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Up TO 2.75% New Home Rebates on New Construction Homes From Builders in Jacksonville,  Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Hialeah, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota-Bradenton, Palm Beach, Lakeland, Naples, Fort Myers, Winter Haven, Melbourne, Ocala, Cape Coral, Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale or any other city in Florida 


We offer Flexible Pricing & New Home Discount, New Home Rebate, Cash Back Options for Florida New Home Buyers

We understand that different clients have different needs when it comes to buying a new home in Florida. First time home buyers need more help compared to our clients who have had experience with buying homes in Florida in the past. So if you are a second time home buyer and have experience with buying homes, you can do a lot of legwork needed in a new home purchase. With this in mind, we offer  a pricing program to serve your home buying needs  with cash back rebate discounts:

 2.5% Cashback & Rebate Service

 (Builder pays our commission)

When to use this service?

If you've already found the property you are interested in and need a little help, this is a great option.


We will credit 2.5%  commission towards the closing. (This option is valid only if builder pays 3% commission. Conditions may vary see below)

Forms & Contracts:

We will represent you as your buyers' agent and prepare the entire purchase agreement and contingencies.



We will coordinate the inspection, appraisal and other contingencies for you.


We will coordinate with title company to finalize the closing process.



We work with ALL builders in the beautiful State of Florida!

Basic Service - How to Get a 2.5% Rebate When Buying a New Home in Florida

The concept is simple: You do the initial legwork of identifying the new house in Florida you want to make an offer on, which most buyers do today anyway. We put in the offer and do all the paperwork and negotiations. Upon closing, you get back 2.5% commission. Our new home buyer rebate program is best in Florida!

Typically the MLS listed new properties in Florida offer a 3% commission to a buyer’s agent. As your agent, we give you 2.5% cash back or rebate.  


New builder homes
  • They are the easiest to deal with!

  • The salesman gets paid the same whether you have an agent or not

  • They never object to paying a commission

  • You never get a discount for not having an agent.

So it’s crazy not to use us and get the rebate! Just give the salesperson our name and contact information on your first visit to the model home. Let us know in advance so we can be ready when they call us. We will be happy to accompany you to visit the builder.



All the major Florida home builders have a policy of factoring in a 3% real estate commission into the price of every new home. Builders will not give any concession, rebate, or allowance of any portion of that 3% to a buyer without an agent.

The result is the buyer ends up paying exactly the same for the home whether he has an agent or not in Florida, and the salespeople get the same commission, whether or not you have a real estate agent. So, it makes no difference to them.

If you are buying a new home in Florida, you might as well have us as your buyer's agent and let us give you up to 2.75% of our 3% commission as a rebate!

Call or register today - BEFORE you sign a contract with builder, seller or agent!

Make sure to list Nitin Gupta  as your agent when visiting builders.

Close on your dream home and collect your rebate! We can credit it towards your closing costs or cut you a check after closing…Your choice!



Call us any time if you have any questions.

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​Florida Best Home Buyer Rebate


What is a homebuyer rebate or cash back in Florida?

Florida is a great state to buy or build a new home. Homebuyer rebates are not offered in every state, but Florida allows rebates to be offered legally. This is just one of many great incentives available to smart homebuyers like you.

When a new home is built or sold in Florida, the realtor who represents the buyer typically makes a commission of 3% of the sales price of the home. We simply rebate the buyer 2.5% of the sale price of the home which comes from the commission the builder or seller pays the real estate broker. Hence, over two-thirds of the realtor’s commission is RETURNED back to you, the homebuyer.  This is called a new home rebate  or new home cash back by the agent. This applies to any new construction home; through any Florida home builder or contractor. The credit can either be applied to your closing costs, used to pay for upgrades, lot premiums, appliance packages, reducing the price of the home, buying down points for a better interest rate or with lender approval, as a check cut to you after closing. It is your choice! We offer you maximum possible cashback and rebate on new homes.


What can you do with the home buyer cash back or a new home buyer rebate in Florida?

  • Pay down your mortgage

  • Pay your closing costs

  • Pay for upgrades

  • Buy down points for a lower interest rate

  • Upgrade appliances

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New Home Builders in Florida Eligible For New Home Rebate, New Home Cash Back Or New Home Discount

  • Wilshire Homes

  • Ashton Woods

  • Bowen Homes

  • Centex Homes

  • Coventry Homes

  • Diamond Homes

  • Engle Homes

  • Gehan Homes

  • Green Hill Homes

  • Holiday Builders

  • KB Home

  • Landstar Homes Frisco/Allen

  • Mercedes Homes Ft. Worth

  • Park Place Builders

  • Portrait Homes

  • Ryland Homes

  • Standard Pacific Homes

  • Wall Homes

  • Beazer Homes

  • Cambridge Homes

  • Cheldan Homes

  • Darling Homes

  • Drees Homes

  • Goodman Custom Homes

  • Hammonds Homes

  • Horizon Homes

  • Dallas Legacy Homes

  • Lennar Homes

  • Monterey Homes

  • Partners in Building

  • Pulte Homes

  • Sharif Munir Custom Homes

  • Stonewood

  • William Ryan Homes

  • David Weekly Homes

  • Cary Clark Homes

  • Blue Green Communities

  • D.R. Horton

  • Fox & Jacobs

  • Grand Homes

  • Highland Homes

  • K Hovnanian Homes

  • Ft. Worth Legacy

  • Mercedes Homes Dallas

  • Meritage Homes

  • Perry Homes

  • Richmond American Homes

  • Sotherby Homes

  • Trophy Homes

  • Woodhaven Homes

  • DR Horton 

  • Lennar Corp. 

  • PulteGroup 

  • NVR 

  • KB Home 

  • Taylor Morrison 

  • Meritage Homes 

  • Toll Brothers 

  • Century Communities 

  • LGI Homes 

  • M.D.C. Holdings 

  • M/I Homes 

  • Beazer Homes 

  • Hovnanian Enterprises 

  • TRI Pointe Group 

  • David Weekley Homes

  • Habitat for Humanity International

  • Ashton Woods Homes

  • Clayton Properties Group

  • Shea Homes

  • Mattamy Homes

  • Highland Homes

  • Perry Homes

  • Dan Ryan Builders

  • Brookfield Residential Properties

  • The Related Group

  • Drees Homes

  • Fischer Homes

  • The Villages of Lake Sumter

  • Mungo Homes

  • MHI-McGuyer Homebuilders

  • True Homes

  • Stanley Martin Homes

  • Dream Finders Homes

  • Bloomfield Homes

  • Chesmar Homes

  • Smith Douglas Homes

  • Green Brick Partners 

  • GL Homes

  • Epcon Communities

  • Long Lake Ltd.

  • Neal Communities

  • Eastwood Homes

  • Betenbough Homes

  • Great Southern Homes

  • Minto Communities

  • HistoryMaker Homes

  • Highland Homes

  • Robson Communities

  • American Legend Homes

  • Milestone Community Builders

  • Essex Homes Southeast

  • Stylecraft Builders

  • H&H Homes

  • Ole South Properties

  • Rocklyn Homes

  • HHHunt Corp.

  • Ball Homes

  • Saratoga Homes

  • Van Metre Cos.

  • aWestin Homes

  • Anglia Homes

  • Homes by Westbay

  • Caviness and Cates Communities

  • ICI Homes

  • Signature Homes

  • Bill Clark Homes

  • Kerley Family Homes

  • Knight Homes

  • Park Square Homes

  • United Built Homes

  • Home Creations

  • Eastbrook Homes

  • Grand Homes

  • Pacesetter Homes

  • William Ryan Homes

  • Arthur Rutenberg Homes

  • 13th Floor Homes

  • Crescent Homes

  • San Joaquin Valley Homes

  • Newmark Homes Houston

  • Tilson Home Corp.

  • Comstock Homes

  • Camden Homes

  • Edward Andrews Homes

  • Regency Homebuilders

  • Flagship Homes

  • Stone Martin Builders

  • Hubble Homes

  • Ideal Homes

  • Regent Homes

  • Williams Homes

  • Altura Homes

  • Wathen Castanos Homes

  • Frontier Communities

  • The Olson Co.

  • Viera Builders

  • Level Homes

  • The Warmington Group

  • Fieldstone Homes

  • Miller and Smith

  • Granite Ridge Builders

  • SK Builders

  • The Jones Co. of Tennessee/Consort Homes

  • Beechwood Homes

  • Charter Homes and Neighborhoods

  • Hakes Brothers

  • Chesapeake Homes

  • Geonerco Group

  • Berks Homes

  • Landon Homes

  • Southern Homes of Polk County

  • Elliott Homes

  • Devon Street Homes

  • Keystone Homes

  • Simmons Homes

  • Dorn Homes

  • Payne Family Homes

  • Traditions of America

  • Shaddock Homes

  • Colina Homes

  • Hills Properties/Inverness Homes

  • Hubbell Homes

  • Pacific Communities Builder

  • Truland Homes

  • New Tradition Homes

  • Grayhawk Homes

  • A. Sydes Construction

  • Cornerstone Communities

  • Eagle Construction of Virginia

  • Van Daele Homes

  • SeaGate Homes

  • Capstone Homes

  • Greenstone Homes

  • Liberty Home Builders

  • Lokal Homes

  • Our Country Homes

  • Main Street Homes

  • Stonehollow Homes

  • McKee Homes

  • Baldwin & Sons

  • Silverstone Communities

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  • Tropicana Homes

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  • Empire Communities

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  • Reliant Homes

  • StyleCraft Homes

  • Sabal Homes

  • Riverwood Homes

  • Tim O'Brien Homes

  • Manuel Builders

  • Bonadelle Neighborhoods

  • Robertson Brothers Homes

  • Stock Development

  • Pratt Home Builders

  • Marrano Homes/Marc Equity Corp.

  • Homes By Dickerson




We work with ALL builders in the beautiful state of Florida!


CALL 469-269-6541


Cities in Florida where New Home Buyer Rebate Cashback Discount program is available are:



About Us: Thank you for visiting Our Florida New Homes 2.75% Rebate Program Page. We offer the highest rebate on new construction homes in FL Learn more about the many programs we offer.  

How it Works: Many realtors will tell you that rebates are illegal, but that is not the truth! It is perfectly legal in TX for any real estate broker to share a portion of their commission with you – if they choose to do so. The normal commission given to any agent is 3%, so a real estate agent can only give you only up to 2.5% on a new home.  Most agents do not offer rebates. Only a select few can afford to do so. 

Are Rebates Legal in Florida? Real estate rebates are legal in Florida and in many other states. Only ten states prohibit rebates for real estate transactions. If you live in Florida, the good news is that you can choose a realtor who does offer a rebate. Florida Homes offers the BEST REBATE you will find, so you have come to the right place. Read More about the  


Rebate Programs: You may have heard about Maximum Cashback Rebate programs for buying a new home in Florida Florida. Our rebate programs work for building a new home in Florida, or selling a home in Florida. Get cash back on your real estate transaction!


Thank you for your interest in our Florida New Home Rebate Program. We know you want to learn more About Us before doing business together, and we would love to learn more about you, too.  

Florida Real Estate Rebates Program Florida: Helping you Find the Perfect Home… Negotiating the Rock Bottom, Lowest Price… PLUS a Rebate of up to 2.75% CASH BACK at Closing! We offer best Florida Real Estate Rebates Program in Florida