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Cost of Living Comparison: Southlake, TX vs. California Cities

When considering a move from the Golden State to the Lone Star State, the cost of living is often a deciding factor. Southlake, Texas, is a prime example of Texan affluence, offering a high quality of life with a cost that may surprise those accustomed to California's price tags. In this post, we'll dive into a cost of living comparison between Southlake and various California cities, examining housing, taxes, transportation, and everyday expenses.

Housing: A Tale of Two Markets

California Cities: The California housing market is notorious for its high prices. Cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego boast some of the highest real estate prices in the nation, with median home prices soaring over a million dollars in certain areas. Renting isn't much cheaper, with one-bedroom apartments in city centers often costing upwards of $2,000 per month.

Southlake, TX: In contrast, Southlake offers a more affordable housing market, despite being one of the more upscale communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The median home price in Southlake is significantly lower than in many California cities, and you get more bang for your buck in terms of space and amenities. Rent is also more reasonable, with larger homes available for the price of a small California apartment.

Taxes: Keeping More in Your Pocket

California Cities: California residents are subject to some of the highest state income taxes in the country, with rates reaching up to 13.3% for top earners. Sales tax also adds up, with a base rate of 7.25% and additional local taxes that can make it even higher.

Southlake, TX: Texas is one of the few states with no state income tax, which can mean significant savings for residents. Additionally, while Texas does have a sales tax (6.25% state tax, with the possibility of up to 2% in local taxes), the overall tax burden is generally lower compared to California.

Transportation: The Cost of Getting Around

California Cities: Owning a car in California cities can be expensive due to high gas prices and insurance rates. Public transportation options are available but can be limited depending on the area, and costs can add up for daily commuters.

Southlake, TX: In Southlake, a car is almost a necessity due to the city's suburban layout and the greater distances between destinations. However, the cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle is typically lower than in California, with more affordable gas prices and insurance premiums.

Everyday Expenses: Food, Healthcare, and More

California Cities: Day-to-day expenses in California can be steep. Grocery bills, healthcare, and utilities are all higher than the national average. Dining out and entertainment also come with a premium, especially in larger metropolitan areas.

Southlake, TX: Southlake's cost for groceries, healthcare, and utilities generally falls closer to the national average, which can lead to considerable savings over time. While dining out and entertainment might still be a part of your budget, the overall costs are often lower than in California cities.

Lifestyle: What You Get for Your Money

California Cities: California offers a diverse lifestyle with access to beaches, mountains, and cultural hubs. The weather is a significant draw, with mild climates in many parts of the state.

Southlake, TX: Southlake provides a different but equally valuable lifestyle. The community is tight-knit, with a focus on family and local events. The city also offers excellent schools, plenty of green space, and a small-town feel with big-city amenities.


While Southlake, Texas, may not have California's beaches or its year-round mild climate, it offers a compelling alternative for those seeking a more affordable cost of living without sacrificing quality of life. With lower housing costs, tax savings, and reasonable everyday expenses, Southlake presents an attractive option for Californians looking to stretch their dollars further. Whether you're drawn to the idea of a spacious Texas home or the allure of keeping more of your hard-earned income, Southlake warrants consideration as a place that offers both economic and lifestyle benefits. Please call us at 469-269-6541 for more details about Southlake and available homes!


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