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Vaastu 101 : Easy Vastu Tips for Your New Coppell Texas Home

In a recent study it was found that over 90% of home buyers preferred a house that was Vastu-compliant. With the internet exploding with tips, guides and how-to blogs on Vaastu science, it is easy to lose sight of what you really wanted to achieve when you started out. Here is a Vastu 101 with basic Vastu for the home suggestions in terms of the direction of furniture, décor selection, temple placement, and the works!

Place of Worship

A place of worship is an integral part of an Indian home. Some may not believe in the ideas of Vastu, but, when it comes to something holy like a temple, the flow of energy definitely needs to be appraised and tuned. There isn’t much fuss here; just a few simple steps for the positive energy to flow into your home. Based on Vastu shastra for home, the rooms of worship, prayer and meditation should ideally be located in the north-east area of the house. Alternatively, they can also be in the north or the east area. While worshipping, one should face the East, and idols should not exceed 6 inches in height. It is advised that one should not sleep in the same room as a place of worship. An ideal position would be one where you face east or west while praying.

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The Bedroom and Wealth

The master bedroom should be located in the southern section of the house, and if the bedroom is located in the north, it’s believed that the likelihood of unrest in the family increases. The bed should be placed in such a way that the headboard is towards the south or the west while sleeping, always avoiding to sleep with their head towards the north. Family members should avoid taking meals in the bedroom as doing so is believed to cause ill-health, especially if they eat while sitting on the bed. Keeping divine idols in bedrooms should be avoided. Basic Vastu remedies advise that children’s rooms should be in the north-west or the west and, for higher levels of concentration, they should have a separate study close to their bedrooms. Wealth and cash should be stored in the north, which means you should be facing north when storing or retrieving cash, and jewellery should be kept facing the south as it’s said to increase the wealth.

Other Parts of the Home

— The dining room should be facing west as it is ruled by Saturn that symbolises the path of Bakasura, the representation of the hungry.

— If you plan to keep plants at home, it is suggested that you avoid thorny plants like cacti, and avoid growing plants along the north and east walls.

— The north-east, north-west, north, west and east corners are best for a study room. These directions attract the positive effects of Mercury increasing brain power, Jupiter increasing wisdom, Sun increasing ambition and Venus helps in bringing about creativity in new thoughts and ideas. Alternatively, the study room can also be located in the same direction as the bedroom. The study room and place of worship situated adjacent to each other or in the same room is an ideal arrangement.

— The main gate of the house should have two panels. The main door on the outer side should not open inside the house, and the doors in the house should not creak.

— The bathroom should ideally be located in the east or in the north-west, but never in the north-east. The wash basin should be mounted on the eastern wall of the bathroom and the geyser should be installed in the south-east corner.

Building your new vastu compliant home

Some home buyers from Indian subcontinent prefer to buy homes that are “vaastu” compliant. If you are building a new home in Coppell, Irving, Southlake, Frisco, Castle Hills, Plano or Flower Mound, you can sometimes work with the builder to implement some of the “vaastu” guidelines. But if you are buying a resale or an existing home, you can still make the new home vastu compliant. For this it is important to first correct the ‘vaastu dosh' of your house. If your home is not vaastu-friendly then you may face obstacles at the start of every work or project.

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