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Resources for International Buyers in Dallas, Texas

Real Estate truly is a “global marketplace,” particularly in the U.S. International investment is on the rise in prime real estate markets all across the United States. Foreign buyers were responsible for $82.4 billion worth of US home sales in the 12 months that ended in March 2016, up 24% from the previous year. This trend is especially noticeable here in the Dallas metro area. In fact, Texas was one of the top 5 investment destination for international buyers in USA.  In general, the US is very friendly to international buyers, and the process for home purchasing is quite similar to that of US buyers. That said, there are some basic practices here that any foreign buyer should understand ahead of time, and certain variations in the market that any international investor ought to know about. Tax policies, credit checks, and financing will all be slightly different for foreign buyers.

Contact us today so that we may assist you in your purchase of a home here in the Dallas metro area.  You may also login to view the complete guide and resource as well as our recommend list of professional services.

Comprehensive International  Buyer's Guide to US Real Estate

Buying a US property can be a learning experience for some. However, it really is quite simple when you know the in-depth process and have International Real Estate Experts to assist you in your Real Estate purchase. Throughout our website, we explain the in-depth process of buying property in Texas.

Remember that we are here to Educate you on the Buying Process and are available to answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to call us at (469)-269-6541 or email us directly below using the contact us form with any questions you may have as we look forward to assisting you in your next Real Estate Purchase.



We are pleased to offer our international buyers a valuable and easy-to-use International Buying Guide.  Here you'll find everything you need to navigate the buying process in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and other cities in Texas.


We've organized our valuable Buying Guide around the common steps that every international buyer takes. From start to close in Texas, our home buying guide touches on every step along the way:

Ready to get started learning valuable information and encouraging tips that will help you enjoy a successful outcome at every single one of these buying step? Request your buying guide now!

It's our way of making the home buying process here in US and state of Texas a little less overwhelming for you as a buyer, regardless of whether it's your first time buying a home or the fourth time

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