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Listing Checklist For Dallas-Fort Worth Home Sellers


When you are ready to list your home for sale, we will discuss an action plan for effectively marketing your home. We will also review and complete several pieces of required documentation including the listing contract and an estimate of settlement costs and proceeds from the sale.

To prepare for the listing appointment and make our time together as productive as possible, you can use the following helpful checklist:


1. Review and carefully complete the Seller’s Disclosure form in advance of the meeting.  (I will provide this form at our initial meeting.)  The Seller's Disclosure is an important piece of documentation related to your sale, so please take your time reviewing and completing this form.  It is absolutely critical to be completely truthful and forthcoming about all known past and present deficiencies in your home. Should you disclose that you had just one leak in 10 years because of an ice dam? Yes, disclose it!  Full, truthful disclosure is required by law and will help protect you from future liability.


2. Tour your home and make a list of inclusions & exclusions - All existing items permanently installed are considered included unless specifically excluded. Examples are plants & shrubbery, chandeliers & ceiling fans, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, shades, curtains & blinds, window covering hardware, built-in appliances, cabinetry & shelving, swimming pool cleaning equipment. You may choose to remove and/or replace items of particular monetary or sentimental value before showings begin.


3.  Estimate existing balances on mortgage(s) and home equity line(s). This information is necessary for me to prepare an accurate estimate of proceeds.


4.  Have account numbers and contact information for existing mortgages and equity lines available. This information is required to order pay-off statements for settlement. Please note, as required by both Federal and state law, the social security numbers of all parties to the transaction are required to list your home for sale.


5. Gather additional information regarding (if applicable) :

- home security system information (arming & disarming code)

- list of any leased items on the property such as propane tanks, solar panels

- homeowners association fees and contact information

- swimming pool (service company, maintenance records, etc.)

- utility bills

- copies of current lease If property is rented

- foundation repair documents and warranty information​

- information regarding approximate boundary or property lines, if known (survey). Here is a link to sample survey doc


8. If possible, have your heating/AC system serviced; replace air filter. Consider the option of having a pre-sale home inspection; we can discuss this option in more detail. 


9.  Please have two sets of entry keys: one for the listing agent and one for the lock-box.


10.  Consider showing instructions/ restrictions (to accommodate pets, nap schedules, etc.).  How much notice would you like to have for appointments? 2 hrs? 4 hrs?  Making your home available for appointments is important, but the scheduling must be manageable for you too.


11. To help market your home most effectively, you may want to:

-  prepare a list of upgrades and improvements you’ve made to your home;

-  note special features you would like emphasized to buyers (e.g. community parks or neighborhood activities). 


12.  Finally, check your calendar to plan dates for:

- Staging

- Photography

- Showings to begin

- Brokers Open Houses (usually Monday and/or Tuesday of first listing week)

- Public open house(s) if applicable

 Listing your home for sale is a busy and exciting time, but I've found that a little extra planning and organizing goes a long way toward a smooth transaction! Thank you!

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