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6 Things a Farmers Branch Luxury Real Estate Agent Does to Help You Buy or Sell a Home

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6 Things a Farmers Branch Luxury Real Estate Agent Does to Help You Buy or Sell a Home

According to Zillow’s predictions for the 2020 housing market, 51% of homes currently for sale are in the top one-third of home values. If you are buying or selling a luxury home, a Farmers Branch luxury real estate agent is your key to success.

It may be tempting to save money on real estate commissions by moving forward without the guidance of a professional real estate agent in Farmers Branch. However, hiring a real estate agent is a smart financial decision. Choosing not to hire a real estate agent could cost you money. You may end up making less on the sale or paying more when you buy. Let a professional Farmers Branch real estate agent do the work to maximize your financial gain and protect your interests.

Here are 6 things a Farmers Branch luxury real estate agents do to help you buy or sell a home:

Research properties – Your real estate agent will research properties in person and online. If you are buying a home, they will search for homes that have the features you desire. Farmers Branch is a very diverse neighborhood in terms of age of homes. You can have a single story home next to a mansion and the home prices can vary depending on where a home is in Farmers Branch. They will research homes with the location, price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, energy-efficient options, or neighborhood amenities that match your wish list. A real estate agent spends about nine hours working behind the scenes for every hour they spend with you. That’s a lot of hours combing the MLS database—hours that you as a buyer may not want to spend. When selling a home, a Farmers Branch luxury real estate agent researches similar properties that are on the market or have sold recently to determine the best price for your listing.

Market your property – When selling a home in Farmers Branch, it costs money to market your property. A professional real estate agent specializes in understanding the best ways to market your home.They will work with you to stage your home and hire a photographer to take professional photos and video of your property. They create promotional materials like ads and sales fliers. They may also pay for prominent placement on listing sites for your Farmers Branch home. Real estate agents cover the marketing costs with no guarantee of a sale. No deal means no commission to offset the marketing costs for the agent. Real estate agents are motivated to sell your property because they are financially invested in the deal.

Negotiate the price and sale conditions and write up offers – A Farmers Branch luxury real estate agent will walk you through the contract. Their job is to represent your interests whether you’re buying or selling a home. They’ll help you determine the best price for the property and work on your behalf to negotiate the sale conditions. Every time you make or accept an offer, your real estate agent must ensure the contract reflects the details of the deal. Any changes to the deal mean changes to the contract. A professional Farmers Branch real estate agent handles this process on your behalf.

Quality relationships with other professionals –Buying or selling a home in Farmers Branch requires working with many different professionals. This may include mortgage agents to ensure you’re buying a home in the correct price range; appraisers to ensure the home is worth what you’re paying, and inspectors to validate the health and safety of the home.Great real estate agents also have a network of other professionals like electricians, contractors, plumbers, and other trades to work on your home before or after the sale. Hiring a Farmers Branch real estate agent gives you access to their trusted professional network.

Communication with all the parties - A typical home purchase or sale involves a number of parties - buyer, seller, inspector, appraiser, title company, lender - and a good Farmers Branch Luxury real estate agent will keep in touch with all of these parties to make sure that your transaction is moving forward step-by-step. Lack of communication is the biggest issue in a real estate transaction and a good agent will keep on top of things and will provide you updates regularly. The agent will communicate with you using the medium that works for you - phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp - and will make sure that your interests are protected by communicating with all the other parties.

Real estate agents sweat the small stuff – Buying or selling a home doesn’t always go smoothly. A quality Farmers Branch luxury real estate agent will help insulate you from unexpected bumps in the road. Plus, you can be confident throughout the process that the details are being managed properly. Remember when you’re working with an agent, they don’t get paid until you buy or sell the home. Find a Farmers Branch agent you trust to work on your behalf without only focusing on the commission at the end. A professional real estate agent should have references available.

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