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Moving From California To Dallas, Texas

Although California has been one of the most popular dream locations for families for decades due to a combination of beautiful beaches, pleasant weather and technology opportunities in the bay area, increasing cost of living has made it unaffordable for a large number of people. California today has the highest state income tax in the country and real estate prices including housing costs are extremely high. This has made raising a family in California very difficult. 



No State Income Tax

Texas allows residents to keep more of our hard earned money and is one of few states with no income tax (Alaska, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Wyoming, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, New Hampshire). The money that families, moving from California to Dallas, used to pay as California state income tax goes right into their pockets! Dallas sales tax is also not outrageous, like it is in some of the other no income tax states, which is another attraction for families relocating from California to Dallas, Texas.



Lower Cost of Living

Everything from the cost of groceries and gas to government fees are all considerably less in Dallas, Texas than on the west coast. You pay much less for car registration, utilities and apartment rents. Virtually everywhere you pull out your wallet in Dallas, you spend less. Families moving from California to Dallas, Texas notice that their money goes further in Dallas, Texas which allows them to enjoy their life better.



Highly Rated Public Schools

You hear about cities in California where private schools are the only option if you want your kids to have a good education. And that involves spending millions of dollars on homes in exclusive neighborhoods. Not in Dallas. Dallas-Fort Worth has over 100 public schools districts. Many of the Dallas public schools are very highly rated. Highly rated schools are found in all price ranges, not just in the most expensive neighborhoods, making Dallas a go to area for people with children. Top quality education is one of the primary reasons that families are moving from California to Dallas, Texas.


Private Schools

There are a number of alternatives for Dallas residents who prefer to send their children to private school. In fact, Dallas is home to some of the highest-ranked private schools in the state (Find a list of Dallas private schools here). The city’s St. Mark’s School of Texas recently beat out Houston’s St. John’s School as the #1 private educational institution in the state. St. Marks, a boys school, is also one of the oldest private schools in the area, having been established in 1906. It boasts such prestigious alumni as  Alan Lomax, Boz Scaggs and the Wilson brothers. Girls school Hockaday, St. Mark’s unofficial sister institution, is number three in the state. Other high-ranking Dallas private schools are Cistercian Preparatory School (No. 4), Greenhill School (No. 7), Jesuit College Prep School (No. 18), Trinity Valley School (No. 19), Ursuline Academy of Dallas (No. 20), Episcopal School of Dallas (No. 21) and Yavneh Academy of Dallas (No. 25). Families moving from California to Dallas, Texas can rest assured that their kids will have access to world class education.



World Class Higher Education Opportunities

Texas is known for its outstanding higher education with more than 200 colleges and universities. Some of these high ranking schools include Rice University, Texas Tech University, Texas A&M, University of Texas at Austin, and Southern Methodist University. In addition to offering great local colleges, these schools also employ a large number of Texas residents. This provides families moving from California to Dallas, Texas access to renowned public and private universities.


Lower Housing Costs

The median home value of single family homes and condos in Dallas is $232,721 according to Zillow compared to the median home value of $1,416,879 for single family homes and condos in San Francisco. This has been one of the main draws for families moving from California to Dallas, Texas.  


Better Employment Opportunities

Texas has a booming job market for applicants looking for jobs in various fields like technology, healthcare, finance, oil & gas, banking, entertainment and retail. Many of the country’s leading companies such as AT&T, Keller Williams, and American Airlines have already made Dallas, Texas their home while other companies are lined up to move to Texas. This means higher income for the Dallas residents and more opportunities to find better paying jobs in future. This is one of the main drivers for families moving from California to Dallas, Texas


Quality of Life

Dallasites know that you must have a work-life balance. Employers don’t expect their employees to work 16 hour days and weekends like they do in technology heavy cities in California. Most families who move to Dallas, Texas from California are able to live comfortably off their salaries and even put away some money as well. And, because the cost of housing is not 60% of your gross income like it is in some of the bigger cities in California, families have some extra money to enjoy the fun things that Dallas has to offer during their down time. Moving from California to Dallas allows families to spend more time with each other and less time worrying about making their ends meet


World Class Healthcare 

The DFW area is also known for its nationally renowned healthcare resources and medical facilities. UT Southwestern Medical Center, Parkland Memorial Hospital and Baylor University Medical Center are nationally recognized hospitals and have been ranked among the best by U.S. News and World Report along with Children’s Medical Center of Dallas which ranked high in 10 different specialties. In fact 14 Dallas-Fort Worth area hospitals were among the magazine’s Best Hospitals metro-area rankings recently which are based on reputation clinical excellence and a variety of patient care factors such as nursing and patient services. Families moving from California to Dallas, Texas can be confident that they will have access to great healthcare in DFW.



Dallas is a Young and Vibrant City

Dallas is a young and vibrant city. Many students who attend UTD, SMU & UNT make Dallas their permanent home. Dallas also attracts a lot of retirees, but they are generally very active and “young at heart” making the city very energetic and vibrant. You’ll see hike and bike trails full on the weekend, as well as many people kayaking and boating or attending one of many festivals. Dallas metro has a number of top places to live in the country according to a recent Time magazine report. This makes the decision of moving from California to Dallas, Texas much easier for millennials. 



Small Town Feel, Big City Amenities

Though the Dallas metro area has over 7 million people, there are a number of cities like Southlake, Coppell, Flower Mound, Trophy Club, Grapevine, Keller etc. with a population of less than 50,000 residents which still have a small town feel. Many of these neighborhoods and suburbs have their own “Downtown” where residents meet for coffee, lunch and to shop at local businesses. Though these Dallas suburbs have the small town feel, you don’t sacrifice the amenities a big city has like an international airport, booming job market, highly rated restaurants, ample shopping and vibrant nightlife. This attracts families moving from California to Dallas, Texas as they can improve their quality of life while enjoying all the amenities of a friendly city.


Small Business Friendly

Dallasites love their small businesses. You’ll see many more local chains and local businesses that residents love to support. Local coffee shops are often much busier than Starbucks and local chefs dominate the restaurant industry, not chains. Spend a few days in Dallas and you’ll see even our popular grocery store (Tom Thumb) is a Texas company based in Roanoke, Texas. Entrepreneurs moving from California to Dallas, Texas marvel at the business friendly regulatory environment they find in Dallas, Texas.  



Dallas is a Welcoming Place

Dallas is a very cosmopolitan city in spite of its cowboy image. Very few people are native Dallasites and most are from somewhere else. Dallas has attracted families from other states like California, New York, Florida, Illinois and Minnesota. Over 250 families have been moving to Dallas in the last 12 months. People in Dallas are extremely friendly and welcoming to other new people. This makes moving from California to Dallas a much more fulfilling experience and an easier transition.



Kid Friendly

Dallas is a very kid friendly city. Most neighborhoods have playgrounds, community pools and the HOA’s geared to activities that kids and parents can enjoy. Dallas metro offers tons of master planned communities with everything from trails and coffee shops to olympic size pools for residents. Dallas also offers a big zoo, children’s museum, aquarium, water parks, kids camps, sports leagues and endless other activities that parents and kids can enjoy together. Families moving from California to Dallas are able to spend a lot more time with families and enjoy better quality of life!


Great Food and Entertainment

Texans are proud of their food, everything from: barbecue, pecan pie, chicken-fried steak, cowboy chili, chili, chicken fried steak, queso and kolaches to Blue Bell ice cream! This is the reason Texas has ranked as America’s best food state. Dallas has one of the highest number of restaurants per capita in the country. With options like golf courses, hiking trails, amusement parks, lakes, indoor ice skating rinks, stockyards, live music and nightclubs, Dallas, Texas has plenty of options for entertainment. You’ll also be just a quick drive to a number of lakes, state parks and mountains in Oklahoma, you can enjoy a quick weekend getaway. This keeps families moving from California to Dallas, Texas entertained. 



Friendly People

Texas is also known for its southern hospitality. Texans are friendly and welcoming and it’s only natural to see Texas residents going out of their way to show kindness and politeness. Families moving from California to Dallas, Texas are usually pleasantly surprised to meet a cosmopolitan crowd in Dallas instead of cowboys running around in cowboy boots and hats!


Texans Live For Sports

Texans love sports. Texas is home to several winning national sports teams including the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, and of course the rodeo at the Fort Worth stockyards is well known! The Fort Worth Livestock Show and Rodeo is one of the largest in the world. Families moving from California to Dallas, Texas can continue to enjoy their favorite sport in the Dallas metro area throughout the year!


No Major Natural Disasters

From north to south, California is known as a magnet for natural disasters. Moving from California to Texas, you can rest assured that you won’t be struck by damaging earthquakes or forest fires. Dallas, Texas gets hailstorms from time to time which are more manageable events. This allows families moving from California to Dallas, Texas tons of money on home insurance.


Less Traffic

California is notorious for long commutes and traffic congestion. Whether it is Los Angeles or San Jose, spending hours on road stuck in traffic is a fact of life for Californians. Out of all the cities in the United States, Los Angeles and New York take top place as the most congested cities for traffic. San Jose follows at number four. Statewide, the average commute time has increased in about 265 of the top 300 California communities in last few years as ranked by the number of workers in those cities.The Dallas city appears on the list at #28. This allows families moving from California to Dallas, Texas to spend more time entertaining themselves.


Job Growth

Moving from California to Texas also comes with plenty of job opportunities. The City recently ranked second in the country for job growth, with a rate of double the national average. While still ahead of the national curve, California’s job growth rate is slightly behind at 16th place.

Sectors, such as professional services, financial services, technology, and healthcare, have been booming in recent years, drawing talent from around the country.

If you can bear a few months of heat and cold, with low living costs, Dallas has much to offer. 


Dallas is Poised for Growth


It is estimated that 250 people move to the Dallas metro area per day and even with record numbers relocating, Dallas has a booming job market in many industries. I hear story after story about people who move here without a job and days later they are employed in the industry they are most qualified for. We routinely help physicians relocate to Dallas from California and other states; and not only do they find a job before they have moved to Dallas, they are able to buy much nicer homes and enroll their kids in great public schools. Every week we hear about a new Fortune 500 company that has decided to move their headquarters to the Dallas metro area like McKesson (relocating headquarters from San Francisco to Irving, Texas)  and that hasn’t slowed in all the time we’ve lived here. Dallas is poised to grow and thrive for many more years to come. A robust economy with opportunities for jobs has accelerated the trend of families moving from California to Dallas, Texas.



Hiring a REALTOR when relocating from California to Dallas, Texas

 If like many you have decided to make a change and relocate to Dallas; I can offer resources, personal experiences/expertise, and Professional Real Estate services to help make your Dallas Relocation from California as smooth as possible.


Here are 4 Ways I can help your California to Dallas Relocation:


Provide you with the resources needed.


When you hire me to represent you as your Dallas homebuyer agent, I will provide you with all the local resources and information needed to make your California to Dallas transition. Moving from California to Dallas? Do these 6 things first!



California to Dallas Relocation Checklist in 10 Steps.

When moving, there are many things to do in order to prepare for a relocation. If you are moving City to City, there are many To-Do’s based on your current and future lifestyle. But if you are moving out of State, to a brand new City, the To-Do’s only get bigger.


Here are 10 Steps: How to Make a Successful Relocation Move.


Review from a family who recently relocated to DFW from California




Personal Experiences and Expertise.

As we make life long decisions, it’s always easier to have someone guide or share personal experiences and/or expertise to make our choices easier. As someone who has relocated, I know what it’s like to have your spouse accept a position in another City/State, and mutually decide to move the whole family like moving from California to Dallas, Texas. The planning and research that needs to be done in order to have schools, recreational parks, pharmacies, grocery stores, and everything that is important to your lifestyle nearby are crucial. Let my experience and expertise serve to your advantage.




Professional Real Estate Services.

As an experienced Dallas Real Estate Professional, I understand the challenges that arise from a Relocation. I work with families including physicians who are relocating to the Dallas area. I have earned a number of real estate certifications and designations in an effort to learn and provide excellent customer service to my clients. As a CRS, ABR & GRI, I offer my clients moving from California to Dallas, Texas unmatched customer service, in-depth, up-to-the-minute and comprehensive market knowledge; honesty, integrity, dedication, and professionalism. 


If you are looking for a Dallas Real Estate Professional to help you achieve your dreams and goals, someone who will listen to your needs, use all the Marketing and Technology available to him, then contact me today.


Moving from California to Dallas, Texas - FAQ


1. How many people are moving to Dallas from California?


From 2017 to 2018, the region added about 361 residents per day, according to population estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Put another way, DFW gained 131,767 residents in just one year. From 2010 to 2018, DFW ranked first among all U.S. metro areas for population growth on a numeric basis. Currently, the metro region’s population sits at about 7.5 million people, which makes it the fourth largest metro area in the country.



2. How many people are expected to move to metro Dallas in the future? 


According to the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the ten counties - Wise, Denton, Collin, Hunt, Parker, Tarrant, Dallas, Rockwall, Kaufman, Johnson, Ellis -  in North Texas will have over 9.1 million people living in households by the year 2030.



3. Who is moving to Dallas? 


There is great diversity among those who relocate to Dallas, particularly in terms of age. One of the largest groups of new residents is millennials. 


In 2019, SmartAsset.com named Dallas the number one city for people between the ages of 21 and 36; Dallas ranks as the No. 1 U.S. city on the new Millennial Desirability Index from Meyers Research, a California-based housing research firm.  Berlin-based housing website Nestpick examined 22 factors — including digital connectivity, environmental friendliness, affordability, career opportunities, recreation, and safety — to pick the best cities in the world for Gen Zers. Dallas ranks No. 3 in Texas, No. 11 nationwide, and No. 49 globally, according to the study. Also making Dallas home are retirees; WalletHub recognized Dallas as the 22nd best place to settle down during your golden years thanks to affordability, quality of life, healthcare and availability of recreational activities. Of course, families love Dallas as well. According to Niche, metro cities like Coppell, University Park, Frisco Flower Mound, Murphy, Southlake and Allen are among the best for raising a family; the population growth in these areas reflect those positive rankings. Many of those new families come to Dallas thanks to a corporate relocation.




4. Where are people relocating from when moving to Dallas? 


According to 2019 Texas Relocation Report released this year, the highest number of new Texans relocated from California (63,175), Florida (33,740), Louisiana (28,700), Illinois (26,214) and New York (20,644).



5. Where are residents settling down in the metro area?


According to 2019 Texas Relocation Report released this year, out of top 10 Texas counties with the highest gains of out-of-state residents (inflow of people) in Texas, four are in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington area  - (No. 2 Dallas, No. 3 Tarrant, No. 6 Collin, No. 9 Denton).


According to a list recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau of the country’s fastest-growing large cities, Seven of the 15 fastest-growing cities are in Texas. The top three cities on the nationwide fastest-growing list are in the Lone Star State. Frisco is number 1 in the country. New Braunfels and Pflugerville follow Frisco at Nos. 2 and 3.Two other North Texas cities made the fastest-growing list, too. Dallas was No. 9 with a 4.8 percent increase, and Flower Mound was No. 11 with a 4.3 percent increase.



6. Why are so many people moving to Dallas from California? 


There are many reasons to move to Dallas. The city was ranked 63rd on the 2019 Quality of Living list, a study conducted by Mercer that evaluates local living conditions in more than 230 cities worldwide; it was one of only 17 cities from the U.S. included on the list. The economy is the 2nd largest in the country, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the area has had over-the-year employment gains every month since July 2010. Employment opportunities abound, the housing market is affordable and robust and people can choose either an urban lifestyle or a suburban way of life within the metro Dallas area.



The Businesses


1. How many businesses relocate or choose to open locations in Dallas?


More than 75 companies have relocated their national or international headquarters to Dallas-Fort Worth in the past seven years. The biggest win for the DFW Metroplex in 2019 is Core-Mark, a Fortune 500 company moving to Westlake from San Francisco. The Dallas-Fort Worth region has been a magnet for corporate headquarters and major company operations, attracting 22 Fortune 500 company headquarters (with 2 additional, McKesson and CoreMark, coming on board in 2018) and 43 headquarters among the Fortune 1000. A diverse group of household names such as ExxonMobil, Texas Instruments, AT&T, American Airlines, J.C. Penney, KimberlyClark, Toyota, and Keurig Dr Pepper call the region home, reflecting the area’s strong fundamentals when it comes to workforce, access, and cost of doing business. 



The DFW region’s corporate powerhouse companies are distributed throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, an indication of its strength, quality of the workforce, and ease of navigation between cities and corporate centers. Scanning the roster of major employers located here, it’s easy to see the breadth and depth of the business community, from high-tech industry leaders, telecommunications, logistics, and finance to consumer brands that ease the daily lives of families across the globe. Dallas–Fort Worth’s diverse base of employers drives the region’s economic strength, pulling from a variety of industries, so that growth is possible even during weak business cycles.


Texas is home to 39 companies in the Dallas metro area, including AT&T, ExxonMobil and Texas Instruments. And it boasts some of the nation’s largest privately-held companies, including supermarket operator H-E-B, Neiman Marcus Group and Hunt Oil.


2. Which companies have expanded and relocated to Dallas metro area recently?


The Dallas-Fort Worth region is regularly identified as one of the nation’s top markets for new and expanded corporate facilities. Dallas-Fort Worth attracts an impressive list of companies from diverse industries. Past relocations to the region included headquarters moves for Fortune 500 and Forbes Top Private companies such as Golden Living, Fluor, Comerica, and AT&T. These companies are more recently joined by well-known industry leaders like Toyota, Top Golf, NTT Data, and Jamba. During the same period, companies including Amazon; Bed, Bath & Beyond; BMW; Galderma; and General Motors have expanded into distribution, logistics, and manufacturing centers. Meanwhile, corporations including 7-Eleven, American Airlines, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, FedEx, and Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage) have expanded into new office space.



  • Blackberry North American HQ (Canada)*

  • Commemorative Air Force (Midland, TX) 

  • GuestLogix U.S. HQ (Canada) 

  • Hisun Motors North American HQ (China) 

  • Howard Hughes Corp. 

  • KidZania (Mexico) 

  • Leclanché (Switzerland) 

  • Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies ( Canada) 

  • NGC Renewables North American HQ (China) 

  • Nutribiotech (South Korea) 

  • Triathlon Battery Solutions (Germany) 

  • Taleris Zinwave (UK)



3. How many jobs do businesses bring to Dallas? 


Texas has added more than 350,000 jobs in the past year. Put another way, 1 in 7 jobs created in the United States in the past year was created in Texas. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the area that includes Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano and surrounding cities added 100,400 jobs between November 2016 and November 2017. As of March 2019, Dallas-Fort Worth added 100,100 jobs year-over-year in January, making it the second-largest driver of job growth in the U.S. behind New York, which added 141,000 jobs.



4. What kinds of businesses are moving to Dallas?


The Dallas Chamber of Commerce has identified key industry segments for the area, and it’s these segments that are seeing incredible growth: 

  • Advanced Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Financial

  • Food

  • High Tech

  • Health Care

  • Health Industry Impact

  • Life Sciences

  • Aviation and Aerospace

  • Telecommunications

  • Data Centers

  • Hospitality

  • Logistics

While some businesses are being started right here in the city, many companies are moving from their founding cities to the metro area as well.



5. Where are businesses relocating from when moving to the metro area?


Companies relocating to Dallas actually come not only from across the country, but also from around the world. And when it comes to technology, Dallas has become a very attractive option for companies of all sizes. The city has become known as a major tech hub and location for company growth, and it has attracted tech firms from other well-known technology locales like Silicon Valley, New York and Durham, N.C.





6. Where are businesses relocating to within the metro Dallas area? 


Of course, three locations inside the perimeter are key business centers: Plano, Las Colinas and Frisco. Yet, counties and cities outside these popular destinations are welcoming relocating companies as well. The sister city Fort Worth Is Also Jumping Into the Corporate Relocation Game. Fort Worth already has 68 active projects in its pipeline with interested parties, including many companies of various sizes and from different industries. 


What’s more, the Dallas Chamber of Commerce reports that companies are moving to or opening in counties across the DFW metro area, from Westlake to Deep Ellum in Dallas where Uber has committed to a new development for as many as 3,000 new high-tech jobs with a $400 million annual payroll.


The city is also home to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Texas Woman's University, University of North Texas at Dallas, Paul Quinn College as well as a number of religious affiliated and community colleges. This provides well educated workforce to all the employers.



7. Why are so many businesses moving to Dallas? 


For many companies and employees, no state income tax for employees are a key draw to the metro Dallas area. In addition, a good cost of living, excellent schools, housing that's affordable with lots of price points, safe neighborhoods, access to arts and sports, racial and ethnic diversity and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport are motivating Fortune 500 and other companies to setup shops in Dallas metro area. While Texas offers incentives such as tax abatements to lure companies, like most states and cities do, it also has an aggressive economic development policy that's been successful in attracting companies such as the PGA to Frisco, TX. A host of companies including Toyota, Boeing, Charles Schwab, Merck, Kubota and the thousands of other game-changing companies have chosen Texas for its pro-business tax climate, world-class infrastructure, skilled workforce and central North American location.


8. How many jobs are expected in Dallas in the near future?


According to Dallas Fed in Aug 2019, incorporating July job growth of 3.4 percent and a slight increase in the leading index, the Texas Employment Forecast suggests jobs will grow 2.6 percent this year (December/December). Based on the forecast, 331,100 jobs will be added in the state this year, and employment in December 2019 will be 12.9 million.

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