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Get highest price for your home in Double Oak >>>


Thinking about selling your home in Double Oak? 

When we - top Double Oak real estate agents - help you  sell Your Double Oak Home, you can expect the best client experience there is. In order to thrive in this business, we have developed systems in order to make the process of selling your home fast using the latest marketing techniques including social media marketing.  


What does this mean? It means that not only will you you sell your home quickly, but you will do it maximizing the sales price of your home.

We have found that the earlier you start working with a top Double Oak Real Estate Agent in the process of selling your Double Oak home, the better your home selling experience will be. We offer a FREE Double Oak home value analysis to show you what your Double Oak home is worth in today’s Double Oak real estate market before you list your Double Oak home. As a top Double Oak real estate agent with experience selling numerous homes in DFW, we will go over with you homes that have recently sold in your neighborhood in Double Oak so that you can get a clear idea of what homes have sold for. We will also consider what comparable homes are under contract in Double Oak and what competition is on the market. This information will help you decide the price at which you can list your home.

All of this thorough and detailed information is essential in pricing your Double Oak home correctly to get you the best price possible. We’ve noticed a lot of people using Zillow, Redfin and Trulia and other similar websites to get their Double Oak home’s value but unfortunately this can give you a very inaccurate home value.  These are just wild guesses. Learn more about this here.

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Top Tips to Selling your Double Oak Home for Top Dollar




Seller Representative Specialist

I am a National Association of Realtors' designated seller’s specialist.

See another 10+ designations and awards here.

Full Service, REALTOR®

  • Recognized as Top Double Oak Realtor

  • Expert negotiations on hundreds of closed sales.

  • 2 hours or less client response policy.

  • Easy paperless contracts.

  • Preferred buyer tours, Broker tours.

  • Professional Photographs.

  • Internet Marketing

  • Open Houses: one or more a month as desired.

Fast Lead Response

We respond to every online buyer inquiry on your Double Oak home for sale in less than 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Research shows the internet attention span is 5 minutes or less. If a real estate agent takes more than 5 minutes to respond to a buyer’s inquiry they have an 80% less chance to connect with that buyer. Since the vast majority of home sales are due to internet marketing, our team goes the extra mile and responds to every buyer (with a real person) in five minutes or less (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).

Home Warranty

  • No charge when you sell your Double Oak home with us

  • Coverage during the listing period until close to protect the seller.

  • Pays up to $1500 to fix or replace most utilities and appliances in the home.

The successful marketing of a Double Oak home for sale, like that of any good or service, is a multi-faceted process that requires proper planning and execution to be successful. Marketing a property for sale is more than just yard signs and MLS listings. In fact, marketing also includes: home preparation, pricing, presentation, and even negotiation, as well as strategic advertising and networking. All these activities are undertaken with one aim: to maximize your home’s market exposure, and with it, produce showings and offers that will result in the sale of your property.

A Plan To Sell Your Home

We've got the knowledge, expertise, and resources to implement a plan that will ultimately get your Double Oak home SOLD for top dollar. We’ve broken down the types of advertising we use to get your home sold into three categories: visual marketingadvanced digital internet marketing and traditional marketing. Keep in mind, these are only some of the marketing strategies used to get your Double Oak home sold, but they should give you an idea of the lengths we go to promote your property. The strategies covered on this page, as well as many others, are truly what it takes to successfully sell your home in today’s competitive, and technologically advanced, real estate market.


Telling the Story

Potential buyers can "Experience before they buy"!

Virtual Consultations

Looking to sell your home in Double Oak? Now it's your turn to give us a tour of your home! Show us via video chat so we can give you an accurate opinion of value and discuss the best options for you.


Top-notch Digital Photography 

A beautiful home in Double Oak will practically sell itself--but only if serious buyers come to see it. First impressions are very important. Nothing can get buyers through the door of your home like fantastic interior and exterior pictures--and the more, the better. That's why our team is serious about digital photography. We have a professional photography firm working with our brokerage!  

Virtual Open Houses

We'll be LIVE streaming virtual open houses on Facebook capturing thousands of viewers instantly. This allows buyers to answer questions and tour our listings without anyone leaving the safety of their own home. Watch previous virtual open house on YouTube here or watch LIVE here

Virtual Showings

Check out any of our listings here, Buyers can request a real time virtual showing via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Instagram video call or Facebook video call (basically any way they want to virtually see a home, we can do it!)

Floor Plans

Although we've always done this, now it's more important than ever. Floor plans of your Double Oak home for sale will be posted for our listing on Zillow, MLS, Social Media, our website and listing feeds across the web for in depth detailed views. Even YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok... we've got every corner of the web covered!


Listing Syndication

Your Double Oak home for sale will be listed on the internet’s most well travelled real estate websites and portals where millions of buyers search for their next home. When listed on the MLS we make certain that your listing is also published to sites like Realtor.comTrulia.comZillow.comRedfin.com, and hundreds of other popular sites. We use a service called a "listing syndicator" that pushes your home out to dozens of real estate web sites, such as Yahoo, Zillow, HotPads, HGTV, Vast, Front Door, and AOL. More than 92% of buyers begin their search online.

Social Network Marketing

Our team uses social networking sites to get the word out about your Double Oak home for sale. We have profiles on Instagram,  Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook . Using these sites is technically free, but it gives you a ton of exposure -- especially to local folks!

Coming Soon Website: Pre-Launch and Ongoing Digital Marketing

We create an online buzz before your Double Oak property even hits the market with coming soon website

Property Feedback Website

Our automated system surveys buyers and agents that have toured your Double Oak home for sale and asks them for their impressions of the exterior, interior, price and more. Every time we received this feedback, we immediately send you. We also allow potential buyers to provide feedback about the property after the showings using a custom property specific feedback website.


Our Double Oak listings and homes for sale are featured on our team website blog and updated as the price changes, open houses are hosted, etc. Blogging about your property increases the chances someone will search on Google and find your listing.

Broker to Broker Marketing

We put the professional relationships we have developed to work for you to sell your Double Oak home by letting other area brokers (who may have buyers for your home) know that your home may be a perfect match. 


Your home, seen by thousands.

You won’t see your home in a magazine or newspaper. Instead, we’ll market your home on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google. Let the omni-channel tried and tested marketing plan of top Double Oak Real Estate Agent sell your home quickly.


A personable &
experienced expert at your side

Our local top Double Oak real estate agents have deep roots in the community, providing you unparalleled insight into your neighborhood's market


Centralized Showing Service is a company that schedules showings and verifies the identification of other Realtors before they enter your home for sale in Double Oak.

REALTOR® Only Wireless Keybox

We provide a wireless REALTOR® only electronic keybox for your listing for your security. Each time an iBox is opened, both the key and iBox record the date, time and the identify of the key holder (buyer's agent). The information is delivered to the listing agent real-time The listing agent can also read the iBox to view recent access information. The iBox offers the ability to customize showing hours.

Call Us: 469-269-6541

Internet Marketing

Accelerating Sale of Your Double Oak Home

The Internet is where Double Oak home buyers are today. How your top Double Oak real estate agent markets your Double Oak home for sale online will be the greatest factor they have in getting your home seen by the largest number of potential buyers and ultimately procuring a buyer for you. Consumers search on numerous different websites and social media to look for homes in Double Oak. Some use mobile apps. Some Double Oak home buyers websites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com to find out What Is My Double Oak Home Worth. Others prefer to find homes in Double Oak themselves by searching local real estate agent websites in Double Oak and others don't use these websites at all and rely on social media to find not only their agent but the homes they want to view. You need a top Double Oak real estate agent to market your home to all the right channels - omni channel marketing. This is the best chance of procuring a buyer. We have you covered. 

Social Media

Sell Your Double Oak Home on Facebook & Instagram

Facebook is one of the best places for agents to market homes for sale in Double Oak. You need a top Double Oak real estate agent - Nitin Gupta - who can get your home in front of all the buyers who may be looking for a home in Double Oak like yours on Facebook. It's one of the most important media channels available today in the Double Oak market and we can customize the Facebook marketing to target the most likely buyers looking for a home like yours. Instagram is also an essential part of marketing your listing in today’s millennial home buying market. 

Agent to Agent Marketing

Using Power of Connections to Sell Your Double Oak Home

Traditional marketing still works! Great looking yard signs in front of your home Double Oak  for sale will attract drive by buyers. As a Top Double Oak Real Estate Agent - we use reverse prospecting to agents in Double Oak that we know have buyers looking for homes like yours. We targeted email to market to agents directly to let them know about your Double Oak home for sale to bring buyers to your home. You need a top Double Oak real estate agent - Nitin Gupta - who is skilled at marketing your home with technology and also understands the importance and effectiveness of traditional marketing methods. All of these marketing tools are necessary to get the buyers in to see your property and then hopefully write offers.

Agent to Buyer Marketing

As a result of our unparalleled online exposure being a top Double Oak real estate agent, we have a very large database of users looking for real estate in all of the different Double Oak communities. We directly market your Double Oak home to our buyers who may want to purchase your home.

Negotiation Strategies

Generating Multiple Offers For Your Property

In today's market, homes for sale in Double Oak that are marketed properly and are priced correctly by top Double Oak Real Estate Agent - Nitin Gupta - often receive multiple offers. Knowing how to position your home in these stressful situations through careful negotiating strategies can net you more money for your Double Oak home for sale and not increase your level of stress. Your Top Double Oak Real Estate Agent - Nitin Gupta - knows when to use the highest and best notice and how to handle a buyer who uses an escalation clause. It is times like these you will be thankful you hired a top Double Oak Real Estate agent to sell your Double Oak home!

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Our Experience As A Top Double Oak Real Estate Agent Saves You Time, Money, and Stress In Selling Your Double Oak House Quickly

When a property sits on the market too long it can lose it’s appeal to buyers and cost you money every month that it goes unsold. Dozens of sellers have told us stories of them trying to sell their house themselves or list with a less experienced Double Oak real estate broker only to end up working with us months later after the house didn’t sell.

Our winning marketing plan and experience on your side helps reduce the average days on market. This saves you time, money, and gets you on with your life faster. Let our experience as a top Double Oak real estate agent work for you!

Curious about me and who we are? Great! Learn More About Nitin Here

Sell Your Double Oak TX House Faster And For A Higher Price. Let’s talk!

Tips From A Top Double Oak Real Estate Agent - Best Time to a Sell a Home in Double Oak Area


Consider that the best time to a sell a home in Double Oak could be when it fits your lifestyle. Things like job transfers, opportunities, loss of income, or family issues don’t wait for housing sales cycles.

What’s My Home Worth?

Home Seller’s Page

See Our Reviews

Tips From A Top Double Oak Real Estate Agent - Best Time to a Sell a Home in Double Oak: Other Sources

Here’s what some other sources say about the best time to sell a home in Double Oak and why:

  • Redfin: “If your goal is to sell relatively quickly, February “is historically the best month to list, with an average of 66% of homes listed then selling within 90 days”

  • Washington Post: “Seasonally more homes sell in spring and early summer than fall and winter. 35% of homes sell between May and July (the busiest three months).”

  • Time Magazine: “Buyers come out of the woodwork during the spring, and with tax refund checks in the bank, spring buyers more often pay full price. In fact, sales peak in the spring, helping to explain why about 60% of those who move do so in the summer.”

  • Forbes: “Late spring and summer are usually thought of as the best times to put a home on the market because buyer demand builds steadily through spring. Sales then peak during the warmest months, when it’s easiest for families to move without uprooting their children from school.”

  • National Association of Realtors: “April through July outpace the balance of the year in sales…”

  • Hubzu: “It’s been said that spring and early summer are the best times to sell your house. Competition among buyers can be fierce during these warm months and for whatever reason, the data has consistently shown that homes sell for more in spring and early summer.”


So we have a consensus about the best time to sell a home in Double Oak.

First impressions count — big-time! Check out our home selling photography.

In reality, the best time to sell your Double Oak home depends on your individual needs. However, a homeowner increases their odds of a quicker sale and higher sales price during the months of March through June. It is the best time to a sell a home in Double Oak. Let our top Double Oak real estate agents guide you!

Cost To Sell My Double Oak Home

Many factors determine the cost of selling your Double Oak home or property! We - top Double Oak real estate agents - are here to help you navigate the twists and turns. Contact us today to learn more!

One of the most common questions that we - Top Double Oak Real Estate Agents -  hear from home sellers is, “How much will it cost to sell my home in Double Oak?” The answer to this question is different for every homeowner, and is dependent upon a variety of factors, such as fees, taxes, commissions, and other costs associated with selling your home. As a general rule of thumb, it costs about 8.25 percent of the sale price of the home to sell a house fast in Double Oak.

Here are some of the most common fees and costs associated with the home selling process in Double Oak:

  • Property Taxes – Depending on your current property taxes and the time of the year that you sell your house in Double Oak, you could end up paying additional property taxes on your home.

  • Escrow Fees – Escrow fees cover a wide range of expenses, including fees to sell your home in Double Oak, hold the sale funds in trust, draw up paperwork for the transaction, and other necessary formalities.

  • Homeowners Association Transfer Fees – If you live in an HOA in Double Oak, you’ll need to transfer the fees paid to the HOA to the new homeowner.

  • Home Repairs – Only an inspection will reveal how much you will need to spend on repairing your home before it is suitable for sale.

  • Recording Fee – A fee must be paid to the County Recorder’s Office to record the deed of trust and sale of your home.

  • Title Insurance – Title insurance is insurance provided to the home buyer by the home seller to ensure that the home title clears to the individual who buys your home in Double Oak.

  • Real Estate Commissions – Commissions are paid to the listing agent’s real estate brokerage, which then pays the listing agent and the home buyer’s agent for their time marketing and negotiating offers to sell your home.

  • Home Warranty – Depending on the coverage, this fee is either paid to the buy or seller. The average cost for a home warranty is $300-$450.

The Closing Disclosure (CD) form provided by your title company and lender will break down all of these expenses. 

Why Isn’t My House Selling in Double Oak?

More than 5.34 million homes sold in the United States in 2019, so why isn’t your house selling? There are many reasons a house may not sell, but a few of the most common include:

  1. It may be overpriced for the Double Oak market

  2. It needs repairs or updates

  3. It has little to no curb appeal

  4. Its location is unappealing: busy street, neighborhood issues

  5. It has too much competition: too many “better” homes for sale

How Can You Sell My Double Oak Home Fast?

The system we use begins with us - top Double Oak real estate agents - meeting with you, viewing your home and discussing your goals. We - Top Double Oak real estate agent - will then provide you with a market analysis showing you the best price for your home and explaining our pricing strategies to you. Once the listing paperwork has been signed by you, we will order professional photography, set up the showing appointment center, assign your lockbox and schedule the sign placement on a timeline recommended by your agent and agreed to by you. 


As a top Double Oak real estate agent, we have the skill and experience necessary to make the sale of your Double Oak property trouble-free, while obtaining the highest possible price for your property.  


Ready to sell your home or investment property? If you need to sell quickly or learn more about your options if you are considering a short sale or are worried about foreclosure, contact us today!

Nitin Gupta- a top Double Oak Real Estate Agent - is a Broker Associate and a REALTOR in DFW and has SOLD hundreds of homes in DFW. Make sure you call us to help you with the sale of your home.

Sell My House Fast Double Oak  

Why should you work with us? We are one of the only real estate companies on the market that offer omni-channel marketing including internet marketing, social media marketing & traditional marketing. We never hide behind any excuses and will market your home in the right way!

Nitin Gupta Direct Cell #  469-269-6541

Contact us today to find out more!

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How will a foreclosure affect my credit?

 How long will a bankruptcy or foreclosure stay on my credit report?

Is it possible to refinance after bankruptcy?

When is the best time to sell my home?

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 What’s the First Step in Selling My home in Double Oak? 

 Should market condition have any bearing on listing my home for sale in Double Oak?

 Are there any important factors to consider when selling a home? 

 What Do I Have To Do to Prepare My Double Oak Home For the Market? 

 Why is the assessed value different than what you say my home is worth in Double Oak?

 How do you determine how much my home is worth in Double Oak?

 Can I determine how much my home is worth from an internet website?

 Should I sell my home myself in Double Oak? 

 Why should I hire a real estate agent? 

 Why shouldn't I price my house a little high, since I can always drop the price later?

 What's the difference between fair market value and asking price?

 Why Shouldn’t I price my home higher so I can leave room for negotiation?

 How flexible should I be about the asking price?

 What is the difference between a list price and sale price of a home for sale in Double Oak?

 Should I price my home higher to leave room for negotiations when selling my home in Double Oak?

 What improvements will help me sell my home in Double Oak? 

 Can you recommend service providers who may be needed throughout the transaction when I sell my home in Double Oak?

 Should I make repairs before I list my home for sale in Double Oak? 

 Do I have to disclose information about my house for sale in Double Oak?

 Do I need to provide permits or anything for my deck, shed, fencing, or additions before I list my home for sale in Double Oak?

 What should I do to prepare my home for sale in Double Oak for showings?

 How do you plans on marketing my home for sale in Double Oak?

 Should I be present during showings at my home?


 Okay, the showing service Just Called me To Let Me Know They’ll Be Showing the House….What Do I Do?

 What Can I Expect When I Return Home After My House Has Been Shown? 

 I Have A Pet, How Do We Show The House When I’ m Gone?

 Will you be holding an open houses when you list my home for sale in Double Oak?

 What do I do if my house isn't getting activity? 

 How will I be kept informed of marketing progress to sell my home? 

 How frequently and by which methods do you communicate with your home sellers?

 What Happens When There Are Multiple Offers on My House for sale in Double Oak? 

 We Have a Signed Agreement, and Then What Happens? 

 Is The Closing Date Considered To Be The Day I Sign My Closing Papers? 

 How do I respond to low ball offers for my home for sale in Double Oak?

 What are seller concessions when I sell my home in Double Oak?

 What are some common lender required repairs?

 Should I provide a home warranty when I sell my home in Double Oak? 

 How does the inspection phase work?

 What happens if the appraised value comes in too low?

 What is meant by the term "contingency" in a sales contract?

 Should I be flexible in granting contingencies? 

 What are the common closing expenses for home sellers?

After the closing, may we stay and rent our old home from the new owner until we are able to move into our new home? 


When Do I Call the Utility Companies to Transfer Utilities from My Name? 

 What are the tax consequences of selling my house?

 When Must I be Moved Out? 

 When Do The Buyers Get Keys? 

 How Clean Must I Leave My House for the New Owners?

Why is an appraisal price sometimes different than a market analysis price?

When is the best time to sell my home?

What are some of the costs of selling my home?

What information am I obligated to disclose about my property?

What are the some of the common contingencies in an offer?

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