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Why Use an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent for New Construction in Addison?

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Buying a new construction home is a big decision, and you need a top Addison Buyer's Agent on your side. To help you buy a a new construction home sold by a builder, your Addison buyer’s agent must have a vast working knowledge of the Addison real estate market, including price trends, neighborhood conditions, amenities, real estate law, zoning issues, financing, taxes, insurance and negotiating the best terms and price.

It is foolish for a home buyer to enter into a new construction contract in Addison without an Exclusive Buyer Agent. The advantages are many; aside from the obvious ones. The fact that having buyer agent representation in Addison is FREE cannot be repeated often enough. So too, should the misconception that not using a buyer’s agent in Addison will save money be constantly repeated – that simply doesn’t happen. If a buyer purchases a home in Addison without any representation from a buyer's agent, it simply means that the listing broker (site sales agent) receives both sides of the commission.

Remember that that site agent represents the builder/developer and they do they have a fiduciary responsibility to the Buyer. The site sales agent is legally bound to represent the best interests of the builder, not the homebuyer. They are expected to work to secure the builder the best deal; not do anything illegal of course but they will not – cannot – negotiate against their client. This is consistent throughout the course of the build; the builder is their client, the buyer is their customer. Because the builder’s agent’s job is to convince you to buy only their homes at the highest price, your Buyer Agent’s job is to even the odds and negotiate for the lowest price and best terms for YOU!

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Benefits of Using an Exclusive Buyer Agent for New Construction:

  • Compare and evaluate builders’ reputations and history of their construction quality and service. A top local Addison Buyer's Agent can provide you a lot of information about various builders, based on their past experience, which might not be available online. Some questions for your Addison Buyer's Agent include How familiar are you with the builder? What’s their reputation? What is the quality of their construction? There are hundreds of builders in Dallas, Denton, Tarrant and Collin County. An experienced Addison real estate agent will be familiar with all the major builders and their quality of work. They’ll also be able to provide recommendations and references for custom home builders to ensure you are connecting with a reputable builder.

  • Help you compare and evaluate advantages and disadvantages of new construction homes vs. resale homes.

  • Provide information about the community and subdivision. DFW has a number of good Master Planned Communities that offer a lot of amenities and great schools.

  • Uses past sales data from the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to maximize price and option concessions

  • Help buyers with evaluation and selection of a lot and options. Lot location and certain options have a very real bearing on resale value.

  • Help buyers select the options that should be selected by the buyer at build time and help buyers skip the options which will be cheaper to be done after closing with third party contractors.

  • Help buyers negotiate the price of the home in addition to getting the “free” options and upgrades offered by the builder to the buyer.

  • Help buyers understand common contingencies like financing and appraisal contingencies before the purchase contract is signed.

  • Review the Sales Agreement prior to buyer signing. This is not a legal review (only an attorney can do that), but an experienced agent will be able to spot terms and conditions that are atypical and of potential concern to the buyer. The agent may then be able to negotiate terms and conditions that are more favorable to the buyer but still acceptable to the builder. Keep in mind most new construction contracts in the state of Texas are prepared by attorneys that represent the builder and these contracts are therefore heavily weighted in favor of the builder.

  • Help buyers pick the right upgrades and options at the design center to maximize the future return and minimize the money spent on upgrades.

  • Help buyers get the home inspected by recommending good local licensed inspectors.

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  • Recommend a real estate attorney for additional contract and title review.

  • Attend the signing of the purchase agreement.

  • Assist with the buyer’s financing and review financing paperwork and mortgage options. This is especially important if the builder is tying “free” options and upgrades to the use of a builder-affiliated lender.

  • Check on the property or visit the property with the buyers during construction and point out any potential issues.

  • Assist you issue resolution with the builder as problems arise during construction of your new home in Addison

  • Keep everything in writing – verbal promises by the builders do not mean anything and are not enforceable. An experienced buyer’s agent is conditioned and trained to “put it in writing” even though at the time it doesn’t seem necessary.

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  • Arrange for a final inspection with a license building inspector and generate a “punch list” to be completed before final closing.

  • Document and help resolve any issues with construction, financing, title, etc. throughout the process.

  • Attend a pre-closing walkthrough with the buyer to make sure that all items are satisfactorily completed or that a proper punch list is established to assure completion after settlement.

  • Obtain and review a preliminary settlement statement and closing disclosure (CD) to ensure that it is accurate and advise the buyer of the amount of money needed for closing.

  • Assist buyers with setting up utilities, security and educate buyers about HOA requirements in Addison. A good agent can also recommend decorators, service professionals, contractors etc.

  • Attend closing with the buyer.

A Addison buyer’s agent will be there even after the home closes. It is routine for issues to arise during the first year of a new home. Site agents tend to forget a buyer’s name after the contract is signed.

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