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8005 Fallmeadow Cir, Plano, TX 75024

Nitin Gupta is a residential real estate agent with Competitive Edge Realty


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Before You Move:


  • Close out local bank accounts and set up new bank account, if necessary

  • Notify insurance companies of new location for coverage

  • Obtain school records, legal records and other important documents

  • Obtain medical records and history, transfer prescriptions, and research/request referrals for doctors, dentists, specialists, etc. in new town

Notify the following of your change in address (as applicable):

  • Post Office (to redirect mail)

  • Financial institutions (to transfer and/or close accounts)

  • County clerk/voter registrar

  • Department of taxation

  • Leasing company

  • Insurance company (to transfer or terminate household insurance)

  • Life insurance company

  • Car insurance company

  • Health insurance company

  • School principal (to obtain a letter regarding the status of your children in school)

  • Shops and stores where you have charge accounts

  • Relatives, friends and regular correspondents

  • Club memberships

  • Magazines, newspapers and other subscriptions

  • Doctor(s) and dentist (to obtain copies of your records)

  • Your lawyer

  • Your place of worship

Discontinue these services (as applicable) and get refunds for any deposits made:

  • Gas

  • Water

  • Electricity

  • Telephone

  • Cable/satellite/Internet television service

  • Newspaper/publication delivery

  • Internet service provider

Remember to:

  • Defrost your refrigerator/freezer and drain all water hoses.

  • Disconnect your washing machine and drain water.

  • Check with manufacturer to ensure all major appliances are correctly prepared for moving.

  • Arrange for electricity and gas companies to disconnect any fittings from the supply.

  • Dispose of items you do not wish to take with you.

  • Return library books, videos, etc.

  • Remove your own fixtures and fittings from walls.

  • Put important items, such as identification and/or passports and tickets, in your personal luggage so they are not accidentally packed.

  • Arrange for someone to look after your children on the packing days. (This can be a stressful time for them.)

Dangerous Goods

The following are classified as dangerous goods and cannot be stored or transported:

  • Ammunition

  • New or partially used cans of paint

  • Linseed oil

  • Bleach products

  • Gas cylinders, turpentine

  • Kerosene

  • Gasoline

  • Cleaning fluids

  • Aerosols (any kinds)

  • Vegetable oils

  • Chemical sets

A few don’ts:

  • Don’t forget to detail any high-value items (e.g., antiques, furs, paintings) in your transit protection declaration—a separate valued list is requested.

  • Don’t put breakables in drawers.

  • Don’t put liquid in drawers (sauce bottles, perfumes, etc.).

  • Don’t overload furniture with too many items (in drawers).

  • Don’t store perishable foods, such as cereals, flours, etc.

  • Don’t polish your furniture prior to your move. Polishing surfaces can cause furniture to condensate when wrapped.

  • Don’t store or transport jewelry, money, legal documents, taxation papers, insurance policies or other high-value/irreplaceable articles. (Keep these items with you.)

  • Don’t forget to check your home for any belongings the packing crew may have missed—before they leave.


On Moving Day:

  •  Double check rooms, closets, and cabinets for possible items left behind

  •  Make sure children have books and games to keep entertained during travel

  •  Prepare pets for transportation

  •  Carry jewelry and important documents on your person

  •  Leave all old keys needed for new tenant with your REALTOR®


One last look around:

  • Anything left in the attic, garden, garage or basement?

  • No clothes at the dry cleaners, shoes at shoe repair shops, sporting goods in lockers at clubs/schools?

  • Are the water heater, main power and gas connections turned off?

  • If possible, turn off air conditioners and use them only when necessary during packing. Furniture kept in a constantly cooled climate may condensate when suddenly exposed to hot air. Allowing your furniture to adapt to the warm air can be helpful in eliminating moisture problems during transit.

  • Pack your suitcases and move them (together with your valuables, passports, and tickets) to a safe place, such as a trusted neighbor’s home. This will prevent them from being accidentally packed with your goods.

  • Put your personal telephone and address book with your carry-on luggage for the flight. You may want to get in touch with people later.

  • Dispose of all remaining flammables, dangerous, or hazardous materials. Throw or give away bottles of nail polish, and liquids in glass bottles.

  • Are your windows and doors locked? Old house keys surrendered?

At Your New Address:

¨     Check on utility services - gas, electric, water, telephone, etc.

¨     If relocating to new state, register car within 5 days of arrival and apply for state driver's license

¨     If staying within state, obtain a driver's license with your new address on it

¨     Register children in school if you haven't done so already

¨     Set up new patient appointments with doctors, dentist, etc.

¨     Explore your neighborhood!

Moving Checklist