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Learn about custom home builders if you are looking to build a  custom home >>>

Get answers to commonly asked questions about custom home building process in Dallas, Southlake, Frisco, Westlake, University Park, Highland Park, Preston Hollow

Dallas Custom Home Builder FAQ For Custom Homes & DFW Custom Home Builders - DFW Real Estate

Dallas FAQ About Custom Home Builders  

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Best Custom Home Builders


Cost To Build A Custom Home

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Custom Home Building Process

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top custom home builder dallas southlake frisco westlake new construction  Shaddock Caldwe

Custom Home Builder FAQs

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Popular Architectural Styles

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Construction Loans Basics

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Custom Home Ideas

Dallas Custom Home Builder FAQs

What Is the Step-by-Step Process Timeline for Building a Custom House in Dallas?

Here is a general timeline and steps to building a house:

  • Preconstruction Process (Usually 90 - 100 days)

  • Weeks 1 - 5: Foundation

  • Weeks 6 - 10: Frame & Mechanicals

  • Weeks 11 - 12: Inspections

  • Weeks 13 - 15: Drywall/Millwork/Paint

  • Weeks 15 - 18: Exterior Installation

  • Weeks 19 - 21: Finished Surfaces

  • Weeks 22 - 24: Paving & Landscaping

  • Weeks 25 - 27: Final Punch and Cleaning

  • Weeks 28 - 30: Closing Process

Where can I find a list of top custom home builders in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area?

We have compiled a list of best custom home builders who excel at building luxurious custom homes for their clients. You can review this list here.


Can the custom home builder  in Dallas help me pick out the perfect homesite?

Some custom home builders can help you find your dream homesite. If you've already found a homesite, ask your home builder if they can inspect your land.



What licenses do the custom home builders  in Dallas  have? Are they insured?

Some states require custom home builders to have licenses, while others don't. Texas does not require home builders to be licensed. But all the contractors used by the custom home builders like electricians and plumbers are licensed. 


Custom home builders will usually insure the home during the construction process. But it is helpful to ask a potential custom home builder questions about their licenses and insurance.


How will the custom home builder  in Dallas  communicate during the custom home building process?

Communication is important in the custom home building process! Most of the builders will provide a written weekly update. Some may prefer to have a weekly phone call. Others may be flexible depending on what suits you. When you interview potential custom home builders, ask them how they'll keep you up to date on the construction of your dream home. 


Do the custom home builders  in Dallas  use contractors?

Custom home builders generally utilize contractors to build custom homes. They have in-house project managers and construction managers who oversee the construction. Some builders may stay with a group of trusted contractors for their construction projects whereas others may be more flexible. Experienced custom home builders utilize their close relationships with trade partners throughout the construction process.


How do the custom home builders  in Dallas  determine the cost of my custom-built home?

Some custom home builders use fixed-price methodology when determining the cost of your custom home. Others may allow for cost to change based on changes in the market as the construction can take anywhere from 12 months to 18 months. This will be specified in the purchase contract provided by the custom home builder.


Can all custom home builders  in Dallas  build the home-style we're looking for?

Some custom home builders focus on particular home styles only and may not offer the home style that you are looking for. While others will be willing to build a home based on any home style that you prefer. You can include questions like this when asking a custom home builder about their experience. If you’ve got a particular style in mind, ask your custom home builder if they’ve built homes in that style before.


What's the average time a custom home  in Dallas  builder takes to build a custom home?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as the complexity of your home design, size of the home, style of the home, lot development time needed etc. When you ask a custom builder this question, specify that you're asking about the time spent on building homes like yours. This can give you a general idea of what your timeline might look like.

After I move in, will the custom home builder  in Dallas  be able to fix anything if it stops working/breaks?

Different custom home builders will provide different levels of warranty on the custom built homes. Make sure you ask your custom home builder questions about your warranty period. This will give you an idea of what they can fix or repair once construction is done. Most builders provide an online portal or a phone number that homeowners can contact if anything stops working after move-in.

Will the custom home builder in Dallas have model/spec homes from which to select?

Custom home builders do not sell spec homes. They build one-of-a-kind, custom homes designed specifically for their buyers.


What differentiates a custom home builder   in Dallas from other luxury custom home builders?

This is a great question to ask a custom home builder to learn more about them! Learn what makes your builder unique and how that can benefit your custom home experience. Some builders may offer a one-stop shop where they have their own in-house architects, designers, construction crew etc. Each step of their process is all under one roof, which makes the custom home experience seamless. Whereas others may outsource some of these steps to outside partners.


Do the custom home builders   in Dallas perform quality assurance inspections during construction?

Quality assurance is important when it comes to building your dream home. When you interview a custom home builder, ask them how they’ll ensure quality throughout the construction process. But as a buyer, you are expected to complete your own due diligence during the construction of your home. 


Can a custom home builder  in Dallas  make my home energy efficient?

Ask yourself if sustainability matters in your dream home. If so, ask your potential custom home builder if adding energy-efficient components to your home design is possible.


How do I find out about the reputation of the custom home builder  in Dallas ?

You can learn a lot about a custom home builder by looking at client testimonials! Ask a custom home builder if there are past client testimonials you can review.


Do the custom home builders   in Dallas include landscaping in their custom home design process?

To find an ideal custom home builder, you’ll want to know what’s included in their design process. Importance design factors include landscaping, mechanical, electrical, for example. At Cullum Homes, landscaping is included in our design process. When it comes to installing it, we use trusted and experienced trade partners to ensure your landscaping is perfect.


How do I pick the materials or fixtures for my custom home when building a home with a custom home builder  in Dallas ?

Everything in your custom home should reflect your personality! This question will help you find a custom home builder who can work with you to pick the perfect materials, fixtures and more for your home. A good custom home builder will spend the necessary time to go over each detail of your home’s interior design. This removes any stress from having to make design decisions during construction.


We don’t own a home site yet, can a custom home builder   in Dallas help?

Some custom home builders may help you with your lot search and purchase whereas other expect clients to have already procured a lot


How do we confirm our land is buildable when building a home with a custom home builder  in Dallas?

Most custom home builders will usually provide a free lot assessment to help you understand the costs of building on your lot and if further testing is needed.


Can a custom home builder   in Dallas help if our lot requires well and septic?

Most builders can provide the permitting and installation for both well and septic.


What kind of financing is required when building a home with a custom home builder  in Dallas ?

A construction loan is required for most custom lots. Most builders have several lenders that they work with and can assist you with the process.

Is there an average Price per sq ft on homes built by custom home builders  in Dallas ?

Home pricing is based on many things, number of floors, type of architecture, overall square footage, interior and exterior features, etc. Custom home builders work with the buyers to build them the best home possible that falls within their budget and beyond their expectations.

Is it more expensive to build a custom home with a custom home builder  in Dallas ?

Not necessarily. It depends on your tastes and the choices you make for your home. A speculative builder may choose finishes or products that are less expensive to keep the price competitive, if you choose the same quality of finishes and materials, your home would be in the same price range.


How do we make design selections for our new home when building a home with a custom home builder  in Dallas ?

The custom home builders have a well designed process and they will assist you every step of the way in designing your dream home. From kitchen design to landscaping they will have a team of professionals ready to meet with you and make your dreams a reality.


Can we use our own contacts to supply materials and/or labor during the build process when building a custom home with a custom home builder  in Dallas ?

Most custom home builders have relationships with the best vendors and subcontractors in the area that are dedicated to giving them the best service and the best price. These relationships allow the builders to build you the best home possible, on budget and on time. Some builders may allow you to procure your own materials. You will need to discuss this with the builder before you sign a purchase contract.


How will we know what the total cost will be of our custom home when it is finished when we work with a custom home builder  in Dallas ?

It depends on the custom home builder you work with. With most of the builders, you will know the final sales price of your home before you obtain your loan or construction begins. Whereas other builders may pass along the cost changes to you. It will depend on how a particular custom home builder works.



Do all custom home builders   in Dallas have lots to build homes on?  

Although most custom home builders do not carry an inventory of land, they may be able to acquire a lot on your behalf and transfer your house back to you as a land/home package.  

Some custom home builders buy lots from time to time and sell them to the buyers before the construction starts.


Do custom home builders   in Dallas have house plans that I can choose from?

Yes. Most custom home builders will offer you some ready to build plans that can be modified to save you time.  


Do custom home builders   in Dallas have in-house design services?

Most full-service custom home builders have in-house design services. Some custom home builders partner with third party design services that you can use if you want.


Can I Save Money By Building The House Myself Instead Of Hiring A Custom Home Builder  in Dallas ?

Over the years, most custom home builders have developed great relationships with their suppliers, which gives them buying power that helps you lower construction costs. Plus, builders are always up-to-date on changing building codes, safety regulations, and energy-saving home products. With their vast knowledge and expansive resource base, they can help you save money without having to put in all of the work yourself.



How Much Of My Time Should I Budget For When a custom home builder   in Dallas is Building My Home?

Each home is unique. As a result, building times vary from project to project. Usually, custom home builders are able to complete the building process within 7-18 months.

What Do I Need To Know Before I Buy Land To Build A Custom Home On By A Custom Home Builder  in Dallas ?

Before you buy land to build your home on, you look into zoning laws, easements and any additional excavation work that might be required. We understand that these details might not be things that you are familiar with – that’s why we will help you navigate through these issue before you buy land. We want you to try to avoid any unforeseen complications.

Are garages included in the square footage when building a custom home with a custom home builder  in Dallas ?

No, garages, patios, and porches are not included in the square footage.  We only include heated and air-conditioned space.


Can I use my blueprints when working with a custom home builder  in Dallas ?

Yes, if they are engineered for the local Building Code where you want to build a home and if the custom home builder is able to get your blueprints permitted.


Will the custom home builder   in Dallas allow me to do some of the work myself?

It depends on the custom home builder. You should discuss details during your consultation with the builder.


What kind of warranty is offered by the custom home builder  in Dallas ?

Most custom home builders offer a 1 year warranty on workmanship and a 2 year warranty on systems.


What happens in the case of storm damage or vandalism during construction by a custom home builder  in Dallas ?

Most custom home builders provide an insurance policy on homes while they are under construction.

If you have any questions about building a custom home with a luxury custom home builder, please remember our services as a REALTOR are at no cost to you when purchasing a new home! It's important for you to have representation before you walk into a sales office / model homes - the agent in office typically represents the builder's interests. Feel free to call or text directly at: 469-269-6541 or send an e-mail to: nitin@NitinGuptaDFW.com

Which Factors Cause the Most Delays in Custom Homebuilding in Dallas?

Here are a few common factors that could cause delays in the custom home construction process: 

  • Lots of Changes. Making lots of changes to the home plan either early on in the process or later can cause delays to the timeline. 

  • Labor Delays. A lot of home building is dependent on workers being available to work on the home. Sometimes you may be waiting for subcontractors or inspectors to get to the house site. 

  • Weather. Depending on the region you're building, you may see some delays due to weather. In Texas, this is a less of an issue, but we still have our ice storms now and again. 

  • Supply Shortages. While this is improving, in the last couple of years - due to COVID and the pandemic - there have been massive supply shortages on things like windows and other home building materials. Again, we are seeing improvements here.  

Typically, how long does it take to build a custom home from start to finish in Dallas?

Anywhere from 12-24 months; depending on the scope of work and design sophistication.


Though construction in some parts of the country grinds to a halt in the winter months, that’s simply not the case here in the North Texas. Builders are used to building year-round. (With minor exceptions for snow or torrential downpours that might slow them down a little.) Not only do they know how to protect under-construction homes from the weather, custom home builders use high-performance products that better handle the elements.  


Unfortunately, they can. Because custom homes are brand new and often on a property in or near existing neighborhoods with houses from the ’90s or 2000s, there simply are no accurate comparisons with which to appraise against. Older homes nearby not only have more dated designs, they likely were built to older codes and environmental regulations. Those comparisons also don’t take into account the cost to remodel the older houses. This lack of comps means new custom homes don’t always appraise as high as they should. As such, buyers should be prepared to have more cash toward their new home. (Learn more about the details of custom home loans here.)



While most custom home builders in Dallas don't necessarily have a square footage minimum or maximum, most of the homes range between 4000 and 8000 square feet. It is important to talk to your chosen custom home builder about how the size of your home (both living and non-living square feet) will affect your overall cost to build.

How much of my total budget should I spend on the lot when building a custom home in Dallas?

Most of our clients ultimately spend between 15% and 25% of their total budget on their lot.  Special circumstances do exist, but we do not advise spending more than 30% of one's total budget on a lot without first having a tentative design in mind and researching building costs in the area. 

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Dallas is one of the largest cities in the country with an economy fueled by diverse businesses. It has proved itself to be a magnet for families relocating to DFW in last few years. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Dallas is home to many of Texas' most stunning luxury homes. Zillow’s latest data shows that the city has a median home value of $290k, and that number is predicted to rise 9.1 percent within the next year. But those are just numbers, numbers that fail to capture just how strange, fascinating, and delightful Dallas homes can be.


In 2021, almost 7500 luxury single-family residences were sold in Dallas and the figures reveal an active preference for buying homes among the city’s residents. While many choose to invest in pre-built residential properties, others decide to take a more personalized approach to acquire their ideal residence, and their first step is to rely on the expertise and creativity of Dallas' finest custom home builders. And the town’s best custom home builders are truly representative of Vegas: these firms build homes that aren’t simply luxurious, but delightfully creative, innovative, and surprisingly green.

Below is a ranked list of the best custom home builders working in Dallas today based on their reputation, quality of service, number of homes built, client feedback, and, of course, the awards they have received.

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend  contacting us so that we can provide you recommendations and preform due diligence like checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and getting competitive quotes from various top builders.  

How can I find custom home builders near me?

Read our latest blog articles on the best custom home builders across Texas. If you don’t see your city below, just let us know – we are happy to create a custom recommendation list just for you.

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Hiring A REALTOR When Building A Custom Home In Dallas

 It’s always smart to have a buyer’s agent when building a custom home. In addition to knowing which builders are reputable in the Dallas area, an experienced real estate agent can help you negotiate a deal that will save you money during the home construction process. They’ll keep the project on track, fight for your best interests, and help you schedule inspections throughout the build process. It’s important to remember that the builder’s sales agent is trying to continue to get the builder’s business by not giving you the best deal as they work for the builder. The builder’s sales representatives are on the builder’s team and will try to and get the highest profit margins for the builder. An experienced buyer’s agent in Dallas can help make sure everything is put into writing and make sure it gets completed the right way. Contact our real estate agency to learn more.

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Things to consider when picking a custom home builder in Dallas

  • Cities served

  • Availability of lot

  • Home Styles Built

  • Design resources 

  • Experience

  • Issue resolution process



Work with the top DFW custom home specialists and you’ll quickly realize how valuable it is to work with agents who care and who know custom home construction inside out. We are transparent, honest, hard-working, and like to have fun.  From day one we’re on this journey together.  Your calls / texts / emails are responded to very quickly, and your wants and needs are our absolute #1 priority.

Dallas New Construction Home Tours


Whether you are relocating to DFW from another state or whether you are a local looking to upgrade, become familiar with the new construction homes for sale in DFW  here.

Dallas Real Estate Agent, Dallas New Home Tour, Find new construction homes for sale in Frisco, TX like a real estate agent! Instant access to today's new new construction MLS listings in Frisco.

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We are here for you. Our goal is to make the custom home building process easy. With the  help of our DFW custom home expert real estate agents, we know how to find you the top Dallas custom home builder to build your perfect new home quickly.  We know the Dallas custom home builders, the communities and the styles. We can streamline and simplify your custom home builder search, saving you time and money. We represent you and not the custom home builder. We can help you avoid mistakes, pitfalls and protect your investment.  


And the best part? Our services are free for our clients! Builders pay our commission.

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