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Best Neighborhoods: Where to Live in Dallas | Top Dallas Real Estate Agent

Comprehensive, fact-based best Dallas suburbs/best DFW places to live analysis. Compares various Dallas area suburbs livability, local schools, home prices.

Choosing a neighborhood in Dallas is a matter of finding the best fit for your lifestyle. Our Realtors are local experts who live across the Dallas area and one of our focuses is an intimate knowledge of Dallas neighborhoods.

Are top-rated schools or privacy a concern? Are city views or greenbelt views a priority (or both)? Will you be happiest situated a short commute from work in a vibrant urban area filled with street life, public transportation, coffee shops, parks, and restaurants? Would you trade walkability for a commute and more square footage and a large yard? Or do you want the best of both worlds? Whatever your needs, Luxury Homes Realtors of Dallas are here to help you find the best Dallas neighborhood for your lifestyle.

We are always available for a personal consultation and the advice a website sometimes can't offer. If you prefer to start the search on your own, the links below will take you to pages with more detailed information on the best communities of Dallas and direct links to real estate listings.


So, what makes one Dallas neighborhood better than another? There are numerous factors you need to consider before you make the final decision on where to relocate. While some of these factors are related directly to your child’s well-being, there are also those which affect your family as a whole. Some factors might be cost of the homes; school district ratings; shopping, entertainment and dining; commute times to work and airports and unique features of each area.Here are some other factors to keep in mind:

  • Safety - This is important for understandable reasons. It is essential to know how safe the neighborhood you are considering is.

  • Cost of living – Can you afford the area you are considering? Will your family budget suffice for all the unavoidable costs?

  • Job opportunities – Ideal neighborhoods of Dallas to raise a child in provide breadwinners with a decent chance to earn a substantial income.

  • Family-friendly amenities – What does the neighborhood offer to your family? Will it be difficult to adapt to the new surroundings?

  • Educational facilities – Since you are trying to determine ideal neighborhoods in Dallas to raise a child in, educational facilities play a vital role. Make sure your child gets ample opportunities to get premium-quality education at some of the best schools, colleges, or universities.

These suburbs will offer you and your family the best quality education, entertainment, quality foods, and most importantly security. For that reason, we've put together a list of the 15 best Dallas suburbs for your families in 2019

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