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Dallas Buyers Agent ABR. Nitin Gupta ABR is an experienced Dallas Buyers Agent and Realtor. He offers Dallas buyer agent services in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant, Collin, Denton counties.


For most families, choosing a new home is the biggest financial decision they will ever make. There are many complicated decisions involved in choosing your new home. To protect your interests and assure that you make the best possible decisions, it's important that you have a Dallas buyers agent on your side who is an expert in the local real estate market.


What is a Dallas Buyer’s Agent?

A Dallas buyer’s agent acts solely for the home buyer. When representing a Dallas home buyer as a client, their buyer’s agent share their knowledge, offer counsel, advise, and offer their experience while assisting the Dallas homebuyer client in the home search. The buyers agent is a unique relationship in real estate, and is a process of education, enlightenment, and expertise that benefits the buyer negotiate the best possible deal. A Dallas listing agent by law can never represent the buyer without getting approval from both the seller and buyer, They are already under contract or listing agreement to represent only the home seller. They sell – homes they have listed for “their” sellers pledging to obtain the best possible deal for them! Dallas buyers agent on the other hand provide specialized real estate services to prospective Dallas home buyers to help them make an informed buying decision. The Dallas home buyer becomes their client, and once an agreement is in writing, the agency relationship begins. There is no fee to be paid by the buyer client. The commission is paid by the seller when the listing agreement is signed. The Dallas home seller at that time offers other agents in the MLS system usually a set percentage commission for buyers agents that bring their buyer clients to the seller’s home or real estate, and are paid by the seller at closing of the home.

As your Dallas buyers agent, our focus is on getting you the best possible home at the best possible price. We will work hard not only in finding you potential new homes to see, but also in keeping you informed of everything that takes place. As your Dallas buyer’s agent and top experts in the local market, we'll negotiate the best prices and terms for you and answer all of your questions as they arise. We'll be representing you, not the seller. This assures that our experience and expertise in the local market will be used in your best interests during the negotiation process.


Dallas Buyers Agent ABR.  Nitin is an Accredited Buyers Representative in Dallas Texas. He represents Dallas home buyers when purchasing a home or real estate in Dallas Texas.  Dallas buyers agents are sometimes called, buyer brokers, buyers representatives, consultants, and home buyer advocates. Dallas Buyers Agent. Nitin Gupta ABR is an experienced Dallas TX Accredited Buyers Agents and Realtors. As your Dallas buyer’s agent, Nitin Gupta ABR offers his buyer services for Dallas and surrounding cities.

What your Dallas Buyer’s Agent Cannot Do

Your Buyer’s Agent cannot help you to decide on a “good” community, nor can they suggest which community where you may want to buy a home. These are issues that are against the law under the United States Fair Housing laws.

Under Federal Fair Housing laws, your real estate agent cannot direct you to certain communities, nor discourage you from communities, as to do so would give the appearance of “steering”.  Sorry, but the Feds can remove an agent’s license if an agent does this. A buyer needs to decide on the communities where they want to see homes – that has to be their decision.

Also please be aware that your agent cannot be a tour guide to area attractions. You need to plan to allocate some time to do self-guided touring and clearly decide on what community(s) you are comfortable with and would be comfortable purchasing a home “before” you ask your agent to show actual homes to you. There will be similar homes in many, many neighborhoods – but only you can decide what neighborhood(s) you are comfortable in and/or is near the amenities or activities you like to do, or is close enough for you to get to your job.

Before you plan to actually see homes, plan to do a self guided tour. Drive around to see where the dogs are barking, if that is a concern. Talk to the neighbors. Ask yourself, is this a neighborhood where I can be comfortable? Drive from the community to where you will be working to see if it’s too far. Go to the local grocery store, or other area amenities. If you have a favorite golf course or restaurant or medical facility — then drive to all these as well. Drive from the community you are thinking may work for you to become your home to anything that is important to you. Do this before you plan to actually see homes in a given community. There is no point in seeing homes if all these things that are important to you do not match the community where you want to see homes. Once you have decided upon what things are important to you and if there is a match with those things and a community is when your agent can then help you with homes.

Once you have done enough self guided touring to be sure the neighborhood is suitable for you — then is the time that you need your agent to get involved to gain access to the homes that meet your criteria and price requirements.

Do You need a Dallas Buyers agent?

Do you need someone to

  • Explain the terms and conditions in the Purchase Contract?

  • Negotiate price?

  • Coordinate inspection, appraisals, walk-through?

  • Answer to any question / resolve the issues during the contract periods?

  • Work at your BEST interest?

If you answer is YES for all the above questions, then you will need to hire a Dallas Buyer’s Agent.

Most buyer’s agents will accept the co-broke fee offered by the seller/builder and not charge the buyer a commission.

A Buyer’s Agent will:

  • Acts in the Buyer’s best interest

  • Has a duty to disclose all facts to the buyer

  • Has a duty to advice the buyer

  • Obeys all legally permissible instructions

  • Maintains the confidentiality of the buyer’s position

  • Negotiates on the buyer’s behalf

  • Opens up all properties (FSBO) and (“Not on the market”)

All buyers have the right to representation. Whether you move into town or across town.

So find an agent who will REPRESENT YOU!

My personal commitment to you as Buyer’s Agent

  • I will listen to you, because when I fully understand your real estate goals, I can help you achieve them

  • I will represent you with integrity and find you a home that best matches your needs

  • I will help you through the offer, financing, and closing processes

  • I will communicate with you by keeping you up to date at every stage of the sales process

  • I will stay aware of the latest market trends and keep you updated

  • I won’t push you into buying a home. Instead I offer knowledgeable and trusted advice

Dallas Buyers Agent Fees

Generally 100% of your Buyer’s Agent fees are all paid by the seller — however, in this current real estate market and economy it is common that some sellers may simply not have the money to pay the full 100% of the Buyer’s Agent fees, or there are some cases where a bank may be  involved, (ie, short-sale or foreclosed property) and they may not be paying 100% of the buyer’s agent professional service fees.  These scenarios come into play when the banks have chipped away at what they will pay in the way of expenses, or the human owner has fallen on hard financial times and simply does not have enough money to pay the fees that are customarily their responsibility. But this all said, still most cases sees the Buyer’s Agent fees being paid 100% by the seller.

Your buyer’s agent can usually tell from the listing information if there may be some part of the fees the buyer will be responsible for and can advise you of this on a home by home basis. But remember, even if you need to pay part of the Buyer’s Agent fees, you need representation as the seller’s agent is NOT representing you — they represent the seller.

What Do You Get From a Dallas Buyers Agent

Here are some of the services provided to you by Dallas Buyers Agent:

  1. You learn about the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

  2. You learn about the Disclosures the Seller will make to you in writing.

  3. You learn about any incentives that you might get as a buyer who is looking and scouting for a property to buy on your own via searching the internet and driving around.

  4. You learn how to get the best mortgage from the agent by getting questions to ask the lenders.

  5. You learn about hidden inventory that is not on the market yet.

  6. You learn about how to rate what you see to keep yourself less confused.

  7. You learn about how to write an offer using a formula that has you paying less.

  8. You learn about getting a top notch inspector that has the right insurance coverage to cover any damage that they create that you are liable for in the contract.

  9. You learn how to get a CLUE report .

  10. You learn how about how to ask key questions to key people who can guide you to uncovering any hidden truths about the neighborhood.

There are many more aspects to the transaction that need to be covered but if you know these steps in the Timeline, you can ask pointed questions that let you know if you are dealing with a detailed agent (there are only a few) or a sloppy agent that ultimately will cause you grief in your purchase for many years to come.

Your goal as a Dallas buyer is to buy a property that you know what you are buying.  When you find a Dallas buyer’s agent that can accomplish that goal, you are protected.  Otherwise, all bets are off.  

Our Role in New Construction - Your Dallas Buyers Agent

As a Dallas Buyers Agent, I play one of my most important roles - representing families who are purchasing new construction.  Many Buyers do not understand that the on-site agent at a new home model is acting as the Seller's agent and acts solely on behalf of the builder.  They do NOT represent you.  Their loyalty is to the Builder only.  They must act honestly but their responsibility is to get the best deal for the Builder.  Not only are you, the Buyer, entitled to have your own agent, you should absolutely have your own Dallas Realtor looking out for your interests - just as the Builder has a representative acting on their behalf.  Remember, we are paid by the Builder so my services cost you nothing.  Many builders will try to "Lock You In" to using only their agent by having you "Register" when you visit their sales office.  By registering, you may be giving up your RIGHTS to a "Buyer's Agent" and any professional representation on any purchase.  DON'T DO IT!  Do not sign anything in the builder's office or even give them your last name (as they may attempt to register for you), unless your "Buyer's Agent" is actually present with you.

Dallas Buyers Agents (ABR)

Why do I need an Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR) or Buyers Agent when Buying a home in Dallas?



What is ABR®?  

The Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) designation is the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. This coveted designation is awarded to real estate practitioners by the Real Estate BUYERS AGENT Council (REBAC) of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® who met the specified educational and practical experience criteria.

What is the ABR designation? 

The Accredited Buyer’s Representation is a professional designation earned through The Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC).


What is REBAC? 

REBAC was founded in 1988 and has become the nation’s largest association of real estate professionals focusing specifically on the aspects and implications of buyer representation. This accredited real estate organization has grown to include more than 4,000 members throughout the United States.  Less than 2% of all agents nationwide possess this designation. 

Where can I find an ABR? Call Nitin Gupta - an Accredited Dallas Buyers Representative. Why not hire the agent that can serve you the best?  They can be reached at: 469-269-6541

I constantly strive for the highest standards. I am also a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), and are also Accredited Buyer’s Representatives (ABR.)



As your Dallas Buyers Agent, we will:

  • Assure that you see all the properties in the area that meet your criteria. Not just those listed on the local MLS, but also many un-listed properties that we find through our local contacts and affiliations.

  • Guide you through the entire process, from finding homes to look at, to getting the best financing.

  • Make sure you don't pay too much for your new home. As a real estate experts in this area, we help people negotiate and make home purchase decisions every day. We can help you avoid costly mistakes.

  • Answer all of your questions about the local market area. Not just about homes for sale, but about schools, neighborhoods, the local economy and more.

Let us help you find your dream home and assure your best interests are protected throughout the entire process. Feel free to call us or email with any questions you may have at any time. Fill out this form and we'll get back to you right away.



For more information on Dallas homes, Dallas  Condos or Dallas real estate please feel free to contact us!

Dallas TX Real Estate Properties & Homes For Sale

For More information about buying or selling Dallas TX real estate, homes or Dallas TX real estate properties in the North Texas area please feel free to Contact Us Now! Call now! 

Dallas Buyers Agent FAQ


How much does it cost to hire a buyer’s agent in Dallas?

The secret many buyers don’t know is that hiring me as a buyer’s agent costs you NOTHING (unless it is agreed upon by the buyer and agent in writing) and may save you thousands. My commission usually comes out of the seller’s fees at closing and is typically split with the seller’s realtor. Usually in a “for sale by owner” situation, the seller will pay the buyer’s agent a fee.

How does an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) differ from other buyer’s representatives in Dallas?

An ABR® is a buyer’s representative who has completed advanced training and who has proven experience in serving the special needs of buyer-clients. In addition to knowing the dynamics of their local market, an ABR®-designated buyer’s rep can help you make informed decisions throughout the entire home buying process. An ABR® is also a REALTOR® (a member of NAR) and must abide by a strict Code of Ethics.

What services are provided by a Dallas buyers representative or Dallas buyers agent?

If you’ve established an agency relationship with a buyer’s representative, common services include:

  • Helping you clarify your priorities.

  • Suggesting sources of financing and other service professionals, such as inspectors and exterminators.

  • Providing sources of accurate and lawful information about neighborhoods, schools, nuisances, zoning changes, building permits and communities.

  • Selecting and arranging property showings.

  • Evaluating particular properties.

  • Explaining forms and agreements.

  • Suggesting contract contingencies to protect you, rather than the seller.

  • Assisting in the negotiations for a favorable price and terms.

  • Evaluate and advise you regarding inspection reports, repair negotiations, seller disclosures, preliminary title report issues, appraisal issues, homeowners association disclosures, escrow procedures, home warranty, ensuring all aspects of the purchase contract are performed on time as prescribed, etc.

  • Keeping all information confidential that could weaken your bargaining position.

  • Monitoring the entire purchase process, assisting with issues that arise through closing.


I can search for houses in Dallas on the web. Why do I need a Dallas buyers agent to help me find one to buy?

As a licensed agent, I rely on the centralized North Texas Multiple Listing Service (MLS) - NTREIS database to give you the most up-to-date information. Many real estate websites are updated every 24 hours and a property may already be off the market by the time you see the listing. You’re always welcome to send me any listings you find on your own and I can check their status before you get your hopes set on them.


Why do I need my own Dallas Buyers agent as a home buyer in Dallas?

While any real estate agent can facilitate a sale by arranging property showings, assisting with securing financing, explaining real estate forms and contracts, and monitoring the sale process, only a buyer’s agent is truly subjective and working for you.

I try to point out reasons not to buy a particular property and negotiate the best price and terms for you, adding contingencies in sales contracts that protect you and keeping confidential any information that could hurt your bargaining position.

Can an Exclusive Buyer Agent tell me if I am paying the right price for a home in Dallas?

A. Your Exclusive Buyer Agent can research previous sales to determine the value of a particular home in a given neighborhood in Dallas-Fort Worth, or any of the many other areas we serve. Completing a competitive market analysis will help determine the price you should pay.




Can I avoid real estate commissions altogether and buy directly from a seller in Dallas and not hire a Dallas Buyers Agent?


Yes, this is an option that some buyers explore. However, it’s important to understand that nothing is truly free and this approach still carries a price. Unrepresented sellers (for-sale-by-owner properties) frequently lack adequate information about how to price their home or attempt to inflate the price in lieu of paying a real estate commission.

As an unrepresented buyer, it will be much harder for you to know if you’re overpaying or how to read the seller’s disclosure provided by every seller in Texas. Real estate professionals have developed keen pricing insights that go well beyond simply evaluating data through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). And if you are overpaying, it will create further complications in securing financing.

For these, and many other reasons, a high majority of consumer-to-consumer housing transactions never reach closing. Real estate professionals play a valuable role in keeping your home-purchase on track, starting with selecting and touring properties and continuing through negotiations, inspections, financing, and closing. This is especially true in today’s market, where alternative buying opportunities, including short sales, have added even more complexity to some real estate transactions.


How will you save me money as my Dallas buyers agent?


We save you money in several different ways:

  • By negotiating a lower sales price

  • By negotiating necessary repairs pursuant to property inspections

  • By negotiating personal property into the sales price

  • By helping you find the lowest mortgage costs and/or negotiating the seller into paying closing costs

  • By obtaining home warranties and other extras within the final sales price

  • By listening carefully so we don’t miss any details from you or the seller


I’m interested in buying new construction homes in Dallas and the developers all say I can work directly with them and do not need a Dallas Buyers agent.

You certainly can, but if you ever needed an agent it is when you are buying from a ‘professional seller’ such as a builder. My job is to protect your interests, point out the pros and cons of what the builder is offering, such as, Is the premium they are charging you for the corner lot really going to make sense when you go to resell? I can help you save thousands in the long run no matter what you’re buying by helping you buy smart and the price of the home remains the same.


Can the seller's agent represent me instead of a Dallas Buyers Agent? 

Although possibly helpful in other areas of the home-buying process, a seller's agent cannot be your advocate or counsel you about a property's value or negotiation strategy because he or she works for the seller. In addition, if you work with a seller's agent he or she must disclose to the seller anything he or she knows about you or your circumstances that would give the seller a competitive advantage or affect their decision making.

The only way to insure absolute loyalty is to work with your own exclusive buyer agent.  



 If I decide to purchase a for sale by owner (FSBO) home, will you still represent me as a Dallas buyers agent? 

Yes. We will assist you in purchasing a home that is for sale by owner. Contact us for more information.


Will there be a charge for the real estate services, if I decide to purchase a home from a for sale by owner (FSBO) in Dallas? 

It depends. In many cases individuals selling their homes without a broker will offer a commission to buyer agents (brokers) for bringing a buyer to them. Most FSBO homes for sale are listed on the MLS. In the event that an owner will not offer a commission to a buyer agent, it is your choice whether you want to continue working with us and pay a buyer agent commission or whether you want to represent yourself. If you choose to represent yourself, you will not owe us any money.

Can you refer me to a home inspector in Dallas if I hire you as my Dallas buyers agent? 

Yes, we can provide a list of competent home inspectors we recommend, and we also will provide you with a complete list of Texas licensed home inspectors. The information is typically included in the home inspection information we provide to our clients after an offer is accepted, but we are happy to share it at anytime.


Can you refer me to a mortgage broker/advisor when you represent me as Dallas Buyers Agent? 

Yes, we can suggest a number of reputable mortgage professionals who can pre-approve you for a home loan for free.

How are you different from other agents who call themselves buyer’s agents in Dallas?

A buyer’s agent is the purest form of representation available to a buyer.

I will show you all possible homes on the market, ranging from those represented by other agencies to “for sale by owner” properties (if the owner allows us to show their property). If I don’t know the answer to a question I will try my best to secure one.

My goal is to try to help you fairly assess all available homes that fit your criteria and negotiate a fair price.  

What are your standard terms and conditions for working as a buyer’s agent?

I am happy to send you a Buyer’s Agency form to review at your request and answer any questions you may have.

Is there a difference between a real estate agent and a REALTOR?

Yes, a REALTOR is a real estate agent who holds membership in the national, state, and local real estate boards.  A REALTOR is held to a higher standard of ethics and a strict code of conduct. You can read the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS here.  All of the real estate agents at Adams Real Estate are REALTORS, and are involved in as many as 20 steps to complete a real estate transaction. Additionally, our agents will help you with pricing strategies and negotiation skills—helping you get the most out of your money. We know the most current local market conditions and will work with you to make sure you have the tools you need to make a confident purchasing decision.

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Dallas Real Estate Agent - Top Frisco Real Estate Agent
Dallas Real Estate Agent - Top Frisco Real Estate Agent


136 Guadalupe Dr.

Mabank, TX 75156


Dallas Real Estate Agent - Top Frisco Real Estate Agent
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Nitin Gupta is a residential real estate agent with Competitive Edge Realty

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