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Planning to buy a New Construction Home in Dallas Metro, Fort Worth, Frisco, Prosper, McKinney, Celina, Melissa, Aubrey, Anna, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Austin or any other city in Texas?

We offer Flexible Pricing & Cash Back Options for New Construction Home Buyers In All Cities of Texas

We understand that different clients have different needs when it comes to buying a new construction home. Some home buyers need more help compared to our clients who have had experience with buying homes in the past. With this in mind, we offer  two pricing programs to serve your home buying needs including one with cashback rebate discounts:

  1. Basic Service

  2. Full Service

Basic Service

(Limited Service)

2.5% Cash back Service For New Construction Homes*

*Some restrictions apply. Program Valid From June 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019

(New Home Builder pays our commission)

When to use this service?

If you are willing to find a home you want to buy from the new home builders and are familiar with the new home construction process, this is a great option.


We will credit up to 2.5%  commission towards the closing costs. 


We will coordinate with title company to finalize the closing.



Click here for details

Full Service

No cashback or rebate

(New Home Builder pays our commission)

When to use this service?

Don't know where to start? Our full service agents are standing by to help you find the perfect property.


Work with a dedicated Agent who will have exclusive access to the newest properties on the market, you can be the first to present an offer, negotiate the best price and close the deal on the home of your dreams.

Home Search & Pricing
  • Setup Resale & New Construction Home Search on MLS

  • Tour Homes with you and meet builders/sales managers  

  • Research Property History

  • Obtain and Review Property Disclosures

  • Conduct Comparative Market Analysis & Provide CMA

  • Recommend Price & Negotiate with Builder


We will represent you as your buyers' agent and prepare/review the entire purchase agreement and contingencies. 

Home Design & Options:​
  • Recommend Upgrades, Lot & Floor plan Selection

  • Refer New Home Inspectors and Guide Phased New Home Inspection

  • Review the inspection reports 

  • Negotiate Repairs with Builder. 

  • Conduct Property Walk-through and address issues with Builder


  • We will guide you during inspection, appraisal and other processes.

Loans, Insurance & Closing:
  • Refer Lenders and help with the mortgage loan process

  • Refer Closing Title Company and review Title Costs & Paperwork

  • Provide lawyer reference as needed to review Title Commitment and Property Survey.

  • Refer Home Insurance Agents and Guide with Policy Selection

  • Coordinate with builder, lender, title and escrow team to finalize the closing

  • Review Title Company Borrower Statement and Lender Closing Disclosure.

  • Attend Closing

  • Coordinate Possession of Home After Closing

  • Find rental home/Prepare Temporary Leases, if needed

  • Refer Vendors, Contractors & Movers.

Click here for details

We work with ALL builders in the beautiful State of Texas!

Texas Realtor Rebate Cash Back When Buying a Home


Best realtor cash back at closing in Texas!

What is a homebuyer rebate?

Texas is a great state to buy or build a new home. Homebuyer rebates are not offered in every state, but Texas allows rebates, discounts and cashback to be offered legally to the buyers. This is just one of many great incentives available to smart homebuyers like you.

When a new home is built or sold in Texas, the realtor who represents the buyer typically makes a commission of 3% of the sales price of the home. We simply rebate the buyer 2.5% of the sales price of the home which comes from the commission the builder or seller pays the real estate broker. So a large part of the realtor’s commission is RETURNED back to you, the homebuyer. This applies to any new construction home; through any Texas home builder or contractor. The credit can either be applied to your closing costs, used to pay for upgrades, lot premiums, appliance packages, reducing the price of the home, buying down points for a better interest rate or with lender approval, as a check cut to you after closing. It is your choice! We offer you maximum possible cashback and rebate on new homes.

Basic Service - How to Get a 2.5% Rebate When Buying a New Home in Texas

The concept is simple: You do the work of identifying the new house you want to make an offer on, sign the purchase contract and work with the builder to design/construct your new home. Upon closing, you get back up to 2.5% commission. Our new home buyer rebate program is best in Texas!


New builder homes
  • They are the easiest to deal with!

  • The salesman gets paid the same whether you have an agent or not

  • They never object to paying a commission

  • You never get a discount for not having an agent.

So it’s crazy not to use us and get the rebate!   

All the major home builders have a policy of factoring in a 3% real estate commission into the price of every new home. Builders will not give any concession, rebate, or allowance of any portion of that 3% to a buyer without an agent.

The result is the buyer ends up paying exactly the same for the home whether he has an agent or not, and the salespeople get the same commission, whether or not you have a real estate agent. So, it makes no difference to them.

If you are buying a new home, you might as well have us as your buyer's agent and let us give you 2.5% commission as a rebate! Contact us  today before you visit the builder - Your Maximum Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas

LET US REWARD YOU WITH THE HIGHEST REBATE IN TEXAS!  Your Maximum Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor in Dallas, Houston, Austin & San Antonio

Call us any time if you have any questions -  contact us today - Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas for more information.

Commission Credits to Home Buyers From Agent In Texas


LET US REWARD YOU WITH THE HIGHEST REBATE IN TEXAS!  Your Maximum Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor in Dallas, Houston, Austin & San Antonio

We work with ALL builders in the beautiful state of Texas! If you are in another city like Austin, San Antonio or Houston, please contact us as you are also eligible for the new home buyer rebates and we can help you!  Your Maximum Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor in Dallas, Austin, Houston & San Antonio

For detailed information, contact Nitin Gupta – Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas Austin Houston & San Antonio

Full Service Home Buyer Program

For our full-service clients, we do it all. We research and often preview homes that suit your needs, and show you only the good ones. We handle negotiations and hold your hand from contract execution through closing. Our fee for this service is 3% of the sales price of the home, paid out of the seller’s proceeds at closing. All other terms mentioned above remain the same. Many of our buyers start as basic-service buyers and then convert to full service, and it’s perfectly fine. House hunting is a time consuming and at times frustrating process. Don’t be embarrassed to turn the whole thing over to us if you get frustrated.


Getting Started


The first step in the process is to schedule a home buyer consultation session. The purpose of this meeting is to make sure we like each other and to talk about the most seamless way to accomplish your goals. You will be asked to sign the Information About Brokerage Services document, as required by the Texas Real Estate Commission. This document simply discloses to you which party we represent.


What is Included in Full Service

Home Search & Pricing
  • Setup Resale & New Construction Home Search on MLS

  • Tour Homes (with guidance)

  • Research Property History

  • Obtain and Review Disclosures

  • Conduct Comparative Market Analysis & Provide CMA

  • Recommend Price & Negotiate with Builder


We will represent you as your buyers' agent and prepare/review the entire purchase agreement and contingencies.

Home Design & Options:​
  • Recommend Upgrades, Lot & Floorplan Selection


  • Refer New Home Inspectors and Guide Phased New Home Inspection

  • Negotiate Repairs with Builder. 

  • Conduct Property Walk-through and address issues with Builder


  • We will execute the inspection, appraisal and other contingencies for you.

Loans, Insurance & Closing:
  • Refer Lenders and help with the mortgage loan process

  • Refer Closing Title Company and review Title Costs & Paperwork

  • Provide lawyer reference for Review  of Title Commitment and Property Survey.  

  • Refer Insurance Agents and Guide with Policy Selection

  • Coordinate with builder, lender, title and escrow team to finalize the closing

  • Review Title Company Borrower Statement and Lender Closing Disclosure

  • Attend Closing

  • Supervise Possession

  • Find rental home/Prepare Temporary Leases, if needed

  • Refer Vendors, Contractors & Movers.

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Dallas New Home Rebate FAQ


What is Realtor Rebate Cash Back When Buying a Home in Texas?


What is  real estate commission new home rebate to buyer in Texas?


What is 2.5% rebate realtor in Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio Texas?


What exactly is this "Texas New Construction Discount", "Texas New Home Discount", "Texas New Build Discount", "Texas Builder Discount", "Texas New Construction Rebate", "Texas New Home Rebate", "Texas New Build Rebate", "Texas Builder Rebate", "Texas Realtor Rebate", "Texas Real Estate Agent Rebate", "Texas Commission Sharing Rebate", "Dallas Realtor Rebate",  "Dallas Real Estate Agent Rebate", "Dallas Commission Sharing Rebate", "Texas New Home Cashback" or "Texas New Home Rebate", "Texas maximum cashback realtor rebate", 

When we represent you in the purchase of any new home listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service),  as a part of our service, you will receive 2.5% of our commission from the commission we get paid by the seller's broker after closing.  

On the other hand, when selling your home and dealing with a Listing Agent, the discount is agreed upon before the listing takes place. Therefore the Listing Agent lowers the commission amount up front and states the lower cost of services on the Listing Agreement before any transaction takes place. So the discounting of services in this case do not necessitate that actual monies change hands.  Call me if you are looking for reliable Dallas Discount Real Estate or New Home Builder Rebates in Dallas or any other city in Texas.



What steps are needed before I visit a new home builder to get new home rebate in Texas?

  • Contact us to understand the rebate program and terms of rebate.

  • Review the Buyer FAQ and terms and conditions of our rebate program, including potential limitations lenders can impose on credits from sellers and realtors.  Call us with any questions or concerns. When you’re ready, simply contact us for the new homebuyer paperwork which includes the buyer representation agreement . We’ll send you documents for signature via DocuSign, giving you a contractual guarantee that we will pay your new Texas home rebate.

  • We will provide you our details that you can share with the sales representative at the sales office. Make sure that you register us as your Buyer's agent with the builder.

  • DON’T just show up at the model, sign in without an agent, and expect the builder to pay a realtor commission. That could be an expensive mistake!


Do I have to sign an agreement to receive a new home rebate?

Yes. A Buyer's Representation Agreement is required by law in order to receive a new construction builder rebate. The agreement provides protection to all parties by spelling out the terms of the rebate and the agency relationship in the transaction. Contact Nitin Gupta, REALTOR - maximum  Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas Austin Houston & San Antonio for more information.

How can I get new home rebate or maximum cash back on real estate purchase in Frisco, McKinney, Prosper, Celina, Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio or any other city in Texas? What are the steps once I have identified a new home for purchase?

  • Sign a buyer representation agreement with us which will include the terms of the rebate

  • Make sure that you register us as your Buyer's agent with the builder after signing this agreement..


  • Once you’ve picked a builder and community, find out what they expect from us as your buyer’s agent. Some builders expect us to be present when you sign the contract. Others want us to come by after you sign the contract to sign an addendum in person. Still other builders will accept our signature by email.  Let us know when we’re needed.

  • Work directly with the builder to build your home.,

So what's the catch?

There's no catch. There are no fees from you, the buyer, for our services to represent you as a buyer's agent.

Am I eligible for new home rebate, maximum cashback or discount in Dallas, Austin, Houston & San Antonio?

Purchasing a property through us - Nitin Gupta – Maximum Cashback  Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas can earn you a huge rebate from the gross commission paid to your agent. It’s easy. Just use us as your agent for your next home purchase and save thousands! This offer applies to any new home listed on MLS and most new construction properties.   There are some easy requirements to qualify for these rebates. If you are interested in qualifying for the rebate, speak with us prior to executing your Buyer’s Representation Agreement.  If you would just like an estimate of the rebate you qualify for, please contact us below and one of our agents will contact you shortly.


Why should I hire a realtor if I am buying a new home? Why can't I get the savings directly from the new home builders in Texas? Can't the builder reduce the home price in lieu of buyer's agent commission?

Real estate agents sell builder’s homes all the time and builders typically have the Realtor commission built into the home price in an effort to keep neighborhood prices consistent. They often can’t deduct the real estate commission if the buyer does not have an agent. Receiving a new home rebate is one of the best ways to maximize your savings!  

Who pays you?

The seller/builder pays us for finding a buyer for the property. Our payment is in the form of a commission based on the final sale price of the property. We in turn give a portion of our commission back to the buyer - Contact Nitin Gupta, REALTOR - New Home Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas Austin Houston & San Antonio for more information.

​Where is this new home Rebate coming from? Will it change the price of the house?

The sales price of the home remains the same. The home will cost the same to you as a buyer getting new home buyer discount cashback and rebate. By working with us as your exclusive buyers agent, you will receive up to 2%* of the sales price. If you approach the house for sale on your own, what happens is that listing agent simply keeps the entire 6%, as stated in the listing agreement. So having a buyer's agent to represent you doesn't change anything, except that it gives you an experienced professional on your side that has your best interest in mind. When a property is listed for sale, the seller typically pays 3% commission to the buyer's agent. Most real estate agents then keep all of the commission for themselves. When you use us - Nitin Gupta - New Home maximum Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas - as your exclusive buyer's agent and purchase a new construction home, we don't keep all of the commission - we give you 2.5% Cash Real Estate Rebate on your new construction home purchase,  By having us as your exclusive buyer's agent, you are assured of great negotiating skills to get the best price on your home, attention to details to ensure your transaction is completed and handled correctly, plus up to a 2.5%* Cash Rebate.


How are you able to give me such a large cash back or new home rebate in Dallas, Coppell, Irving, Frisco, Plano, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and other cities in Texas?

Our business model is to be a customer-centric, "lean" company. We don't believe in the massive offices and multiple layers of management that the large firms have. Since our commission is pre-determined and paid by the Seller's Broker, we keep a portion and give the rest back to you. Simply put, we know you'd rather have a real estate rebate over a gift basket.

How does your new home rebate compare to rebate offered by Redfin?

Our new Texas home rebate and cash back program is more rewarding than Redfin. E.g. for buying a $500,000 home, Redfin offers you around $2,545 rebate whereas we offer up to $12,500.

Why don't most Realtors offer new home buyer rebates?

A large majority of agents only have a few transactions a year, so giving a rebate is completely out of the question.

Is your new construction rebate guaranteed in writing?

Yes!  It will be mentioned in the Buyer Representation Contract that we encourage you to sign to protect your interests.

How can I use my new build rebate credit at closing?

With both your home builder’s and lender’s approval, you may be able to apply your new home rebate against any of the following:

  • Closing costs

  • Pre-paid expenses

  • One year of pre-paid HOA dues

  • Discount points to buy the interest rate down below market

  • Some builders and lenders may even allow you to apply it toward upgrades, the down payment, or the price of the home

Contact Nitin Gupta, REALTOR - New Home maximum Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas Austin Houston & San Antonio for more information.


Do you charge any upfront fees for new home rebate?

We never charge upfront fees. We never charge our buyers anything.  

Will I pay more for my new home if you represent me as a buyers agent?

NO! Your home will not cost you anymore whether you use us to represent you or you represent yourself. Builders typically pay a 3% commission to agents who bring them a buyer. But many buyers find it easy to shop for newly constructed homes on their own and don’t bother to enlist an agent. The irony is that the builder company policies require the price of the home to be the same whether the buyer uses the service of an agent or not. Compensation provided to the agent is recognized by the builder as a marketing cost and has no impact on the final price of the home. In fact, most builders expect and encourage agents to participate in their home sales. Otherwise, the builder simply pockets this unused expense. There is no discount or price reduction if you purchase your new home without an agent.

Can I visit new home communities on our own without you and still get new home rebate?

Yes, but you must officially be my client first to protect the commission and rebate. Once you return the signed Buyer Representation Agreement, our relationship is protected. You should also write my name down as your agent in their visitor log/card upon first entering their office. Contact Nitin Gupta, REALTOR - maximum Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas Austin Houston & San Antonio for more information.

I am already registered with or have been talking to a new home builder, can I still get a new home rebate?

The answer is most likely. A builder usually wants to know at the first meeting if you have a real estate agent representing you. If you have already visited a builder, they are not legally bound to compensate a real estate agent, since you are already a potential client. Usually, a builder will allow you to have an agent after you have made contact with them. Please contact us and we will discuss the best way to approach the builder in this situation.

I already signed a contract with a builder, can I still get the new home rebate?

No, unfortunately you cannot. On your first visit to the Builder’s model home/sales center, the builder needs to be notified that we are representing you as your Real Estate Agent. Once the builder has a signed  legal agreement, there is no obligation for them to change the terms of the agreement in order to pay commissions to a Real Estate Agent/REALTOR®.

Do you also represent the homebuilder?

No, we only represent you. You are our client, not the homebuilder.


Do I have to use a certain lender in order to get the buyer's cash back or new home construction rebate?

Of course not! Please use the lender of your choice. And we encourage you to shop and compare programs and rates. Get several estimates -- in writing and compare them!


Will you commit to the new home rebate, discount &  maximum cashback program in writing?

Yes. We will put the commitment in writing in the BUYER REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT that we both sign.  We will review this in detail and we will answer any questions that you might have.



What are  quick delivery homes or immediate delivery homes or spec homes?  Would I get a new construction home rebate if I bought one of these homes?

An immediate delivery home or a "spec home" is a brand new home that was customized for a particular buyer, but at some point during construction, the buyer backed out for whatever reason (financing fell through, loss of job, job transfers, death in the immediate family, medical problems, etc.)  These homes are typically loaded with many beautiful interior/exterior upgrades and are priced very low for quick sale. The bottom line is that the builder is stuck with a home that is completed, but they no longer have a buyer. In this scenario, the builder is highly motivated to sell these homes as quickly as possible, even if that means selling at a loss!!!

These homes represent the best value on the market if you can find them.  The problem is that most buyers (and agents) don’t even know about these homes because many are not advertised or listed on the MLS. However, we have developed a system and relationships for locating these new home bargains and can assist in helping you find one that meets your criteria. Yes, we offer new home rebate & cash back for immediate delivery homes.  


Can I still use your services if I already have a buyer's agent?

No, if you’ve signed an exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement then you will have to wait for that agreement to expire before you can use our services. If you did not sign an agency agreement but were shown a particular property by another agent, then you cannot use our services to purchase that property.  


Can I use your services if I’m purchasing an existing home?

Please contact us for various options if you are purchasing an existing home or a resale home.

Won’t I Be Able To Keep All Of The Buyer’s Side Commission If I Don’t Use A Realtor? 

No! Home Builder and real estate brokerages put in place a system of sharing commissions with each other to spur on cooperation in getting homes sold. If you do not use a Realtor to purchase your home, the listing broker is entitled to keep the entire commission. Not only will you not be able to receive a commission rebate, but without the assistance of a Realtor working on your behalf with pricing, negotiating and market research, you very well may end up paying more for the home. Remember, the listing agent is obligated by law to represent the interests of the Seller, not you


Are you familiar with good school districts in DFW and can you provide maximum cashback?

Nitin Gupta - Indian Desi maximum Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas - is very familiar with good school districts like Prosper ISD, McKinney ISD, Coppell ISD, Frisco ISD, Argyle ISD & Plano ISD.  


Do I pay taxes on my new home rebate?

We advise you to consult a professional tax attorney or CPA in regards to your personal tax obligations regarding your rebate if applicable.


Can investors buy more than one property and receive multiple rebates through your Texas New Construction Rebate & Discount program?

Yes investors can receive multiple rebates, it does not matter how many properties you buy.

Do we have to buy a home from a list of builders you do business with to be eligible for the Texas New Home discount & new construction rebate?

NO. We work with all the builders in state of Texas. If you are buying a new home in a state outside of Texas, please contact us and we will get you in touch with a great local agent who can help you!

A local builder is advertising thousands of dollars in discounts, a free appliance package, and will even pay my closing costs. Don't I lose all of this if the builder has to pay you a commission?

NO. The builders cannot pick and choose who qualifies for their advertised incentives. All buyers must be treated fairly and equally. You will receive any special deals they are offering in addition to the rebate. There are often times when we know about additional incentives that will save you even more money. Contact Nitin Gupta, REALTOR - New Home maximum Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas Austin Houston & San Antonio for more information.

Can you also help me sell my current home?

Yes, as a fully licensed agent in state of Texas I can also assist you with the sale of your current home. Start here -  FREE INSTANT HOME PRICE  - to find out the true value and suggested asking price of your home INSTANTLY for free! It’s fast, easy and 100% free. Just enter your address and instantly receive your home’s current value.

What does Active Option Pending status of a property mean in Texas?

The North Texas Realtor Association MLS uses several terms to show the status of a listing. Agent have 3 days to update status.

"Active" – ACT- Property is available for sale.


"Active Option" – OPTION - Property is available for showings and back-up contracts. Property is under contract with an option. Once the option expires, the status must be changed.

"Active Contingent" – CONT- Property is available for showings and back-up contracts. Property is under contract with a contingency. Contingencies are not limited to Sale of Other Property, they can be almost anything. Typical contingencies include, sale of other property, lender approval required (as in a short sale), financing and inspections. It is appropriate to use this status until all contingencies have been met. This could potentially go right up until closing in the case of financing.

"Active Kick Out" - KO - Property is available for showings and back-up contracts. Property is under contract with a Contingency for Sale of Other Property with a Kick Out Provision. It is appropriate to use this status until the contingency has been met.


"Pending" – PND - Property is under contract with no more showings.  


"Temporarily Off the Market" – TOM - This status should be used when the owner does not want showings for a brief time during this listing. This could be due to repair or remodel, owner illness, or other reasons. The expectation is that this is a temporary situation, and the listing will be returned to Active or some other status after a brief period.  


"Withdrawn" – WTH - Property is no longer available for showings and is effectively off the market. The listing still belongs to the listing broker until it expires. It is not available to be listed by another broker until it expires. This status is typically used when the seller decides not to sell the home, and the broker does not want to release the listing until it expires.  

"Expired" – EXP - The status automatically changes to expired when the listing expires (based on the expiration data entered into MLS by the listing broker).  


"Cancelled" - CANC - The seller and listing broker agree to terminate the listing, and the listing is then cancelled in MLS. This is an UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE of the listing, and it can then be listed by another broker in the MLS.  


"Sold" - Property has been sold. All status changes must be made in the MLS within 3 days.


Buyers should focus on Active listings. Active – no offer has yet been accepted. Seller may already be considering offers. Option Pending – the seller has recently accepted a contract and the buyer is conducting inspections during a due diligence “option” period of approximately 7-10 days during which the buyer has an unrestricted right (option) to terminate the contract. There is a roughly 10-20% chance the buyer may back out of the contract during the option period. 

What should I do to get the most out of the Dallas New Home Rebate program?

We encourage our buyers to search homes online. Buyers can search for new homes  and resale homes on Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, or the website of your choice. We can also set the buyer up on an automated search directly through the MLS. This will email the buyer automated notifications for new listings that meet their search criteria. We also encourage buyers to drive by homes of interest. Many homes can be weeded out based just on the exterior or location.  

Does the Texas New Construction Rebate program apply only to new home construction?

Yes it applies to new home communities. Buyer Rebates Realty must be your "registered" Realtor at the new home community in order for us to get paid a commission and then in turn, to be able to pay you a new home rebate. When you visit the community, be sure to tell the community / builder site agent that we told you about the community and that we are your real estate agent. This is especially important if you complete a community / builder registration form.  


Can you help me find a Vastu compliant home and provide new home rebate?

Yes, Nitin Gupta works very closely with Desi Indian community in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Nitin has lived with his family in the metroplex for several years and is very familiar with areas  like Southlake, Frisco, Plano & Coppell  - cities with good school districts - and adjoining areas such as Valley Ranch, Irving, Flower Mound, Southlake, Allen, Mckinney, Prosper & Little Elm. For more information on different areas of DFW contact Nitin Gupta – Indian Desi maximum Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas 

Does the rebate program apply to homes on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?


Yes it does. However, if another agent shows you the inside a home, chances are that home will not qualify for a rebate. (An exception to that rule is an open house; so long as you tell the other agent at the open house that you are already working with us, the rebate program will still apply.) You can also do "drive-bys" to check out the exterior of houses and neighborhoods but when you want to see inside a home, be sure to call us and see it with us.

Cities in Texas where New Home Buyer Rebate Cashback Discount program is available are:


 Abbott, Abilene, Addison, Alba, Albany, Aledo, Allen, Alvarado, Alvord, Anna, Annetta, Anson, Aquilla, Argyle, Arlington, Aspermont, Athens, Aubrey, Aurora, Avalon, Azle, Bailey, Baird, Balch Springs, Bardwell, Barry, Bartonville, Bedford, Bells, Ben Franklin, Ben Wheeler, Benbrook, Blair, Blooming Grove, Blue Mound, Blue Ridge, Bluff Dale, Blum, Bonham, Boyd, Bradshaw, Brashear, Brashear, Bridgeport, Buffalo Gap, Burleson, Bynum, Caddo Mills, Callisburg, Campbell, Celina, Canton, Carrollton, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Celeste, Celina, Chat, Chatfield, Chico, Cleburne, Clifton, Clyde, Colleyville, Collinsville, Combine, Commerce, Como, Como, Cool, Coolidge, Cooper, Copeville, Coppell, Copper Canyon, Corinth, Corinth, Corsicana, Covington, Crandall, Cranfills Gap, Cresson, Cross Plains, Crossroads, Crowley, Cumby, Cumby, Dallas, Dallas, Dalworthington Gardens, Dawson, De Soto, Decatur, Denison, Dennis, Denton, Dike, Dike, Dodd City, Dorchester, Double Oak, Dublin, Duncanville, East Tawakoni, Ector, Edgecliff Village, Edgewood, Elmo, Enchanted Oaks, Enloe, Ennis, Era, Eula, Euless, Eureka, Eustace, Everman, Fairfield, Fairview, Farmers Branch, Farmersville, Fate, Ferris, Flower Mound, Forest Hill, Forney, Forreston, Fort Worth, Frisco, Frost, Fruitvale, Gainesville, Garland, Garrett, Glen Rose, Glenn Heights, Gober, Godley, Gordonville, Granbury, Grand Prairie, Grand Saline, Grandview, Grapevine, Greenville, Gun Barrel City, Gunter, Hackberry, Haltom City, Hamby, Hamlin, Happy Valley, Haslet, Hawk Cove, Hawley, Heath, Hebron, Hickory Creek, Highland Park, Highland Village, Hillsboro, Honey Grove, Howe, Hubbard, Hudson Oaks, Hurst, Hutchins, Impact, Iredell, Irene, Irving, Italy, Itasca, Ivanhoe, Josephine, Joshua, Justin, Kaufman, Keene, Keller, Kemp, Kennedale, Kerens, Kirvin, Klondike, Kopperl, Krugerville, Krum, Ladonia, Laguna Park, Lake Bridgeport, Lake Creek, Lake Dallas, Lake Kiowa, Lake Worth, Lakeside, Lakewood Village, Lancaster, Larue, Lavon, Lawn, Leonard, Lewisville, Lillian, Lindsay, Lingleville, Lipan, Little Elm, Log Cabin, Lone Oak, Lowry Crossing, Lucas, Lueders, Mabank, Mabank, Malakoff, Malone, Mansfield, Maypearl, McCaulley, McKinney, Melissa, Meridian, Merit, Merkel, Mesquite, Mexia, Midlothian, Mildred, Milford, Millsap, Montalba, Montalba, Morgan, Morgan Mill, Mount Calm, Muenster, Murchison, Murphy, Nemo, Nevada, New Fairview, New Hope, Newark, Noodle, North Richland Hills, Northlake, Oak Leaf, Oak Point, Oak Valley, Old Glory, Ovalo, Ovilla, Palmer, Pantego, Paradise, Parker, Peacock, Peaster, Pecan Hill, Pelican Bay, Pickton, Pickton, Pilot Point, Plano, Point, Ponder, Poolville, Potosi, Pottsboro, Powell, Poynor, Princeton, Princeton, Prosper, Purdon, Putnam, Quinlan, Quitman, Radium, Rainbow, Randolph, Ravenna, Red Oak, Rhome, Rice, Rice, Richardson, Richland, Richland Hills, Rio Vista, River Oaks, Roanoke, Rochester, Rockwall, Roscoe, Rosser, Rosston, Rotan, Rowlett, Royse City, Rule, Runaway Bay, Sachse, Sadler, Saginaw, Sanger, Sansom Park, Savoy, Scurry, Seagoville, Seven Points, Shady Shores, Sherman, Slidell, Southlake, Southmayd, Springtown, St. Paul, Stamford, Stephenville, Stith, Streetman, Sulphur Bluff, Sulphur Bluff, Sulphur Springs, Sulphur Springs, Sunnyvale, Sweetwater, Talty, Teague, Telephone, Terrell, The Colony, Tolar, Tom Bean, Trent, Trenton, Trinidad, Trophy Club, Tuscola, Tuxedo, Tye, University Park, Valley View, Van, Van Alstyne, Venus, Walnut Springs, Watauga, Waxahachie, Weatherford, West Tawakoni, Westlake, Westminster, Weston, Westover Hills, Westworth Village, White Settlement, Whitesboro, Whitewright, Whitney, Willow Park, Wills Point, Wilmer, Windom, Winnsboro, Wolfe City, Wortham, Wylie, Wylie, Yantis

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Enterprise home builders •  Mt. Pleasant, TX home builders •  Muenster, TX home builders •  Nacagdoches home builders •  Nederland home builders •  Needville home builders •  New Boston, TX home builders •  New Braunfels, home builders •  Newton home builders •  Odem home builders •  Onalaska home builders •  Orange home builders •  Orange Grove home builders •  Ore City home builders •  Ovilla home builders •  Palestine, TX home builders •  Palmer home builders •  Palo Pinto home builders •  Pearland, TX home builders •  Pearsall, TX home builders •  Pharr, TX home builders •  Pilot Point home builders •  Pipe Creek, TX home builders •  Pittsburg, TX home builders •  Plano home builders •  Pleasanton, TX home builders •  Poetry, TX home builders •  Port Arthur home builders •  Port Lavaca home builders •  Port Neches home builders •  Portland home builders •  Poteet, Texas home builders •  Pottsboro home builders •  Princeton home builders •  Prosper home builders •  Quinlan, Texas home builders •  Quitman, TX home builders •  Randolph AFB home builders •   •  Red Oak home builders •  Rice, TX home builders •  Richland, TX home builders •  Richmond, TX custom builders •  Rio Grande Valley home builders •  Robstown home builders •  Rockdale, Texas home builders •  Rockport home builders •  Rockwall, TX home builders •  Roma, TX custom home builders •  Rosenberg, TX home builders •  Round Rock, Texas home builders •  Rowlett, TX home builders •  Royse City home builders •  Rusk, Texas home builders •  Sabinal, TX home builders •  San Antonio home builders •  San Benito, TX home builders •  San Augustine, TX home builders •  San Juan, TX home builders •  San Marcos home builders •  Sattler, TX home builders •  Schertz, Texas home builders •  Scurry home builders •  Sealy, Texas home builders •  Seguin, TX home builders •  Selma, Texas home builders •  Seven Points home builders •  Shepherd home builders •  Sherman, Texas home builders •  Shiner home builders •  Silsbee home builders •  Sinton, Texas home builders •  Somerset, TX home builders •  Sour Lake home builders •  So. 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All New Home Builders in Texas Are Eligible for New Home Purchase Discount -  Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas

Here are some of the popular builders but we provide rebate for all new construction builders in Texas!

Ashton Woods •   •  Bowen Homes •   •  Centex Homes •   •  Coventry Homes •   •  Diamond Homes •   •  Engle Homes •   •  Gehan Homes •   •  Green Hill Homes •   •  Holiday Builders •   •  KB Home •   •  Landstar Homes Frisco/Allen •   •  Mercedes Homes Ft. Worth •   •  Park Place Builders •   •  Portrait Homes •   •  Ryland Homes •   •  Standard Pacific Homes •   •  Wall Homes •   •  Beazer Homes •   •  Cambridge Homes •   •  Cheldan Homes •   •  Darling Homes •   •  Drees Homes •   •  First Texas Homes •   •  Goodman Custom Homes •   •  Hammonds Homes •   •  Horizon Homes •   •  Dallas Legacy Homes •   •  Lennar Homes •   •  Monterey Homes •   •  Partners in Building •   •  Pulte Homes •   •  Sharif Munir Custom Homes •   •  Stonewood •   •  William Ryan Homes •   •  David Weekly Homes •   •  Classic Homes of Texas •   •  Cary Clark Homes •   •  Blue Green Communities •   •  D.R. Horton •   •  Fox & Jacobs •   •  Grand Homes •   •  Ft. Worth Legacy •   •  Mercedes Homes Dallas •   •  Meritage Homes •   •  Perry Homes •   •  Richmond American Homes •   •  Sotherby Homes • UnionMain Homes  •  Trophy Signature Homes •  Union Main Homes •  American Legend Homes •   •  Antares Homes •  GFO Homes •  Bloomfield Homes •   •  Cheldan Homes •   •  Choice Homes •   •  DR Horton •   •  Gehan Homes •   •  Highland Homes • Partners In Building  •  History Maker Homes •   •  Holiday builders •   •  J Houston Homes •   CB JENI Homes•  Jim Walter Homes •   •  K B Homes •   •  K Hovnanian Homes •   •  Newmark Homes •   •  Noble Classic Homes •   •  Royalty Homes •   •  Ryland Homes •   •  Standard Pacific Homes •   •  Summit Country Homes •   •  Wall Homes •   •  William Ryan Homes •   •  Woodhaven homes •   •  Wilshire Homes •   •  Ashton Woods •   •  Bowen Homes •   •  Centex Homes •   •  Coventry Homes •   •  Diamond Homes •   •  Engle Homes •   •  Gehan Homes •   •  Green Hill Homes •   •  Holiday Builders •   •  KB Home •   •  Landstar Homes Frisco/Allen •   •  Mercedes Homes Ft. Worth •   •  Park Place Builders •   •  Portrait Homes •   •  Ryland Homes •   •  Standard Pacific Homes •   •  Wall Homes •   •  Beazer Homes •   •  Cambridge Homes •   •  Cheldan Homes •   •  Darling Homes •   •  Drees Homes •   •  First Texas Homes •   •  Goodman Custom Homes •   •  Hammonds Homes •   •  Horizon Homes •   •  Dallas Legacy Homes •   •  Lennar Homes •   •  Monterey Homes •   •  Partners in Building •   •  Pulte Homes •   •  Sharif Munir Custom Homes •   •  Stonewood •   •  William Ryan Homes •   •  David Weekly Homes •   •  Classic Homes of Texas •   •  Cary Clark Homes •   •  Blue Green Communities •   •  D.R. Horton •   •  Fox & Jacobs •   •  Grand Homes •   •  Highland Homes •   •  K Hovnanian Homes •   •  Ft. Worth Legacy •   •  Mercedes Homes Dallas •   •  Meritage Homes •   •  Perry Homes •   •  Richmond American Homes •   •  Sotherby Homes •   •  Trophy Homes •   •  Woodhaven Homes •   •  DR Horton  •   •  Lennar Corp.  •   •  PulteGroup  •   •  NVR  •   •  KB Home  •   •  Taylor Morrison  •   •  Meritage Homes  •   •  Toll Brothers  •   •  Century Communities  •   •  LGI Homes  •   •  M.D.C. Holdings  •   •  M/I Homes  •   •  Beazer Homes  •   •  Hovnanian Enterprises  •   •  TRI Pointe Group  •   •  David Weekley Homes •   •  Habitat for Humanity International •   •  Ashton Woods Homes •   •  Clayton Properties Group •   •  Shea Homes •   •  Mattamy Homes •   •  Highland Homes •   •  Perry Homes •   •  Dan Ryan Builders •   •  Brookfield Residential Properties •   •  The Related Group •   •  Drees Homes •   •  Fischer Homes •   •  The Villages of Lake Sumter •   •  Mungo Homes •   •  MHI-McGuyer Homebuilders •   •  True Homes •   •  Stanley Martin Homes •   •  Dream Finders Homes •   •  Bloomfield Homes •   •  Chesmar Homes •   •  Smith Douglas Homes •   •  First Texas Homes •   •  Green Brick Partners  •   •  GL Homes •   •  Epcon Communities •   •  Long Lake Ltd. •   •  Neal Communities •   •  Eastwood Homes •   •  Betenbough Homes •   •  Great Southern Homes •   •  Minto Communities •   •  HistoryMaker Homes •   •  Highland Homes •   •  Robson Communities •   •  American Legend Homes •   •  Milestone Community Builders •   •  Essex Homes Southeast •   •  Stylecraft Builders •   •  H&H Homes •   •  Ole South Properties •   •  Rocklyn Homes •   •  HHHunt Corp. •   •  Ball Homes •   •  Saratoga Homes •   •  Van Metre Cos. •   •  John Houston Custom Homes •   •  Westin Homes •   •  Anglia Homes •   •  Homes by Westbay •   •  Caviness and Cates Communities •   •  ICI Homes •   •  Signature Homes •   •  Bill Clark Homes •   •  Kerley Family Homes •   •  Knight Homes •   •  Park Square Homes •   •  United Built Homes •   •  Home Creations •   •  Eastbrook Homes •   •  Grand Homes •   •  Pacesetter Homes •   •  William Ryan Homes •   •  Arthur Rutenberg Homes •   •  13th Floor Homes •   •  Crescent Homes •   •  San Joaquin Valley Homes •   •  Newmark Homes Houston •   •  Tilson Home Corp. •   •  Comstock Homes •   •  Camden Homes •   •  Edward Andrews Homes •   •  Regency Homebuilders •   •  Flagship Homes •   •  Stone Martin Builders •   •  Hubble Homes •   •  Ideal Homes •   •  Regent Homes •   •  Williams Homes •   •  Altura Homes •   •  Wathen Castanos Homes •   •  Frontier Communities •   •  The Olson Co. •   •  Viera Builders •   •  Level Homes •   •  The Warmington Group •   •  Fieldstone Homes •   •  Miller and Smith •   •  Granite Ridge Builders •   •  SK Builders •   •  The Jones Co. of Tennessee/Consort Homes •   •  Beechwood Homes •   •  Charter Homes and Neighborhoods •   •  Hakes Brothers •   •  Chesapeake Homes •   •  Geonerco Group •   •  Berks Homes •   •  Landon Homes •   •  Southern Homes of Polk County •   •  Elliott Homes •   •  Devon Street Homes •   •  Keystone Homes •   •  Simmons Homes •   •  Dorn Homes •   •  Payne Family Homes •   •  Traditions of America •   •  Shaddock Homes •   •  Colina Homes •   •  Hills Properties/Inverness Homes •   •  Hubbell Homes •   •  Pacific Communities Builder •   •  Truland Homes •   •  New Tradition Homes •   •  Grayhawk Homes •   •  A. Sydes Construction •   •  Cornerstone Communities •   •  Eagle Construction of Virginia •   •  Van Daele Homes •   •  SeaGate Homes •   •  Capstone Homes •   •  Greenstone Homes •   •  Liberty Home Builders •   •  Lokal Homes •   •  Our Country Homes •   •  Main Street Homes •   •  Stonehollow Homes •   •  McKee Homes •   •  Baldwin & Sons •   •  Silverstone Communities •   •  Windsor Homes •   •  Greenland Homes •   •  Stoneridge Homes •   •  Insight Homes •   •  First America Homes •   •  Mandalay Homes •   •  Palo Verde Homes •   •  Robert Thomas Homes •   •  Davidson Homes •   •  Legacy Homes of Alabama •   •  PSW Real Estate •   •  Boulder Creek Neighborhoods •   •  Braselton Homes •   •  Esperanza Homes •   •  Saussy Burbank •   •  Craftmark Group •   •  Florsheim Homes •   •  Sumeer Homes •   •  Kendall Homes •   •  Tropicana Homes •   •  Landmark Homes •   •  Empire Communities •   •  Garman Homes •   •  Reliant Homes •   •  StyleCraft Homes •   •  Sabal Homes •   •  Riverwood Homes •   •  Tim O'Brien Homes •   •  Manuel Builders •   •  Bonadelle Neighborhoods •   •  Robertson Brothers Homes •   •  Stock Development •   •  Pratt Home Builders •   •  Marrano Homes/Marc Equity Corp. •   •  Homes By Dickerson •  


New Home Rebates Are Available In The Following Texas Cities


Abilene •  Addison •  Alamo •  Alice •  Allen •  Alton •  Alvin •  Amarillo •  Andrews •  Angleton •  Arlington •  Atascocita •  Athens •  Austin •  Azle •  Balch Springs •  Bay City •  Baytown •  Beaumont •  Bedford •  Beeville •  Bellaire •  Belton •  Benbrook •  Big Spring •  Boerne •  Bonham •  Borger •  Brenham •  Brownsville •  Brownwood •  Brushy Creek •  Bryan •  Burkburnett •  Burleson •  Canyon •  Canyon Lake •  Carrollton •  Cedar Hill •  Cedar Park •  Channelview •  Cibolo •  Cleburne •  Clute •  College Station •  Colleyville •  Conroe •  Converse •  Coppell •  Copperas Cove •  Corinth •  Corpus Christi •  Corsicana •  Crowley •  Dallas •  Deer Park •  Del Rio •  Denison •  Denton •  DeSoto •  Dickinson •  Donna •  Dumas •  Duncanville •  Eagle Pass •  Edinburg •  El Campo •  El Paso •  Elgin •  Ennis •  Euless •  Farmers Branch •  Flower Mound •  Forest Hill •  Forney •  Fort Hood •  Fort Worth •  Fredericksburg •  Freeport •  Fresno •  Friendswood •  Frisco •  Gainesville •  Galena Park •  Galveston •  Garland •  Gatesville •  Georgetown •  Glenn Heights •  Grand Prairie •  Grapevine •  Greenville •  Groves •  Haltom City •  Harker Heights •  Harlingen •  Henderson •  Hereford •  Hewitt •  Hidalgo •  Highland Village •  Horizon City •  Houston •  Humble •  Huntsville •  Hurst •  Hutto •  Irving •  Jacinto City •  Jacksonville •  Katy •  Keller •  Kerrville •  Kilgore •  Killeen •  Kingsville •  Kyle •  La Marque •  La Porte •  Lake Jackson •  Lakeway •  Lancaster •  Laredo •  League City •  Leander •  Leon Valley •  Levelland •  Lewisville •  Little Elm •  Live Oak •  Lockhart •  Longview •  Lubbock •  Lufkin •  Lumberton •  Mansfield •  Marshall •  McAllen •  McKinney •  Mercedes •  Mesquite •  Midland •  Midlothian •  Mineral Wells •  Mission •  Mission Bend •  Missouri City •  Mount Pleasant •  Murphy •  Nacogdoches •  Nederland •  New Braunfels •  North Richland Hills •  Odessa •  Orange •  Palestine •  Pampa •  Paris •  Pasadena •  Pearland •  Pflugerville •  Pharr •  Plainview •  Plano •  Port Arthur •  Port Lavaca •  Port Neches •  Portland •  Richardson •  Richmond •  Rio Grande City •  Robinson •  Robstown •  Rockwall •  Roma •  Rosenberg •  Round Rock •  Rowlett •  Sachse •  Saginaw •  San Angelo •  San Antonio •  San Benito •  San Juan •  San Marcos •  Santa Fe •  Schertz •  Seabrook •  Seagoville •  Seguin •  Sherman •  Snyder •  Socorro •  South Houston •  Southlake •  Spring •  Stafford •  Stephenville •  Sugar Land •  Sulphur Springs •  Sweetwater •  Taylor •  Temple •  Terrell •  Texarkana •  Texas City •  The Colony •  The Woodlands •  Timberwood Park •  Tomball •  Tyler •  Universal City •  University Park •  Uvalde •  Vernon •  Victoria •  Vidor •  Waco •  Watauga •  Waxahachie •  Weatherford •  Webster •  Weslaco •  West University Place •  White Settlement •  Wichita Falls •  Wylie •   Houston •  San Antonio •  Dallas •  Austin •  Fort Worth •  El Paso •  Arlington •  Corpus Christi •  Plano •  Laredo •  Lubbock •  Garland •  Irving •  Amarillo •  Grand Prairie •  McKinney •  Frisco •  Brownsville •  Pasadena •  Killeen •  McAllen •  Mesquite •  Midland •  Denton •  Waco •  Carrollton •  Round Rock •  Abilene •  Pearland •  Richardson •  Sugar Land •  Beaumont •  The Woodlands (CDP)[5] •  College Station •  Odessa •  Lewisville •  League City •  Tyler •  Wichita Falls •  Allen •  San Angelo •  Edinburg •  Conroe •  Bryan •  Mission •  New Braunfels •  Longview •  Pharr •  Flower Mound •  Baytown •  Cedar Park •  Temple •  Atascocita (CDP) •  Missouri City •  Georgetown •  North Richland Hills •  Mansfield •  Victoria •  Rowlett •  Harlingen •  Pflugerville •  San Marcos •  Spring (CDP) •  Euless •  Port Arthur •  Grapevine •  DeSoto •  Galveston •  New Braunfels   •  Cibolo  •  Converse   •  Schertz   •  Seguin  •  Timberwood Park  •  Boerne •  Canyon Lake •  Leon Valley •  Live Oak •  Pleasanton •  Selma •  Universal City •  Alamo Heights •  Bulverde •  Fair Oaks Ranch •  Floresville •  Helotes •  Hondo •  Kirby •  Lackland AFB •  Lakehills •  Terrell Hills •  Windcrest •  Balcones Heights •  Castle Hills •  Castroville •  Charlotte •  China Grove •  Comfort •  Cross Mountain •  Devine •  Elmendorf •  Garden Ridge •  Hill Country Village •  Hollywood Park •  Jourdanton •  LaCoste •  La Vernia •  Lake Dunlap •  Lytle •  Marion •  McQueeney •  Medina •  Natalia •  Nixon (partial) •  Northcliff (former) •  Olmos Park •  Poteet •  Poth •  Randolph AFB •  Redwood •  Sandy Oaks •  Scenic Oaks •  Shavano Park •  Somerset •  St. Hedwig •  Stockdale •  Von Ormy •  Bandera •  Christine •  Geronimo •  Grey Forest •  Kingsbury •  New Berlin •  Santa Clara •  Spring Branch •  Staples •  Zuehl •  Adkins •  Amphion •  Atascosa •  Bandera Falls •  Bergheim •  Carpenter •  D'Hanis •  Dunlay •  Fischer •  Kicaster •  Leming •  Leon Springs •  Losoya •  Macdona •  Mico •  Pearson •  Pandora •  Pipe Creek •  Rio Medina •  Saspamco •  Sayers •  Sutherland Springs •  Tarpley •  Vanderpool •  Waring •  Welfare •  Yancey •  


We have some great resources on our website for finding out more about neighborhoods, schools, or a particular property. Browse various communities in DFW metro area here and get familiar with the information available. If you have any questions, please contact Nitin Gupta – Cashback Rebate Discount Realtor Dallas Austin Houston & San Antonio

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