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Benefits of Buying a New Vs. Existing Home in Frisco Texas Real Estate

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Benefits of Buying a New Vs. Existing Home in Frisco Texas Real Estate

Frisco Texas is arguably one of the most happening cities in the U.S. After all, Dallas Cowboys now have a new home there! However, buying a home in this beautiful city often comes at a steep price tag. We thought we'd share some thoughts on buying a new vs. resale house in Frisco Texas.

Benefits of Buying a New Vs. Existing Home in Frisco Real Estate

Do you prefer a newly built house? A house that you’ve designed yourself with latest design and energy efficiency, or you prefer an old home which might need paint jobs, fix-ups and some other changes to fit into the latest trends?

These are some basic questions which haunt the home shoppers all the time. Your personal preference might depend upon your financial needs, your choice on features like interior living spaces, energy efficiency, budget and a lot more. While there happens to be a lot of reasons for buying a resale house, such as you want a house in a specific neighborhood where new house are not available at the moment, and a lot more, let’s take a detailed look at the potential advantages of purchasing a new house in Frisco real estate.

Green Building/Energy Consumption

If you really care about this aspect, whether it means you’re heavily concerned about the environment or high amounts of money that you spend on your energy bills, a newly built house is always the better choice. New homes are required to meet tough national standards for energy consumption and most of them come with proper energy certifications which cover the walls, windows, roofs, and doors. Similarly, newly built houses have better air filtration which enhances the indoor air quality. New home builders like David Weekley Homes in Frisco have invested years researching and crafting the building process of their EnergySaver homes to maintain affordability for the Homebuyers, while lowering their energy usage and minimizing their carbon footprint. David Weekley's EnergySaver homes are built tighter, smarter and are constructed using the principles of building science.

Greater Flexibility for Wiring Customization and Space

A resale house in Frisco real estate usually comes with old-fashioned room layouts, lightings, and ceiling heights with small kitchens, formal dining area, fewer windows and bathrooms, and the like. However, in case of a newly built home, you can easily participate in the innovative design of interiors with the builder before the actual construction. In addition to that, many new houses come with advanced wiring which is essential for communication equipment, high-speed electronics, security systems and entertainment centers.

Costs of Replacement

Everything is new with a new house, which includes costly components such as tankless water heater, furnace, air conditioning unit, and a lot more. These new elements mostly come with a warranty which can be up to ten years. Whereas, in case of an old house in Frisco real estate, the structural features and equipment may have been in use for a long time and they might need a replacement soon. Hence, you’re saved from this extra expense and hassle when you opt for a newly built house.

Safety Features

Newly built houses in Frisco real estate have modern fire retardants in different materials such as insulation and carpeting, unlike the old houses. Builders also use the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors into their new houses which makes it unnecessary for new buyers to install substandard battery-power detectors. Builders also provide back-up to the hard-wired detectors to tackle the electrical outages.

Resale Value

While you may aim to live in your house for many years, people usually sell a house for many reasons such as opting for a bigger house to accommodate an increasing family, moving to smaller homes when kids move out, moving across the city for job requirements and a lot more. So the home that you’ll sell later won’t be brand new, but a 6-year old house is surely more valuable than a 30-year old house under normal circumstances in Frisco real estate.

Hence, weigh all the pros and cons before making a final decision on buying a home in Frisco real estate. We wish you good luck for your hunt!

Key Takeaway

Frisco offers a lot of options to home buyers and families relocating to Frisco Texas. If you're planning on buying a home in Frisco, Texas or the Dallas metro area, it will help to review these factors to help you take final decision.

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