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Who pays for the closing costs in Texas? Common fees explained

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One of the most common questions we typically get from both home buyers and sellers is - Who pays for the closing costs in Texas?

Here is a list of customary distribution of expenses for the purchase of real estate in Texas. Keep in mind that many of these items can be negotiated by either party at the time of the offer, excluding some expenses the lender requires the seller to pay (depending on the type of loan). In addition, if you are selling your home, your listing real estate agent should provide you a “net sheet” with a good estimate of closing costs for you as the seller. Similarly, if you are buying a home, your realtor should be able to provide you a good estimate of potential closing costs in Texas.


• Escrow fees - It is charged by the title company to act as an escrow agent - typical fee $350

• Document preparation (if applicable) - typical fee $100

• Recording charges for all documents related to the transfer of title to the buyer - varies

• Prorated share of property taxes (from the date of acquisition)

• All new loan charges and fees (except those the lender requires the seller to pay), including:

– Appraisal - typical fee $450

– Credit report - typical fee $50

– Tax service fee

– Loan origination/discount fee - varies

– Reserves for taxes and insurance - varies

– Flood certification - varies

– Mortgage insurance premium

• Title insurance premium: Lender’s Policy - This premium is fixed by state of Texas and depends on the sales price of the property

• Interest on the new loan from the date of funding to 30 days prior to the first payment date

• Inspection fees - typically $450

• Homeowner’s transfer fee (if applicable) - depends on the HOA

• Fire insurance premium for the first year

SELLER TYPICALLY PAYS FOR: • Real estate agent’s commission(s) • Escrow fees - It is charged by the title company to act as an escrow agent - typical fee $350 • Payoff of all loans in the seller’s name (unless the existing loan balance is being assumed by the buyer), including: – Interest accrued to the lender that is being paid off – Statement fees, release fees and any prepayment penalties • Home warranty (according to contract terms) • Any judgments, tax liens, etc. against the seller • Prorated share of property taxes (for any taxes unpaid at the time of transfer of title) • Any unpaid homeowners association dues • Recording charges to clear all documents of record against the seller • Any outstanding assessments • Any and all delinquent taxes • Title insurance premium: Owner’s Policy - This premium is fixed by state of Texas and depends on the sales price of the property - typically paid by seller for sale of existing homes • Seller credit for closing costs (according to contract terms)

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The above information regarding the “Who pays for the closing costs in Texas?" was provided by Nitin Gupta, REALTOR. Nitin has experience helping families buy and sell homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If you’re thinking of selling or buying, he would love to share his knowledge and expertise. Learn more about Southlake real estate market and Tarrant County Real Estate news at http://www.nitinguptadfw.com/southlake-realtor-new-homes-real-estate

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