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Dallas Military Veterans Home Buyer Program



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Dallas Veteran Home Buyer Program


As you probably know if you are reading this page that there are VA Loan programs available for Military Members, Retired Members, Disabled Members and Veterans. This is no secret. But what about the Real Estate Agent's Role in your Home Buying Process?


Dallas Veterans Home Buyer Program

I will give you 30% of my gross commissions (at a successful closing) in the form of closing costs when you elect to have our Real Estate Firm represent you in your purchase.


What does it cost you to have me as your buyer's agent?

Zero Dollars!


In a Real Estate transaction, the seller pays both the Listing Agent and the Buyer's Agent Commission at Closing.

Can a Real Estate Agent in Texas help pay my closing costs?

The department of Justice says yes!

Click here for more information and FAQs  .


Who pays for Closing Costs on a VA Loan?

VA Closing Costs may be paid by the purchaser, the seller, the agent or the lender.

However; VA Closing Costs and the way they are handle are quite different than closing cost from a conventional or FHA Loan.


Here's a list of items the VA borrower MAY pay for.

  • Appraisal

  • Credit Report

  • Title Insurance

  • Origination Fee

  • Recording Fee

  • Survey

Here's a list of items the VA borrower CAN NOT pay for.

  • Attorney

  • Underwriting

  • Escrow

  • Processing

  • Document

  • Tax Service


So who can pay for the items that the VA Borrower is not allowed to pay for?


  • The Seller Can Pay

  • The Agent Can Pay

  • The Borrower Can Pay

Yes I just told you that you weren't allowed to pay and now I'm telling you that you can pay!

What's up with this?

Here's how it works!


In lieu of charging the borrower non-allowed fees, the lender can charge a one percent origination fee instead of itemized non-allowable charges for things such as attorney or underwriting charges.



The VA Loan process and Home Buying Experience is indeed different and quite frankly can be confusing.

Let us help you navigate and understand the process all while saving money!


It's really just our way of Honoring those who have served our Country.



CALL ME at 469-269-6541 to discuss your Dallas Real Estate needs. We handle Real Estate Investments, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Development, Commercial Sales and Leasing, REO Properties, Short Sales and Dallas Foreclosures.











Our website offers the helpful information and resources for military members and their families relocating/Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Corpus Christie or any other installation in Dallas, Texas area. Texas has a wide geographic footprint.  With our knowledge of the local market, we will guide you through the home buying process and help you achieve your real estate goals. The information listed below is provided to help you gather as much information as you need to make your relocation as easy and successful as possible.

















Area Bases & Installations​

Help simplify your move by using our comprehensive list of the  military bases and installations in Texas.

For more information to assist you in your TDY/PCS move, please visit our Military Relocation resource links.  The County Resource page includes links to the area's county and city statistics, maps, history, government, planning and zoning, employment, and services. Here is a list of military installations in Texas


Base Allowance For Housing 

While the Texas area Base Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates are among the highest in the country, it can still be challenging to find affordable housing.  As your real estate expert in Northern Texas and the other major cities in Texas, I will work with you and within your budget to ensure we find the perfect home to accommodate both.  Current BAH information is listed by rank, with and without dependents. Contact us today to assist you with your PCS move to the Dallas metro area.


Dallas Area Schools And Just For Kids

Moving is always hard on our children and finding the right school can be challenging. You will find information regarding area schools to assist you with learning as much as you can before you arrive.

The North Texas area offers a wide range of activities.  We've pulled together a few links that may help with the relocation process and keep your children enthusiastic about your move by experiencing fun and exciting activities.


Dallas Commuter Information

North Texas has a number of commuting options available. Whether you're commuting on a daily basis or simply want a weekend getaway in the city, there is always an abundance of options.

The DART local train system, commuter lots, express lanes, and public transit bus routes can all make it easier to deal with the area's traffic.

more commuter info

Helpful Links & Resources for Military PCS Relocation



Military Families Trivia

The 10 states with the highest populations of active military personnel include (in order): California, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Washington, Hawaii, South Carolina, and Colorado.

Military families move every two to three years. 


Find your installation and explore your next duty station

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