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Hire an Argyle Relocation Expert Realtor (and don’t rely on Zillow Zestimate) when buying in Argyle

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As an Argyle Relocation Realtor, I love Zillow for the fact that it connects home buyers and sellers with great Realtors who can help them with all their realty needs (check our stellar Zillow 5-star reviews if you’re looking for a Realtor!). Not only can you research and compare Realtors, Zillow lets you dip your toe in the home shopping experience before you dive in. You can compare homes in different neighborhoods, get a feel for what you can expect in your price range, and narrow down where you want to begin your search. Zillow is indeed a helpful, transparent tool for the consumer.

But You can’t rely on Zillow’s data

However, buyers need to keep in mind that Zillow is simply a tool—one that will never replace the value of a competent, consultative Realtor. Why?

The main reason is that Texas is a “non-disclosure” state; meaning that when a property is sold, the actual sold price is not made available for public record. If you want to know what a house actually sold for, you need to call a Realtor. As a Realtor, I can look up that information for you in our MLS system. When we input a home into the MLS and that house sells, we’re REQUIRED to report accurate sold information. Here is a chart about the accuracy of Zestimate from Zillow from their website:

Source: https://www.zillow.com/zestimate/#acc

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As you can see in the highlighted row with red border, Zillow actually confesses that only 30% of homes have the Zestimate that is within 5% of actual sales price! It means that 70% of homes have the Zestimate which is inaccurate by more than 5% from the real value of the home.

Another big reason that buyers need to be aware of: Zillow’s information is often inaccurate and outdated. Many a times potential buyers will call us about a specific home they found on Zillow only to hear, “Sorry, that home has already sold.” (We probably get at least one call like this every day!) Only Realtors have access to the Dallas Multiple Listing Service (North Texas Real Estate Information System - NTREIS) , which provides up-to-the-minute and complete home listing information.