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What Is A Normal Amount Of Home Sales In Coppell Texas?

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Recently, a reader asked "what is a normal amount of home sales in Coppell."

He was curious about how today's abnormal conditions compares to what we are used to seeing in the housing market.

Normal Amount Of Home Sales In Coppell

The following graph depicts the supply of Coppell homes for sales every month in terms of months supply of inventory for past three years

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I'm sure there are many ways to define "normal" when looking at real estate sales in Coppell. We could look at the historical average number of home sales or even the median number of home sales. But we have used a different measurement for the purpose of today's post. Using Market Equilibrium As "Normal" We define housing market equilibrium as 6.0 months of supply of homes. The graph above shows the number of homes for sale each month for last 3 years in Coppell Texas. If you look back at the left side of the graph, we can see Coppell has been below normal for more than three years. It is interesting to note that we did not observe a normal month where market was “balanced” for many years. Coppell has been a seller’s market. In addition, the inventory is lowest in December and peaks in July. So the answer to our reader's question is that the inventory of homes for sale is getting tighter. The "abnormality" of the market today favors the seller in many areas and price ranges. The big question we have is "how can we build more homes at prices today's buyers can afford?"

You can see all new home construction for sale here.

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