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Learn about how to buy a vastu compliant home in Dallas >>>

Get answers to commonly asked questions about how to build a vaastu compliant home in DFW including McKinney, Prosper, Celina, Frisco

Dallas Vastu Compliant Home Building Process & DFW Vastu Home Builders - DFW Real Estate


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Best Custom Home Builders


Cost To Build A Custom Home

mediterranean style homes custom home builder dallas top realtor broker real estate agent

Custom Home Building Process

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Custom Home Builder FAQs

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Popular Architectural Styles

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Construction Loans Basics

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Custom Home Ideas


Let us help you find a good vastu compliant home builder in Dallas, TX if you are ready to build a vaastu compliant home.

How is building a vastu home different from building a new home with a builder?


A vastu home can be quite different from what’s known as a production home or a tract home.

A production home is constructed by a company that offers its customers a selection of floor plans, exteriors, layouts, and interior design elements. The customer selects one of the designs to go on a lot, often in a "master-planned community" filled with other homes using that slate of designs.




A vastu home is either designed and built from scratch. Or we can help you identify a highly compliant new home and provide you vastu remedies to make it 100% vastu compliant.


The vastu remediation for your new home is entirely custom to you based on your astrological profile and your lot, and every inch of the home is built to meet your vastu requirements. Collaboration between yourself, your new home builder, architect, and vastu consultant results in a truly one-of-a-kind home that brings in positive energy.  



About Vastu

About vastu shastra. Deep knowledge on vastu basics.

Vastu Principles

Discovering ancient Principles & Practices and Interpreting the value

Construction Vastu

Preparing a Land for Construction Before Starting Construction

Vastu Tips For Buying Plot

Some Helpful Learning Guides When Acquiring Plots or Lands.

Vastu Interior Design

Vastu Tips for Furniture Placement and Home Decore

Vastu for Home

Basic Vastu for House to Kept in Mind While Construction.

Vastu for Bedroom

Bed habits, Vastu Room Size, Norms and Decors

Vastu for Dining & Kitchen

Dining Room Vastu & Kitchen Room Vastu

About Vastu

Vastu Shastra, often referred to as the "science of architecture," is an ancient Indian discipline that delves into the design and layout of physical structures. Rooted in traditional Hindu and, to some extent, Buddhist beliefs, Vastu Shastra is more than just architectural guidelines; it's a philosophy that integrates nature, architecture, and well-being. Let's delve deep into the basics of this age-old knowledge.

Origins and Historical Context

The term 'Vastu Shastra' is derived from two Sanskrit words: 'Vastu,' which means 'dwelling' or 'house,' and 'Shastra,' which means 'science' or 'discipline.' Its origins can be traced back to ancient Indian scriptures called the Vedas, particularly the Atharva Veda, which contains verses related to the construction of buildings.


The Five Elements (Panchabhootas)

Central to Vastu Shastra is the concept of the Panchabhootas, or the five fundamental elements:

  1. Prithvi (Earth): Represents stability and strength. Vastu emphasizes the importance of the Earth's magnetic field and how it affects human well-being.

  2. Jal (Water): Symbolizes flow and fluidity. It's associated with prosperity and wealth in Vastu.

  3. Agni (Fire): Represents energy and passion. In Vastu, the correct placement of the kitchen and the direction of cooking are determined based on this element.

  4. Vayu (Air): Symbolizes life and health. Proper ventilation and the placement of windows and doors are crucial in Vastu to ensure a home receives the right amount of air.

  5. Akash (Space): Represents the vastness and the universe. Vastu considers the space element to ensure harmony and balance in a structure.


Directions in Vastu

Vastu Shastra places immense importance on the cardinal directions:

  • North (Uttara): Ruled by the deity Kuber, the lord of wealth. It's considered auspicious for financial prosperity.

  • South (Dakshina): Represents death and decay. Vastu recommends limited openings in the south to prevent the loss of positive energies.

  • East (Purva): Ruled by the solar deity, Aditya, it's associated with health and family's prosperity.

  • West (Paschima): Represents materialistic gain and prosperity.

  • Northeast (Ishanya): A sacred direction, it's the junction of North and East and is ideal for prayer rooms.

  • Southeast (Agneya): The junction of South and East, it's associated with the fire element and is ideal for kitchens.

  • Northwest (Vayavya): Ruled by the air element, it's associated with change and movement.

  • Southwest (Nairuthi): Represents the Earth element and is considered the most stable direction.

Vastu Purusha Mandala

The Vastu Purusha Mandala is a metaphysical square plan that serves as a blueprint for a plot's layout, whether it's for a building, room, or any other architectural entity. It represents the cosmic man (Vastu Purusha) lying with his head towards the northeast, legs towards the southwest, and hands towards the northwest and southeast.

Importance of Vastu Shastra

While Vastu might seem like a set of rigid rules, its essence lies in the harmonious integration of man and nature. The principles of Vastu aim to enhance the flow of positive energies in a dwelling, promoting health, wealth, and well-being. By aligning one's living and working spaces with nature's forces, Vastu Shastra ensures a life of peace, prosperity, and happiness.


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Step One - Financing, Choosing and Purchasing Land

The location for your custom home is important. While you might be able to make alterations to your home design down the road, changing your land lot once your custom home has already been built would not be possible. In some of Dallas’s popular cities, the land itself may even cost more than what it would cost to build a custom home.


You will need to make a trade off when buying land to build your home: should you buy an expensive and smaller land lot in a more urban area at the expense of a smaller home, or should you look towards rural areas that are cheaper and allow you to afford a larger home?


Cheap rural land outside of DFW might seem enticing, but it can be much more expensive to develop and build a custom home on. You might need to worry about how difficult it would be to access during construction, the availability or lack of utilities and municipal services, the condition of your lot and possible wooded lot clearing or lot grading, and whether it would be an ideal location to stay year-round. It might seem like a great location during the summer, but possible lack of road access might make it a hassle during the winter.


While choosing a lot in Dallas, Southlake, Frisco, Westlake, lakewoodUniversity Park, Highland Park & Preston Hollow, you must also look at applicable easements and restrictive covenants that may affect your building plan. You may not be able to build a house as per your wish on every plot of land and there may be applicable restrictions on the use of the building.


You may decide to purchase land during this step, but some potential homeowners stop at this step and end up going to a builder directly instead. If you decide not to go ahead with a custom home, builders have spec homes or semi-custom homes where you purchase the design and land from the builder’s inventory.


You can get a construction loan to purchase the land to build on as well as to finance your custom home build. Construction loans allow you to borrow money for about one year, which is enough time for most custom homes to be built.

construction loans faq dallas, Top Dallas Custom Home Builders FAQ , best custom home builders dallas southlake frisco university park highland park lakewood

Vastu Compliant Home Construction Process

Vastu compliant construction is performed in phases, with aspects of each phase directly dependent upon the successful completion of previous steps.

Step Two - Designs and Architectural Plans

Once you have purchased land to build on in Dallas, it’s time to design the home that you want to build on that land. You will need to hire an architect or a drafter to create your home designs, which you can specify to your liking.


At this point, you may consider hiring a custom home builder in Dallas and having them involved in the designing of your home. They will be able to let you know how much the design will cost and provide input about the design on the land lot. Some may choose to only hire a builder once all of their plans and designs have been completed and approved.


It is also important to plan out and budget all the expenses at this step. Building a custom house in Dallas takes a lot of resources, so you have to make sure that you can cover the project. It is wise to estimate the amount of different materials needed. For example, if you are planning to paint the inside of the house, you may use a paint calculator to estimate the amount of materials needed for the job. You can also find materials needed for other jobs. For example, if you are planning to build a staircase, a stair calculator can yield the dimensions of materials needed to do that given the dimensions of the area where the staircase will be installed.


Top Dallas Custom Home Builders FAQ , best custom home builders dallas southlake frisco university park highland park lakewood

Step Three - Permits and Approvals

You may need to request a zoning bylaw amendment if building a home will go against municipal zoning by-laws for your lot. Your architect would have taken zoning bylaws into account when creating your home design, such as building setbacks, easements, lot coverage, or height restrictions.


You will then need to obtain a building permit. If your land is located in an environmentally sensitive area, you may also require a special permit from your local authorities if your lot is in a regulated area.



Step Four - Construction

After all of the planning and approvals are in place, it’s time to start construction for your custom home in Dallas. If you didn’t select a builder during the designing and planning phase of your home build, you will need to choose a builder now. Candidate builders will bid on your project. While it might be tempting to choose the builder that offers the lowest price, the cheapest builder might not always be the best builder for your project. Remember to check references and do research on their reputation and past builds.

Once construction is complete, you’ll be ready to move in! Your construction loan can either be paid back in full or converted into a residential mortgage.

Top Dallas Custom Home Builders FAQ , best custom home builders dallas southlake frisco university park highland park lakewood
top builder dallas new construction   shaddock  homes best realtor 5-star broker expert ne

Step Five - Final Inspection & Move-In

Your home is finished! Here is your chance to look everything over and make sure it is exactly what you wanted. You won’t be the only one making an inspection. Your custom builder as well as third party inspectors thoroughly check everything in the house to make sure it’s up to code and completed per your plans. After a final walk-thru with us, you’re ready to move in.



Step Six - Warranty

Your custom home builder should be committed to resolving all punch-out items quickly and provide a comprehensive warranty on our homes. All materials and workmanship in the homes are typically warrantied for one year, all mechanicals (plumbing, electrical, HVAC) for two years, and structural components for ten years. If anything at all goes wrong, the builder should be there to efficiently and effectively fix it to your satisfaction.  


top builder dallas new construction toll brothers  homes best realtor 5-star broker expert

Vastu Compliant Home Build/Buy Process Map

Things to consider when picking a custom home builder

  • Cities served

  • Availability of lot

  • Home Styles Built

  • Design resources 

  • Experience

  • Issue resolution process

Hiring A REALTOR When Buying A Vastu Compliant Home In Dallas

 It’s always smart to have a buyer’s agent when building a custom home. In addition to knowing which builders are reputable in the Dallas area, an experienced real estate agent can help you negotiate a deal that will save you money during the home construction process. They’ll keep the project on track, fight for your best interests, and help you schedule inspections throughout the build process. It’s important to remember that the builder’s sales agent is trying to continue to get the builder’s business by not giving you the best deal as they work for the builder. The builder’s sales representatives are on the builder’s team and will try to and get the highest profit margins for the builder. An experienced buyer’s agent in Dallas can help make sure everything is put into writing and make sure it gets completed the right way. Contact our real estate agency to learn more.

best custom home builders dallas, top dallas custom home builder

Dallas is one of the largest cities in the country with an economy fueled by diverse businesses. It has proved itself to be a magnet for families relocating to DFW in last few years. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Dallas is home to many of Texas' most stunning luxury homes. Zillow’s latest data shows that the city has a median home value of $290k, and that number is predicted to rise 9.1 percent within the next year. But those are just numbers, numbers that fail to capture just how strange, fascinating, and delightful Dallas homes can be.


In 2021, almost 7500 luxury single-family residences were sold in Dallas and the figures reveal an active preference for buying homes among the city’s residents. While many choose to invest in pre-built residential properties, others decide to take a more personalized approach to acquire their ideal residence, and their first step is to rely on the expertise and creativity of Dallas' finest custom home builders. And the town’s best custom home builders are truly representative of Vegas: these firms build homes that aren’t simply luxurious, but delightfully creative, innovative, and surprisingly green.

Below is a ranked list of the best custom home builders working in Dallas today based on their reputation, quality of service, number of homes built, client feedback, and, of course, the awards they have received.

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend  contacting us so that we can provide you recommendations and preform due diligence like checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and getting competitive quotes from various top builders.  

How can I find custom home builders near me?

Read our latest blog articles on the best custom home builders across Texas. If you don’t see your city below, just let us know – we are happy to create a custom recommendation list just for you.

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Dallas New Construction Home Tours


Whether you are relocating to DFW from another state or whether you are a local looking to upgrade, become familiar with the new construction homes for sale in DFW  here.

Dallas Real Estate Agent, Dallas New Home Tour, Find new construction homes for sale in Frisco, TX like a real estate agent! Instant access to today's new new construction MLS listings in Frisco.



Work with the top DFW custom home specialists and you’ll quickly realize how valuable it is to work with agents who care and who know new construction inside out. We are transparent, honest, hard-working, and like to have fun.  From day one we’re on this journey together.  Your calls / texts / emails are responded to very quickly, and your wants and needs are our absolute #1 priority.

Why Us?

We are DFW 's first and only real estate brokerage that puts you in control. We ensure that you build your custom dream home quickly and we provide excellent service throughout the custom home construction process.
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We are here for you. Our goal is to make the custom home building process easy. With the  help of our DFW custom home expert real estate agents, we know how to find you the top Dallas custom home builder to build your perfect new home quickly.  We know the Dallas custom home builders, the communities and the styles. We can streamline and simplify your custom home builder search, saving you time and money. We represent you and not the custom home builder. We can help you avoid mistakes, pitfalls and protect your investment.  


And the best part? Our services are free for our clients! Builders pay our commission.

Top Vastu Compliant Home Builders in Dallas

Alair Homes * Alford Homes * Attaway Homes * Austin Neuhoff Homes * Avida Custom Homes * Axiom Builders * Bailey Family Builders, Inc. * Barcus Construction Management, LLC * Barnett West Custom Homes  * Barringer Custom Homes * Barrow Builders Group * Bauhaus Modern Homes * Bean Co Homes * Beechwood Custom Homes * Bella Custom Homes * Biggerstaff Construction, Inc. * Bob Bobbitt Custom Homes * Bob Thompson Homes * Bond + Truss * Braswell Homes * BufordHawthorne * Calais Custom Homes * Caprock Custom Construction, Inc. * Chapman Custom Homes * Charles A. Barnett III, Inc. * CJB HOMES * Classic Urban Homes * Cleve Adamson Custom Homes * Coats Homes * Constructionologists, Inc. * Craft Barnett Homes * Crescent Estates Custom Homes * Crescent Signature Homes * Cresswell Custom Builders * Crow Bar Constructors, Inc. * Custom Homes of Texas * Danes Custom Homes * Dave R. Williams Homes * David Leite Custom Homes * David Lewis Builder, Inc. * Davis Signature Homes, LLC * Desco Fine Homes * Double Door Custom Homes, Inc. * Douglas Signature Homes LLC * Durrett Construction LLC * Edinburgh Custom Homes * Ellen Grasso & Sons LLC * Ellerman Homes * Endurance Homes * Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes * Ferrier Custom Homes * Gardner Custom Homes * Garvey Homes * George Davis & Associates, Inc. * George Lewis Custom Homes * Goff Custom Homes * Greenwell Homes * Hardy Construction * Hartman Construction, Inc. * Hawkins-Welwood Homes * Hayes Signature Homes * Haynsworth Custom Homes * Heritage Blue Homes * Herman Darden LLC * Hoffmann Homes * Holmes Builders * Homes by Bowen * Hudson Construction Group * Isler Homes * J.D. Smith Custom Homes * Jackson Custom Homes * Jarrett Construction * Jered Custom Homes * Jim Johnson Group * Jim Scott and Sons * JLD Custom Homes * Joe Kain Homes * Joseph Paul Homes * Key Residential * Kienast Homes * Knox Built Construction * LeComte Homes * Lingenfelter Custom Homes * LRO Residential Development * Malone Custom Builders * Marable Homes * Mark Clifton Homes * Mark Siepiela Custom Homes * Martin Raymond Homes * Matie Custom Homes * Matt and Paul Home Design and Construction * McCowen-Sainton Homes * McKinley Built Homes * Megaco Construction * Michael S. Wilson Custom Homes * Milan Custom Build * Millennial Design + Build * Mills Custom Homes * Mishler Builders * Montgomery Custom Homes * More Design + Build * Mullinix Custom Homes * New Leaf Custom Homes * Nixon Custom Homes * Ogden Custom Homes * Patten Custom Homes * Pencil Point Construction * Phillip Jennings Custom Homes * Platinum Homes by Mark Molthan * Potenza Homes * Prospect Homes * Provenance Builders * RA Millennium Properties * Randy Clowdus Construction * RGD+B * Richard Dietrichson Fine Homes * Richard Miller Custom Homes * Richland Builds * Rick Shipley Custom Homes * Ripple D+B * RJA Construction, LLC * Robert Clark and Associates * Robert Elliot Custom Homes * Robert Hopson Construction Group * Ron Davis Custom Homes * Ron McHam Homes * Rosewood Custom Builders * S&R Development * SCH Homes * Sebastian Construction Group * Seymore Custom Homes * Shaddock Caldwell Builders & Developers * Shaddock Homes * Sharif & Munir Custom Homes * Sleepy Hollow Homes * Snelling Homes * Southgate Homes * Sovereign Custom Homes * Stark Homes * Starr Construction * Sterling Brook Custom Homes * Susan Newell Homes * Sustainable Structures of Texas * Tanner Homes * Tatum Brown Custom Homes * Tekton Built * The Hill Group * The Newport Group * Thomas Development + Construction  * Thomas Signature Homes * Tim Jackson Custom Homes * Todd Bonneau Homes, LLC * Todd James Homes * Tommy Ford Construction * UC Properties by Jennifer Duncan * Ventura Custom Homes * Victor Myers Custom Homes * Waterford Classic Homes * Waterside Properties * Wells Homes * Wes McKenzie Custom Homes * Westchester Custom Homes * Zachary Custom Homes *  

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