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What Is The Property Tax Rate In Keller, Texas? | Keller Real Estate Agent

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One important factor in home affordability in Keller, Texas is your Keller Texas property taxes. Here is some information about what the current property tax rates are for homes in Keller, Texas and how property taxes are calculated for homes for sale in Keller, Texas. To understand how different taxing authorities (either cities or counties in Texas) calculate your property tax, you have to understand the two factors used in taxation.

  1. The first is the assessed value of your Keller home

  2. The second is the total tax rate for your local city or county.

How is the home value assessed for property taxes in Keller, Texas?

Property taxes – also called ad valorem taxes – are based on the current market value of real estate and tangible personal property as appraised by the county appraisal district. The appraiser compares your home to others that have recently sold to determine its value. The appraised value of your property is then multiplied by the local property tax rate to determine your property tax bill.

The City of Keller lies in Tarrant County.

The Tarrant Appraisal District appraises properties in Keller, which are located in Tarrant County.

The City of Keller, as one of the local taxing units, sets the City tax rate and collects property taxes based on the taxable value of properties within City boundaries. Taxable value is the appraised value less the value over the appraisal cap and locally approved exemptions.

What are the components of property tax rate in Keller? Property Taxes in Keller TX are made up of :

  • School taxes (depending on school district)

  • City taxes

  • Tarrant County taxes and community college

What is Keller property tax rate? The tax rate is a published amount per $100 as a percentage that is used to calculate taxes on property. The formula for calculating your annual tax bill is tax rate multiplied by taxable value.

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How are the Keller property tax rates determined? The tax rates are set by counties and school districts and are based on yearly budgets and how much revenue is needed to cover costs. Local governments hold public hearings to discuss tax increases, and citizens can petition for a public vote on an increase if it exceeds certain limits.