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10 Best Cities Close to Dallas for Families: 2023 Suburbs Guide

Comprehensive, fact-based best Dallas suburbs/best DFW places to live analysis. Compares various Dallas area suburbs livability, local schools, home prices.

The vibrant North Texas cities of Dallas-Fort Worth are continuously attracting new residents, who are drawn to the city’s booming economy, affordable housing, jobs, and options for different ways of living. As a result, the Dallas metro area has experienced consistent population growth over the years, especially after the year 2010, at which point the city DFW gained 1,549,378 residents from 2010 through 2022. And from 2020 through 2029, DFW is projected to tack on another 1,393,623 residents And its growth has continued and multiple suburbs of Dallas Metro made it on Forbes’ list of America’s Fastest-Growing Cities in 2019.

If you are amongst the many people moving to the area, you may be in pursuit of a more laid-back suburb in which to settle. Thankfully, there are several exceptional suburbs surrounding Dallas, providing a sense of community, neighborhood conveniences, quiet streets and close proximity to major freeways. Take a look at the most popular suburbs of Dallas, each with its own unique set of characteristics and amenities. Keep reading to take a look at some of the best suburbs near Dallas.

The Most Popular Suburbs of Dallas Include:

For families with children, here are the cities with a peaceful suburban environment, great schools, and close-knit communities, while still offering all the desired amenities that the DFW area has to offer.

Of course, the best neighborhood for you may be different from any of these areas listed. With nearly 40 suburbs in the Dallas area, you are sure to find a neighborhood to match your “must-haves” list and narrow down your top choices. Contact us for an in-depth analysis of your needs and recommendations along with market reports of various neighborhoods!

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