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Sell Your Dallas Home Instantly!

Would you like an instant offer on your home?

Get multiple offers on your home in a

side-by-side comparison within 24 hours!

With our Instant Offer program, you can avoid the hassle and stress of listing your home on the open market, and get a cash offer for your house -- in just 24 HOURS!

Selling your home can be a difficult and time-consuming process, and trying to sell quickly is stressful.

Sometimes, you need to move quickly, especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area -- and you’re too busy to worry about preparing for a sale. Repairs and staging can be expensive, and it’s a hassle to schedule your life around tours and showings -- but you don’t need to suffer through that!

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Our instant offer program allows you to get an expertly-appraised offer in just 24 hours, with no need for repairs, staging, or stressful showings. Our process is reliable and fast, so you’re guaranteed to sell your home quickly and hassle-free.

Say Goodbye to Stressful Home Selling

You get convenience and speed in return:


  • CLOSE QUICKLY: get equity from your home in as little as 7 days





  • SKIP COST AND TIME: and the hassle of getting your home market ready




If convenience is your ultimate, #1 priority, this is the selling option for you. With an instant, cash offer, selling your home on a quick timeline is easy and anxiety-free, Get An instant cash Offer On My Home in

No Waiting.

Need to move as soon as possible? Sell your Greater Raleigh home now by getting an instant cash offer.


No Hassles.

We will handle all of the details of the transaction so that you can focus on the next steps.

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No Interruptions.

Don't waste time with showings or inconvenient close dates. With us, your house will sell on your schedule.

I know companies who will buy your Dallas home directly at a fair price!

I will negotiate all offers for you so you get the best price and terms. The offer you get is competitive. These are not “sharks” who buy your home for 50% of it’s value. You get solid offers and a real listing valuation within 24 hours of us viewing your home. We’ll help you break down your options in a side by side comparison and see which works best for your unique situation.

instant offers dallas - sell your dallas

Enter your information below: 


I’ll be in touch to price your home, get photos taken, and submit it to the companies who will buy it from you.

Dallas Instant Offers & Cash Purchase Program FAQ

I need to sell my house in Dallas asap! What are Instant Offers offered by you in Dallas-Fort Worth metro area?

Instant Offer...Cash Offer...Instant Sale... Whatever you call 'em, they all pretty much mean cash money and less hassle:-) We will contact multiple investors on  your behalf and will provide you cash purchase proposals. You get a cash offer for your current home that you can use to pay off your mortgage and buy your new home (any home on the market). Never make a contingent offer or lose out on your dream home because you haven’t sold your current home.



HEY! Why can't I get an Instant Offer for my home in Dallas?

Instant Offers are a fairly new category. Investors who make cash offers usually have specific parameters properties they purchase must meet. Their "buy box" includes many variables (i.e. age of home, condition, septic, additions, HOA parameters, etc. It is a long list!)

Do not dismay! We can always help you sell your home on the open market if your home is not eligible for cash offers.

What if I don't like my Instant Offers in Dallas?

We always give you two options; Maximum Convenience or Maximum Value.


Our Instant Offer gives you Maximum Convenience, but if you want Maximum Value, we will sell your home in the market with our aggressive and proven Seller Strategy.



Can I still sell my home if it does not meet the cash offers program parameters offered by you in Dallas?

A. Yes! If your home does not meet the Instant Offer program, we will use our aggressive Seller Strategy to get you top dollar.



I want to sell my house in Dallas now! What types of homes fit the Instant Offer program?
A. In general, single family homes built after 1950 between $100,000 - $400,000 on less than one acre of land. The homes must be occupied or vacant, non-distressed, not bank owned and not in or near flood zones. The homes must be located in our service areas and not have an un-permitted finishes/additions or significant foundation issues.


How do I get started to get an  Instant Offer for my home in Dallas?

Start by filling out our online form with your home’s details to get your home value estimate. After a home visit by us to take a tour of your home and to take some pictures, we’ll provide you with an optional cash offer, which you can put toward your new home purchase.


What is the process of selling a house for cash in Dallas within 24 hours?

Tell us about your home and what makes it unique. What have you upgraded? What needs work? We’ll take all that into account, plug it into our proprietary home analysis program, along with neighborhood data and recent nearby home sales. Then we'll call you to set up an onsite visit and within 24 hrs of that meeting have an offer in your hands. No showings. No hassle. No problems.


How is my home sale cash purchase price calculated when I receive an instant offer on my home in Dallas?

The cash purchase offer value is based on the information you provide about your home’s condition and unique characteristics of your home.

Can I pick a Closing Date?

Yes, you can determine when you want to have the cash in hand.


How much will I receive at closing?

It will depend on the market value of your home, repairs needed, prorated taxes and other closing costs. We will provide you a good estimate when we provide you a cash purchase offer.

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