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Did You Know This About Dallas? 10 Fun Facts About Big D

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As an agent and relocation specialist I have driven clients all over Dallas and its suburbs for many years, describing what I know and love about the city. I decided my tour-guide material needed a little refreshing so I consulted with my online expert 🙂 to come up with 10 (mostly verifiable) tidbits that will raise eyebrows. This stuff is even good enough to entertain the locals!


Dallas loves to drink The frozen margarita machine was invented in Dallas

Dallas started the tech revolution, no really! The integrated circuit computer chip (which became the microchip) was invented in Dallas in 1958

Everything is big in Texas (But you knew that already)

  • The 52 foot 'Big Tex' statue that greets visitors at the annual State Fair of Texas is the tallest cowboy in Texas.

  • With the roof enclosed, the entire Statue of Liberty could fit into the Cowboys Stadium.

  • During the winter holiday season, the Galleria Dallas is home to the country's tallest indoor Christmas tree.

  • The largest permanent model train exhibit in the country is on display in the lobby of Dallas Children's Medical Center.

  • The Dallas Arts District is the largest urban arts district in the United States.

  • The Trinity River Corridor Project, when completed, will be more than 10 times the size of New York's Central Park.

7-eleven was born in Dallas The first convenience store, 7-eleven, got its start in Dallas and the corporation is headquartered there today.