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Sometimes asking less will get you more for your luxury home in Dallas. A recent luxury home seller played lowball. He set his asking price below that of recent Dallas luxury home comparable sales – and he got six offers in four days! It sold over the list price and in line with the recent comparable sales. This unique strategy is all about creating a demand for your Dallas or Southlake luxury home. When the price is low, the demand increases and luxury home buyers, fearing the risk of loss, overbid to capture their prize. When you set the listing price of your luxury home, keep in mind the negotiating tactics and psychology that come into play. Most Dallas luxury home sellers overestimate the value of their home and many agents will start high to avoid hard feelings or just to get the seller’s business. This leads to luxury homes that languish on the market for months without any offer at all. Then when a luxury home buyer is interested they make a much lower offer because the luxury home has been sitting on the market so long. Sometimes the best strategy is to ask less and end up with more in a lot less time!

About us: Dallas Luxury Real Estate Agents

As top Dallas real estate agents, we take great pride in using our expertise, resources, and global connections to perfectly unite extraordinary places in a variety of lifestyle categories and price points. Discover why we are one of the most respected teams for buying and selling in the area Dallas. It is also important to highlight that luxury is an experience, not a set number. Price point does not define luxury. We provide the same elevated experience to every client. From sky residences in Downtown Dallas’ premier high rise buildings to distinguished properties throughout cities like Southlake and University Park, we offer real estate buyer and seller representation services that give our clients the edge when buying or selling real estate in Dallas metro area. Our commitment and daily dedication is to delivering a high level of expertise with extensive hyper local market knowledge, savvy negotiations and innovative technology.

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