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Relocation in Dallas up 60 percent

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Dallas ranks in the top three metropolitan areas as far as business expansion goes, according to Patricia Hintze, VP of sales for Oakwood Worldwide.

Oakwood specializes in corporate relocation through leasing with apartment complexes, and sometimes having buildings of its own to help with the relocation process.

"We focus a lot of our attention on a market such as this, where there are so many new people relocating," Hintze said of Dallas.

Oakwood's metrics show Dallas is outpacing even itself. Compared to this time last year, relocation housing services for Oakwood are up 60 percent in Dallas.

Oakwood's joint venture with the Mapletree Group, Uptown Dallas, offers more than 200 apartments for corporate relocation. Hintze said Oakwood usually opens these complexes in areas of high growth, like Silicon Valley.

To help employees with the relocation process, Hintze offered these tips to businesses to ensure a smooth transition.

Supporting the families

An employee might be excited for a new opportunity, but that doesn't always mean the family shares the same sentiment. Supporting their needs is valuable to creating a happy family, which makes a happy transition. "If the family is unhappy," Hintze said, "ultimately the employee might start to question whether or not it was the right move."

Don't overwhelm them with choices

The employee is likely new to whatever city they're in, so they probably don't know which area of the city would be best for their family. Giving employees guidance, and not bogging them down with options, is usually the best route until the employee can get a better handle on his or her new home.

Hospitality culture

No matter what, moving to a new place is stressful. Businesses have to understand how much an employee is going through and be as hospitable as possible. "Really helping them be comfortable, and helping them as best we can with the adjustment," Hintze said.

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