellers diligently in their real estate transactions. And we give a home buyer rebate Austin buyers can trust, or provide a Low Real Estate Commission Home Listing.



Austin top discount real estate agent, offering the best Home Buyer Rebate Austin offers and low Realtor commission listings!


How do you get paid the home buyer rebate, Austin? We personally hand deliver you the Home Rebate check at or after your closing, because we will still be representing your best interests at your closing.

How do we get paid? Not by you. We are paid by the home seller, home builder, or the subdivision or community developer. We only get paid if you purchase a home with us as your Realtor® of record. This means we have to physically show you the home(s) you are interested in, specifically the home(s) you choose to buy.


We give the New Home Buyer Rebate Austin to you if you buy any new home(s) listed for sale with Any and All  Builders, other Realtor® firms, real estate companies, brokers and their realtors or agents.


The home buyer rebate also applies to homes that are Quick Delivery Homes (QDH) or Spec Homes from new home builders. If you have any questions about the home buyer rebate Austin program, please contact us at your own leisure. Also visit our official blog, soon to be updated.

NOTE: No rules or real estate laws prohibit or apply to you receiving cash or certified check rebate as some "other Realtors®" would like to scare you with when you buy a new home from a builder in Texas and receive rebate & cashback.


Learn about the commission rebates offered for new construction homes i. Find out what commission rebates are and how they can help you, the buyer, save thousands on your real estate purchase texas  - home buyer rebate discount refund cashback


Your Home Buyer Rebate Austin could help you pay for a lot of home buying expenses. Use it however you wish! Some of our buyers have used the home buyer rebate we gave them to pay for: home upgrades, moving expenses, new furniture, new appliances, or left-over closing costs. Some have used the home buyer rebate to pay off credit card debt or car loans.



No rules or real estate laws prohibit or apply to you receiving a home rebate in cash or certified check as some "other Realtors®" would like to scare you with. Other Realtors® won't give you better representation or personal and transactional service than we will. In fact, we provide better. Other Realtors® just want to keep their commission instead of giving part of it back to you as a home rebate.

Read more on how the home buyer rebate Dallas plan works.

We have revolutionized the way home buyers purchase new and resale homes in Texas and the U.S. Savvy Residential real estate buyers have taken advantage of our buyer agent service and cash rebate for years! We are there for you to get the best price and best terms on your new or resale home. Our services cost you nothing and get you everything, with No obligation to us.

Incredible Savings: The Proof Is In The Pudding


Our Texas New Home Rebate  Program is awesome! But just don’t just take our word for it.

See Why The U.S. Department Of Justice Encourages Rebates


“A 1% rebate on the median-priced home would save the homebuyer $1,843.”


Rebates can save consumers several thousand dollars in a single transaction. For example, if a broker offers to refund one-third of its commission to the home buyer…[learn more]


Use this calculator to find out how much you can save when the buyer’s broker offers a rebate…[learn more]

U.S. Department Of Justice


Some of the New Home Builders building homes in Texas that are eligible for new home rebates and new construction discounts. Click on the links below to be redirected to the Builder’s website.

  • Wilshire Homes

Register With Us BEFORE You Enter The Builder’s Model

In order to be eligible for your 2.5% Texas New Home Rebate Program you will have to register with us before visiting new home builders. We have to be registered as your agent on your first new home visit.



With our Texas New Home Rebate Program, we pay up to a 2.5% Rebate. For example, if you buy a home for $500,000, we give you $12,500 (2.5% of $500,000). Please note: the 2.5% New Home Rebate Program is contingent on us receiving at least a 3% commission from the new home builder (seller).


Our service is free – there is no charge to you. The fact is that the Builder’s own company policy requires the price of the home to be the same whether you use an agent or not. Builders have a Real Estate commission (typically 3%) already factored into their listing price since most buyers work with a Real Estate Agent / REALTOR®. If you don’t work with a Real Estate Agent / REALTOR®, the Builder will simply pocket the money for themselves.


There is no obligation, contract, or commitment to use our service – you can cancel anytime. If you choose not to purchase a home, or if you want to work with another Real Estate Agency, you are free to stop using our service. But remember, if you want the New Home Rebate, you’ll need to stick with us – we can’t pay you unless we get paid.


We specialize in Texas new homes and new construction – including “spec homes” (inventory / pre-built homes) and model homes sold by new home builders. We feel that buying new is a better buy – you get to pick the home, the lot, any upgrades, and customize it to fit your needs.


Your 2.5% rebate will be in addition to any special promotional pricing, discounts, closing credits, free options, upgrades, or any other incentives that the new home Builder may be offering at the time of your purchase. The best part is that our service and Texas New Home Rebate Program won’t cost you a penny!


Texas New Home Rebate Program is available throughout the state of Texas. This program is available to you irrespective of the city in Texas where you are buying your home. Before you sign on the dotted line, call us!


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