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Best Dallas suburbs: Where to raise a family in Dallas-Fort Worth | Top Dallas Real Estate Agent

Comprehensive, fact-based best Dallas suburbs/best DFW places to live analysis. Compares various Dallas area suburbs livability, local schools, home prices.

Are you looking to move to Dallas but not yet sure on which location to move to? Well, there are lots of Dallas suburbs for you and your young family to live in.

Dallas communities are as diverse as the population. Areas like Downtown Dallas and Uptown attract those focused on urban living, while neighborhoods like Preston Hollow and Lakewood are right for people who want to be close to the downtown and prefer to send their kids to private schools in Dallas. Areas in southern Dallas are surrounded by nature; areas to the north are boomtowns with every modern convenience there is and new restaurants, bars & highways.


So, what makes one Dallas neighborhood better than another? There are numerous factors you need to consider before you make the final decision on where to relocate. While some of these factors are related directly to your child’s well-being, there are also those which affect your family as a whole. Some factors might be cost of the homes; school district ratings; shopping, entertainment and dining; commute times to work and airports and unique features of each area.Here are some other factors to keep in mind:

  • Safety - This is important for understandable reasons. It is essential to know how safe the neighborhood you are considering is.

  • Cost of living – Can you afford the area you are considering? Will your family budget suffice for all the unavoidable costs?

  • Job opportunities – Ideal neighborhoods of Dallas to raise a child in provide breadwinners with a decent chance to earn a substantial income.