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[Video] Things to Know BEFORE moving to Dallas [2019 Guide] | Top Dallas Real Estate Agent

If you’ve read my bio, you know I am not a native Texan. I relocated to Dallas from west coast (having lived in Los Angeles, California & Portland, Oregon) about 16 years ago and couldn’t be happier. Many of you who are reading our blog might be contemplating the same type of move. I’m sure you’ve read all the articles naming cities like Raleigh, Dallas, Nashville, Dallas, Orlando and Houston being names “top cities to live” in certain categories. We read all of those lists too and decided on Dallas. Here are the top 10 reasons we relocated to Dallas over all of our other choices.

Quality of Life

Dallas residents know you must have a work-life balance. Employers don’t expect their employees to work 16 hour days and weekends like they do in some big cities. Most are able to live comfortably off their salaries and even put away some money as well. And, because housing is not 60% of your gross income like it is in some of the bigger cities like San Jose, Los Angeles, New York & Bay Area, families have some extra money to enjoy the fun things Dallas has to offer during their down time.

No State Income Tax

Texas allows us to keep more of our hard earned money and is one of few states with no income tax (Alaska, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Wyoming, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, New Hampshire), Dallas sales tax is also not outrageous, like it is in some of the other no income tax states, which was another draw.

Small Business Friendly

Dallasites love their small businesses. You’ll see many more local chains and local businesses that residents love to support. Local coffee shops are often much busier than Starbucks and local chefs dominate the restaurant industry, not chains. Spend a few days in Dallas and you’ll see even our popular grocery store (Tom Thumb) is a Texas company based in Roanoke, Texas. Being small business owners ourselves, we were looking for an area that would embrace and support local.

Lower Cost of Living

Everything from the cost of groceries, gas to government fees are all considerably less than on west coast. You pay much less for car registration, grocery, utilities and apartment rents. Virtually everywhere you pull out your wallet in Dallas, you spend less.

Small Town Feel, Big City Amenities

Though the Dallas metro area has over 7 million people, there are a number of cities like Southlake, Coppell, Flower Mound, Frisco, Trophy Club, Grapevine, Keller etc. with population of less than 50,000 which still have a small town feel. Many of these neighborhoods and suburbs have their own “Downtown” where residents meet for coffee, lunch and to shop at local businesses. Though these Dallas suburbs have the small town feel, you don’t sacrifice in the amenities a big city has like an international airport (DFW), booming job market, highly rated restaurants, ample shopping and vibrant nightlife.