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2018 Dallas Relocation Report

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Is there any truth to all Dallasites being from California? Where do Dallas residents really move from? What Dallas area counties attract the most number of residents? All of this and much more can be answered in The Texas Association of Realtors’ (TAR) 2018 Texas Relocation Report with statistics on who is moving in and out of Texas. Though this year’s report was based on 2017 data, it is still an interesting compilation of data and worth the read. We’ve summarized the data to create the 2018 Dallas Relocation Report. If you’re interested in learning where Dallas’s growth is coming from, this report will explain a lot.

Where Was the Data Acquired?

TAR’s report was based on data from the following studies: the 2016 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau as well as the 2017 U-Haul National Migration Trend Report

Texas Ranked #2 for Largest Amount of People Migrating from Another State

With Texas’ booming economy, strong job market and relative affordability, it is no wonder Texas is gaining residents from other states.

Within the U.S., California contributed the largest number of new Texas residents, with nearly 70,000 people. This is more than double the number of residents coming from Florida, which was responsible for the second-largest influx at just over 30,000 residents.

Texas Ranked #3 for Largest Amount of People Moving to Another State

Texas sent about half as many residents (35000) to California as California sent to Texas in 2016. Texas residents who left the state and didn’t go to California went to Oklahoma , Florida , Colorado and Louisiana .

Texas Still Had a 87,656 Net Gain of Residents

Though Texas did send its fair share of residents to other states, we ended the year with more residents than we had the previous year by nearly 87000. I would expect those numbers to stay strong in next year’s report.

The Dallas Area Remains Attractive to Out of State Residents

The report listed the top 10 Texas counties for largest inflows and outflows of people. Dallas area counties were higher on the inflows lists than the outflows lists and did not have one county on the list of top 10 Texas counties where they experienced a net outflow.

Dallas and Tarrant County are #2 and #4 Texas Counties with Largest Inflows of People

The larger Texas metros are responsible for the largest inflows of people. Number 1 on the list was Harris County (Houston area), followed by Dallas County at #2. 4 Dallas-Fort Worth Counties (Dallas at #2, Tarrant at #4, Denton at #7 and Collin at #9) made the list as well as 1 Houston County (Harris at #1), 2 Austin Counties (Travis at #5 and Williamson at #10), 1 in San Antonio (Bexar at #3) and 1 in Belton (Bell at #8).

Dallas, Tarrant and Collin Counties are #2, #4 and #7 Texas Counties with Largest Net Inflows

Dallas seems to attract the most net residents in the Dallas area making the list at #2 behind Harris (Houston)

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Dallas and Tarrant Counties are #2, #4 Texas Counties with Largest Outflows

Dallas is the #2 county in the state of Texas when you measure the largest outflow of people. Again, this is not surprising given Dallas is where most of the technology companies are located and they seem to trade residents with other technology centered cities. Tarrant County made the list at #4, which is not too hard to believe considering Texas State is largely responsible for the majority of the outflow.

Zero Dallas Area Counties Made the Top 10 Texas Counties with the Lowest Net Inflow of People

One thing is clear – people who make their way to the Dallas area counties are reluctant to leave. Dallas area counties are some of the most active in Texas and none made it to the lowest net inflow list.

Dallas and Tarrant Counties – #2 and #4 Texas Counties with Largest Inflow of Out of State People

Travis County was the #5 county in Texas when you measured the largest inflow of out of state people. Most out of state people want to live in Dallas proper, so this is not surprising. Tarrant County is usually their second go to county if they are looking for great schools and a more suburban area.

Collin County is the #8 Texas County with the Largest Outflow to Another State

Collin County is #8 on the largest outflow to another state list. Harris County (Houston) sends the most residents to another state, followed by Dallas County (Dallas) and Bexar (San Antonio). Other notable counties are Denton County (Dallas) coming in at #9

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Where Do Dallas County Residents Come From?

Dallas County residents move from (in order of most to least) Ellis County (Waxahachie ), Bell County (Temple), Coryell County (Gatesville), El Paso County () and Potter County (Amarillo).

Where Do Dallas County Residents Move to?

People who leave Dallas County go to the following counties (from most to least): Denton County (Dallas), Tarrant County (Dallas), Travis County (Austin), Harris County (Houston) and Kaufman County (Kaufman).

How Does Dallas County Compare with Other Texas Counties?

Dallas County had a total net inflow of 2,684 people in 2013 and 9,173 total net inflow from out of state residents. Travis County was the #4 county for total inflow and outflow of people, #9 county for net inflow of people, #5 county for total out of state inflow of people, #6 county for total out of state outflow of people and #3 county for net out of state inflow of people. U-Haul ranked Dallas the #6 destination city and #4 city in the US for growth.

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Want to Read the Entire 2018 Texas Relocation Report?

Download the 2018 Texas Relocation Report here.

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