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Why you should hire a Dallas Buyer's Agent | Dallas Top Buyer's Agent

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Dallas Buyer's Agent

As you search for your Dallas home, it is important that you understand my role as a Buyer's Agent. In Dallas. A Buyer's Agent is exactly what it states - a real estate agent who represents only the Buyer. Texas laws have changed over the last several years. Buyer Agency has been introduced in order to better safeguard buyers' interests. In the old days, one agent often represented both the seller and the buyer in a transaction. This is known as Dual Agency and still exists, but is much less common.

When I represent you as your Dallas Buyer’s Agent, I work exclusively as your personal representative as you explore Dallas houses, Dallas condos or Dallas new construction. As your Dallas Buyer's Agent, my focus is to get you the best possible deal. I can save you thousands of dollars. My job is to negotiate the best price and most favorable terms for you. Any information that you share about your circumstances is kept strictly confidential. Your position in the negotiating process is never discussed with anyone but you! You have my undivided loyalty and I negotiate strictly on your behalf. Being on "your side" as your Buyer's Agent means not only informing you of positives, but also identifying the negatives of any property or transaction. My job is to help you make a fully informed decision based on the data I provide you and to help you make the best choices for you by avoiding any potential pitfalls.

Who Pays your Dallas Buyer's Agent?

One very important fact to remember about acting as your personal agent in Dallas is that I am generally paid by the Seller. Every transaction has two "halves" - the seller's side and the buyer's side. Through the Listing Agent's listing contract with the seller or builder, the commissions are pre-negotiated to be "split" between the "Listing Agent" (seller's agent) and your "Buyer's Agent". In effect, the Seller pays for my exclusive service to you as your Dallas Realtor. This has nothing to do with the sales price. Don't be misled into thinking you can get a better price if you don't have your own agent. All too often, especially with new construction, Buyers think that they will get a lower price by dealing directly with the seller or a builder. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, in many cases, the Buyer can end up paying a higher price by not having their own Buyer's Agent to represent them.

Our Role as a Buyer’s Agent in Dallas in New Construction

As a Dallas Buyer's Agent, I play one of my most important roles - representing families who are purchasing new construction. Many Buyers do not understand that the on-site agent at a new home model is acting as the Seller's agent and acts solely on behalf of the builder. They do not represent you. Their loyalty and fiduciary is to the Builder only. They must act honestly but their responsibility is to get the best deal for the Builder. Not only are you, the Buyer, entitled to have your own agent, you should absolutely have your own Dallas Realtor looking out for your interests - just as the Builder has a representative acting on their behalf. Remember, we are paid by the Builder so my services cost you nothing. Many builders will try to "Lock You In" to using only their agent by having you "Register" when you visit their sales office. By registering, you may be giving up your rights to a "Buyer's Agent" and any professional representation on any purchase. It is not a good idea to fall into this trap! Do not sign anything in the builder's office or even give them your last name (as they may attempt to register for you), unless your "Buyer's Agent" is actually present with you.

My Job As Your Dallas Buyer's Agent

"My job is to negotiate the best price and most favorable terms for you. Any information that you share about your circumstances is kept strictly confidential. Your position in the negotiating process is never discussed with anyone but you! You have my undivided loyalty!"

As a professional in the business, it is not my intention to simply pull lists of homes or tour a few properties, but rather to build a long term relationship with my clients. This relationship includes assistance with all aspects of real estate transactions from identifying quality properties, meeting and showing homes while pointing out all the NEGATIVE as well as positive aspects of each home, negotiating satisfactory terms in a purchase, support in locating the reputable lenders, inspectors, closing attorneys and other vendors necessary in completing any specific purchase and finally ensuring that everything is taken care of by accompanying the buyer to closing.

We're a Team!

There are many, many facets and responsibilities in a real estate transaction and every transaction is different. My team brings intelligence, honesty, knowledge and all the tools of technology to the table when our professional assistance is requested. Because of the substantial amount of time and effort that goes into thorough representation of our buyer clients, we must limit the number of buyers that we personally work with at any one time. For that reason, please contact us and based on your situation and our current schedule, we will either take you under our wing or have one of our adept associates take care of you for us. Either way, when working with a Realtor, we ask that you understand the highest level of service can only be provided with your cooperative effort. Share information openly & honestly and your agent will be able to take care of your needs.

With team attitude and team effort - we will help you find your dream home in Dallas!

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Learn more about buying a home in North Texas and the home-buying process on my website: See my Blog, my monthly newsletters for more details on North Texas real estate, housing markets, supply & demand levels and much more.

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How We Help You Buy a First Home

You need a top Dallas real estate agent & team to work hard for you and guide you through the process. Our Realtors are devoted to helping our clients find the right home, at the best price, and with a minimal amount of stress and disruption to their lives. Our goal is to find the home in Dallas that will make you happy and successful in real estate ownership.

When you hire us to help you buy your first home in Dallas metro area, we want to know what you want and how much you can afford. Your Top Dallas Real Estate Agent will find a way to merge these two priorities and find a residence you will enjoy owning for years. Starting with the first interview determining your requirements to the moment we present the keys to your first home, your Realtor will walk you through the complicated home-buying process. We will share our expertise to educate you on the market and the process of buying a home, so you will be prepared to make the best choices and feel comfortable with all of your decisions. Please contact us to find out more about how we can make the home buying process easier for you.

About us:

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