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Why Use a Dallas Buyer’s Real Estate Agent Instead of a Listing Agent? | Dallas Top Buyer's Agen

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Dallas Buyer's Agent

As a Dallas Realtor and a Dallas Buyer’s Agent, one of the most common questions I’m asked by buyers is “who pays the commission?”

A Buyer’s Agent is compensated by splitting the Listing Agent’s commission, so it costs you nothing.

So what does a Dallas Buyer’s Agent actually do, and why do I need one?

A well accomplished Realtor will be able to help you purchase a home in many ways you may not have thought about. First, a Buyer’s Agent is working for you and has your best interest in mind. Think of the relationship as having your own personal representation from someone who is going to guide you in the right direction and negotiate the best possible price on your behalf. While you, as a buyer are looking at all the bells and whistles, like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, your agent may notice little things that most buyers wouldn’t think of looking for. They will point things out about the home such as: Stains on the ceiling from possible water intrusion, stucco repairs to the outside, or termite damage. In addition to pointing out defects of a home, a good Buyer’s Agent will be able to explain in detail the terms of the contract and leave you with a “way out” should you decide not to proceed due to a home inspection that revealed issues, or if a home doesn’t appraise for the purchase price.

The Goal of a Listing Agent is to get the best possible price for the owner in the shortest period of time. A listing agent works for the seller and may not be able to disclose certain pertinent information to you, such as what the seller’s bottom line is, or what their motivation is for selling. A listing agent can also use the information you give them to relay your thoughts and feelings back to the seller. Let’s say you are really excited about a home and disclose this to the listing agent who showed you the home. You then decide to make an offer with the listing agent who knows you love the home. The listing agent will most likely tell the seller that they believe you will come up in price based on your emotional attachment to the house.

Good Questions to Ask a Realtor who is a Buyer’s Agent:

  • How much was the home listed for originally and how many price reductions were done?

  • How many days the home has been on the market?

  • Can you give me any history of the home in (MLS), Multiple Listing Service i.e. if it was listed prior with another Realtor and how much they were asking at that time?

  • Information about property taxes and how much they will go up next year?

  • What is Homestead Tax Exemptions and how does it work?

  • What is the neighborhoods popularity and where are the good schools?

  • What homes sold for in a particular neighborhood, called a Comparable Market Analysis.

  • Can I put more than one offer at the same time?

  • Are there any outstanding permits that have not been closed out?

If Real Estate Buyer’s Agents are free to use, why wouldn’t you want to use one?

Don’t pick the first agent you speak with, instead interview at least two agents to determine who is the right fit for you. You should also ask for recommendations from their past clients, and do a Google search for their name. You’d be surprised at what you can find out.

If you are thinking of purchasing a home and would like to be referred to a real estate agent in the Dallas metro area, you can contact us here.

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We're a Team!

There are many, many facets and responsibilities in a real estate transaction and every transaction is different. My team brings intelligence, honesty, knowledge and all the tools of technology to the table when our professional assistance is requested. Because of the substantial amount of time and effort that goes into thorough representation of our buyer clients, we must limit the number of buyers that we personally work with at any one time. For that reason, please contact us and based on your situation and our current schedule, we will either take you under our wing or have one of our adept associates take care of you for us. Either way, when working with a Realtor, we ask that you understand the highest level of service can only be provided with your cooperative effort. Share information openly & honestly and your agent will be able to take care of your needs.

With team attitude and team effort - we will help you find your dream home in Dallas!

See my article Why Use A Buyer's Agent.

Learn more about buying a home in North Texas and the home-buying process on my website: See my Blog, my monthly newsletters for more details on North Texas real estate, housing markets, supply & demand levels and much more.

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How We Help You Buy a First Home as Dallas Buyer's Agent

You need a top Dallas real estate agent & team to work hard for you and guide you through the process. Our Realtors are devoted to helping our clients find the right home, at the best price, and with a minimal amount of stress and disruption to their lives. Our goal is to find the home in Dallas that will make you happy and successful in real estate ownership.

When you hire us to help you buy your first home in Dallas metro area, we want to know what you want and how much you can afford. Your Top Dallas Real Estate Agent will find a way to merge these two priorities and find a residence you will enjoy owning for years. Starting with the first interview determining your requirements to the moment we present the keys to your first home, your Realtor will walk you through the complicated home-buying process. We will share our expertise to educate you on the market and the process of buying a home, so you will be prepared to make the best choices and feel comfortable with all of your decisions. Please contact us to find out more about how we can make the home buying process easier for you.

About us:

If you are a first time home buyer and planning to buy your first home in cities like Frisco,TX, Plano TX, McKinney TX, Allen TX, Plano TX, Coppell TX or Southlake TX, contact us. Our excellent New Builder Home Real Estate Services provided by top Real Estate Agents will make buying your first home much easier and will make your Dallas TX relocation less stressful! Check out our Dallas Relocation Resources at http://www.nitinguptadfw.com/dallas-relocation-real-estate-agent

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