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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home?

Learn about custom home construction cost for building a custom home in Dallas >>>

A construction loan is a short-term loan that covers only the costs of custom home building. This is different from a mortgage, and it’s considered specialty financing. Once the home is built, the prospective occupant must apply for a mortgage to pay for the completed home.

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home in Dallas, TX?


One of the usual questions asked by people planning to build a custom home is, “How much does it cost?”

The truth is that it depends on many different factors. These dictate the cost of your new home. 


Average Cost of a Home in Dallas, Texas

Unlike quick builds, prefabs, or used homes in Dallas, custom homes are original designs selected by buyers.

Custom home-building services from a top custom home builder in Dallas will help you build a home that reflects your lifestyle and budget.  When working with a top Dallas custom home builder, you will be guided through every step of the design and construction process. 

You will select everything about your new home, from the location to the floor plan to the finishing touches by collaborating with the custom home builder's design + build team. Before you begin the custom home building process, to ensure you understand the cost of building your custom home, our team has outlined a few variables that may affect the final price.

Factors To Consider While Making Cost Estimates For Building A Custom Home in Dallas

  • The location of your home

  • The cost of labor in your area

  • Pricing differences among the different regions

  • Home type and size

  • The different building materials and products you choose to use

  • Use of modern or custom designs

  • Other miscellaneous costs

  • Price hikes due to the pandemic


How much money you plan to spend on your dream home determines everything about your house. So before anything else, determine how much you are willing to spend and stick with it, regardless of how demanding or stressful the process becomes. You can always change your mind later.

Building a custom dream home is expensive and requires a lot of patience and time. If you’re on a strict budget, you’ll probably have to settle for fewer features than initially envisioned, even if there’s money still left in the budget after construction has begun. Many things come up during construction that will require re-evaluating the initial design plan, and sometimes certain items must be cut for practical reasons. When this happens, don’t despair. It only means that more cool stuff may be added into the house somewhere down the line since some of those original “essentials” aren’t really all that essential anymore.


The cost of construction for a home varies by region. Although the estimate for construction in the United States is $150 per square foot, that cost fluctuates depending on where you build. For instance, the construction costs for building a custom home in Dallas, Texas, are vastly different than they are in Los Angeles, California, or even Salt Lake City, Utah.

The price discrepancy is due to changes of the price of materials, building permits, labor, and other fees by location. No matter where you build, there is always a potential for unforeseen costs. For example,  black clay in DFW region  requires special pier & beam foundation, which may affect your budget.  

Location can also affect what kinds of materials are available to use, which affects your dream house’s overall appearance and aesthetics.


The size of your custom home affects how much it costs. But everyone’s idea of “big” is different. That’s why this factor gets complicated. How big do you want? This may seem like an easy question to answer, but take note that the more space you have, the bigger your lawn will be, which can mean more landscaping, sprinklers, etc. The size of your home also affects what kinds of heating and cooling equipment are necessary to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature throughout your house effectively. If you’re building an extra-large custom home, then chances are you’ll want extra-large appliances too, which costs even more money.

Complexity of the Design

How much design work your custom home requires will affect the final cost of your project. For example, if you need a fully customized home plan drawn up by our team, it will cost you more than if you were to alter a replicated design. A custom home builder may offer the following choices:


  • Tier 1: In the first tier, homebuyers modify pre-designed home plans to match their needs. It is the most affordable option of the three.

  • Tier 2: The middle tier allows homebuyers to select a floor plan from builder's stock portfolio. Then, they work with the custom home builder's design team to customize the layout with handpicked specifications.

  • Tier 3: The third tier offers the red carpet experience. Homebuyers work with custom home builder's team of designers to create a one-of-a-kind custom home layout. Even the interior designers get in on the action, asking personal questions to ensure the design is 100% yours.

Square Footage Means Money

The more square footage you build, the higher the construction cost will officially be for your new home without fail. But again, this factor becomes complicated since there’s no way around it. If you want a large custom house, it must be big enough for all the features you want. But there are always exceptions to this rule.

For instance, you can cut costs by building up instead of out. This means that if you’re looking at a one or two-story home, then it’s not going to be as expensive as a three or four-story home. Custom homes with less square footage cost more per square foot.

The size of your custom home affects how much it costs. But everyone’s idea of “big” is different. That’s why this factor gets complicated. How big do you want? This may seem like an easy question to answer, but take note that the more space you have, the bigger your lawn will be, which can mean more landscaping, sprinklers, etc. The size of your home also affects what kinds of heating and cooling equipment are necessary to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature throughout your house effectively. If you’re building an extra-large custom home, then chances are you’ll want extra-large appliances too, which costs even more money.


Factors that Influence Home Construction Cost in Dallas

When custom home builders come to provide you an estimate, they will consider several factors that can increase or decrease the cost of your project. Pricing for your home building project will vary based on the type of work required, your lot configuration, and the grade of construction you select. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Your prices may be higher when:

  • The house is multiple stories.

  • The roof is complex with many ridges and valleys.

  • You want a deck, pool, or patio.

  • The lot is difficult to build on (ie: odd shape or steep lot).

  • The property is in a high cost city.

  • Local builders have a significant backlog of work.

  • You choose high end finishes and materials.

  • The house is custom designed.

  • Local building requirements are more strict.

Your prices may be lower when:

  • You want to build a one story house.

  • The roof is a simple gable or hip roof.

  • The property located in a lower cost city.

  • You choose standard building materials.

  • You use a pre-designed plan and request minimal changes.

  • The lot is easy to build (ie: it is rectangular or flat).

  • Local building ordinances are less strict.

  • The builder is building multiple houses in the same neighborhood.



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If you have any questions about building a custom home with a luxury custom home builder, please remember our services as a REALTOR are at no cost to you when purchasing a new home! It's important for you to have representation before you walk into a sales office / model homes - the agent in office typically represents the builder's interests. Feel free to call or text directly at: 469-269-6541 or send an e-mail to: nitin@NitinGuptaDFW.com

New Construction Home Tours


Whether you are relocating to DFW from another state or whether you are a local looking to upgrade, become familiar with the new construction homes for sale in DFW  here.

Dallas Real Estate Agent, Dallas New Home Tour, Find new construction homes for sale in Frisco, TX like a real estate agent! Instant access to today's new new construction MLS listings in Frisco.



Work with the top DFW new home specialists and you’ll quickly realize how valuable it is to work with agents who care and who know new construction inside out. We are members of the Collin County Association of Realtors, and we are transparent, honest, hard-working, and like to have fun.  From day one we’re on this journey together.  Your calls / texts / emails are responded to very quickly, and your wants and needs are our absolute #1 priority.


DFW New Home Construction & Builders -  Find Estates of Escena, TX New Real Estate


Tips On Buying New Construction

Buying a new construction home in DFW is somewhat different than buying a traditional resale home in Estates of Escena. There is something very exciting about buying a brand new home that no one has ever lived in. The smell of a new construction home can be something like the smell of a new car. If you plan to go this route for your next home in Estates of Escena, there are some important tips to remember.


New homes can be purchased at several different phases; a spec home in DFW which is complete and ready to go, choosing the lot and starting from scratch or somewhere in between. There are pros and cons to each. Frequently a better deal can be had on the spec home since it's already finished and the builder will want to get it off the books. You'll also likely have to live with the finishes as making changes to a finished home would cost more than buying something in an earlier stage and picking the finishes you want before they get installed. Regardless of which stage the home is in, take heed of these tips when buying new construction. This is a very different process and it is highly recommended that you have a real estate agent with extensive experience in new construction sales represent you. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

  1. Start with your own agent from the beginning of the process. The builder's on-site real estate sales agent represents the builder. New construction contracts can be complex so having your own representation will save you money, time and help to ensure your home is built well. Best of all, most of the time your representation will not cost you any money at all.

  2. No matter what, always give your agent's information to the on-site agent when visiting new construction alone.

  3. Don't automatically use the lender the builder has "partnered" with for your loan. Sometimes, they have exceptional sounding incentives that sound too good to be true because they are. Always shop your mortgage. Rates vary and while a builder may appear to pay closing costs, sometimes the lender makes that loss up in a higher interest rate. Always shop!

  4. Make sure you have a pre-drywall inspection and another inspection just a few days prior to closing. Most builders will be happy to fix anything that isn't up to code found in the inspection and the best time to do that is before the drywall covers up what's behind the walls. Have the inspector come back before your final walkthrough to make sure all the work was done correctly.

  5. The model home is not what your home will look like. The model home is the shining example of what it would be like to build out a "fully loaded" home with all the important upgrades.

  6. Research different builders. Check online and see what you can find out from other homeowners in a neighborhood. Check the Better Business Bureau as well. All builders are not the same.

  7. Find out how the homeowners association will operate. Typically the builder will control the HOA until a certain number of homes have been built and sold to new homeowners.

  8. Check to see what internet service and tv providers will be available. If you have a preference and that company won't service the homes, you will want to know this ahead of time.

  9. Understand what is standard and what is an upgrade. Frequently there are options for you early in the process to choose between different styles of standard finishes and then even more that are upgraded levels of finishes. Know before you start what standard cabinets, granite, flooring and light fixtures will be in the house. There may be a design center for you to make your selections or even homes built by your builder in different communities you can visit and see yourself.

  10. Be sure to understand what appliances come with the home. Often times you will need to buy your own refrigerator, washer and dryer.

Save Money and Protect Your Interests With An Agent

This can't be repeated enough. New home sales  in DFWcan be even more complicated than the traditional resale process. There will be change orders, mistakes, amendments, negotiations, deposits, contingencies and negotiations. New home sales contracts are different than standard purchase and sale contracts and tend to protect the builder more than the buyer. An agent experienced in working with new construction homes is an advocate you can't afford to not have on your side. Also, a brokered negotiation is almost always the best scenario and for that to happen you need an agent with a fiduciary duty to you. 



We are here for you. Our goal is to make the new home buying process easy. With the  help of our DFW custom home expert real estate agents, we know how to find you the perfect new home quickly and save you money in the process.? We know the custom home builders, the communities and the houses. We can streamline and simplify your home search, saving you time and money. We represent you and not the builder. We can help you avoid mistakes, pitfalls and protect your investment. We know ways to help you save money and get the best deal/incentives when buying a new home.


And the best part? Our services are free for our clients! Builders pay our commission.

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More Secrets Buyers Should Know To Save Money On New Construction

Having a skilled real estate agent represent you on the purchase of a new construction home will save you money. Builders will not reduce the price of a new home for you because you are unrepresented. That sale will lower the prices of all future sales so there is really no cost to you to have your own representation when buying a new home.

  • On-site agents will sometimes tell other agents about deals they won't tell directly to you as a buyer. An on-site agent knows your own agent is going to have access to more information about other sales in the neighborhood than you will as a buyer. They also know your own agent will be informed about other comparable neighborhood and make an extra effort to get you to buy a new construction home in their neighborhood.

  • Builders don’t like to reduce prices. It would set a precedent for future home sales. They are more likely to offer various incentives than drop prices. Again, your agent will be able to find out what they have done for other buyers.

  • Time is money for a builder. Better deals can be found for homes on the market for 30 days or more. This is sometimes known as standing inventory. We can find these homes for you.

  • Get everything in writing - something the builder’s agent says during a showing of a new-construction home may sound great. If it's not in writing, it's not real.

  • Shop lenders even if the builder's lender seems like the best option. Many lenders have new construction programs that are competitive even with the discounts offered by the builder's lender.

  • Builders use their own contracts which favor them as much as possible. Your own agent can help protect your interest.

Search Actively Selling DFW New Homes & Floor plans

Why Purchase a New Home for Sale in DFW?

Buying one of the new construction homes in DFWcan offer a living experience unlike any other. Few areas of the country offer the benefits that are available from new homes for sale in DFW. The limitations in the local geography mean that there is a finite limit to new construction in DFW. When you couple this with the excellent amenities, low taxes, and perfect weather, it is easy to see why so many flock to purchase from the wide selection of new homes in DFW.

Top Tier Builders

The every increasing demand for new homes in DFWcreates a housing market that pulls in some of the best builders in the country. Builders such as Toll Brothers, Highland Homes, Drees Homes, Darling Homes, Taylor Morrison Homes, MainVue Homes and more new home builders are all actively selling new construction in DFW. This competition and a wide selection of builders offer a few key advantages to buyers of new homes in DFW.

Great Selection at Various Prices

For one, you get exceptional quality and materials of construction when buying a new home in DFW. You also get a massive selection of styles and the best prices on new houses for sale in DFW. Another aspect of the housing market in DFW is availability. The extreme desirability of new houses in the DFW area provide options that work for anyone.

The average price of new homes in DFW is around $400,000 although you can also find new constructions in the area that are lower or higher than this. There are also many diverse styles that employ many elements of traditional home design. You also can choose from several of the most sought-after communities when building new homes in DFW.

Ever-growing Property Values

The perfect location of DFW with access to top rated schools, world class employers, tons of entertainment opportunities coupled with limited availability, create the ideal mix for property values that continue to soar. It’s important to work with an experienced, local real estate agent when buying a new home in DFW. That way, you have someone in your corner during the entire home search and buying process. If you want to work with a trusted, vetted DFW real estate agent, click here.

New Construction Customization

The excellent collection of new home builders currently developing in DFW is only the beginning. Another advantage you get when choosing to go with new construction in DFW is an exceptional level of customization. Instead of being forced to choose from existing options, you can work with builders and design the house of your dreams in DFW.

Once you’ve found a few NEW Homes in DFW that you would like to preview, contact Real Estate Agent & Broker Associate Nitin Gupta, prior to visiting the Home Builders Model Home Sales Office.  Most DFW, TX New Home Builders have registration policies that state a home buyer must have their Buyer Broker/Agent with them when they first visit the home builder’s sales office.  We have years of experience representing buyers during the new home search, purchase and building process in DFW.

Preconstruction and Builder Homes in DFW

View Preconstruction Homes for Sale in DFW! (Click Here)

Preconstruction homes in DFW gives you an opportunity to buy magnificent, energy efficient homes at a lower-than-market price!

Through "getting in early", you can often purchase at a 10-15% discount compared to buying a completed inventory home after 6 months.

Many of our recommended new homes are within convenient distance from excellent DFW sought after areas such as top DFW schools and parks. Here you and your family can enjoy beautiful homes with innovative features with no worries about repairs or breakdowns.

New Homes for Sale in DFW


DFW, Texas is one of America’s largest growing cities, and with growth comes new homes and new subdivisions in DFW. New homes for sale in DFW can be found for a wide variety of budgets, desires and tastes. From simple condos, patio homes and townhomes to single family homes and luxury gated communities with sparkling pools, there is a new home for every prospective homebuyer in DFW TX.

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If you're not in the market for a new home in DFW, but would like to learn about other homes for sale in DFW, you can learn more about all DFW homes for sale.

We highly recommend that you Contact Us and we will create a custom search for you that will automatically alert you when new homes come up for sale in DFW.  We can also prepare a free report for you that provides all the statistics you want to know about DFW including historical data, projections, recent sale prices, and information about DFW's surrounding neighborhood.


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New Homes For Sale Are Also Available By Following Builders

Ashton Woods •  Bowen Homes •  Centex Homes •  Coventry Homes •  Diamond Homes •  Engle Homes •  Gehan Homes •  Green Hill Homes •  Holiday Builders •  KB Home •  Landstar Homes Frisco/Allen •  Mercedes Homes Ft. Worth •  Park Place Builders •  Portrait Homes •  Ryland Homes •  Standard Pacific Homes •  Wall Homes •  Beazer Homes •  Cambridge Homes •  Cheldan Homes •  Darling Homes •  Drees Homes •  First Texas Homes •  Goodman Custom Homes •  Hammonds Homes •  Horizon Homes •  Dallas Legacy Homes •  Lennar Homes •  Monterey Homes •  Partners in Building •  Pulte Homes •  Sharif Munir Custom Homes •  Stonewood •  William Ryan Homes •  David Weekley Homes •  Classic Homes of Texas •  Cary Clark Homes •  Blue Green Communities •  D.R. Horton •  Fox & Jacobs •  Grand Homes •  Highland Homes •  K Hovnanian Homes •  Ft. Worth Legacy •  Mercedes Homes Dallas •  Meritage Homes •  Perry Homes •  Richmond American Homes •  Sotherby Homes •  Trophy Homes •  Woodhaven Homes •  DR Horton  •  Lennar Corp.  •  PulteGroup  •  NVR  •  KB Home  •  Taylor Morrison  •  Meritage Homes  •  Toll Brothers  •  Century Communities  •  LGI Homes  •  M.D.C. Holdings  •  M/I Homes  •  Beazer Homes  •  Hovnanian Enterprises  •  TRI Pointe Group  •  David Weekley Homes •  Habitat for Humanity International •  Ashton Woods Homes •  Clayton Properties Group •  Shea Homes •  Mattamy Homes •  Highland Homes •  Perry Homes •  Dan Ryan Builders •  Brookfield Residential Properties •  The Related Group •  Drees Homes •  Fischer Homes •  Dream Finders Homes •  Bloomfield Homes •  Chesmar Homes •  Smith Douglas Homes •  First Texas Homes •  Green Brick Partners  •  GL Homes •  Minto Communities •  HistoryMaker Homes •  Highland Homes •  American Legend Homes •  Milestone Community Builders •  Essex Homes Southeast •  Stylecraft Builders •  H&H Homes •  Ole South Properties •  Rocklyn Homes •  HHHunt Corp. •  Ball Homes •  Saratoga Homes •  Van Metre Cos. •  John Houston Custom Homes •  Westin Homes •  Anglia Homes •  Homes by Westbay •  Caviness and Cates Communities •  ICI Homes •  Signature Homes •  Bill Clark Homes •  Kerley Family Homes •  Knight Homes •  Park Square Homes •  United Built Homes •  Home Creations •  Eastbrook Homes •  Grand Homes •  Pacesetter Homes •  William Ryan Homes •  Arthur Rutenberg Homes •  13th Floor Homes •  Crescent Homes •  San Joaquin Valley Homes •  Newmark Homes Houston •  Tilson Home Corp. •  Comstock Homes •  Camden Homes •  Edward Andrews Homes •  Regency Homebuilders •  Flagship Homes •  Stone Martin Builders •  Hubble Homes •  Ideal Homes •  Regent Homes •  Williams Homes •  Altura Homes •  Wathen Castanos Homes •  Frontier Communities •  The Olson Co. •  Viera Builders •  Level Homes •  The Warmington Group •  Fieldstone Homes •  Miller and Smith •  Granite Ridge Builders •  SK Builders •  The Jones Co. of Tennessee/Consort Homes •  Beechwood Homes •  Charter Homes and Neighborhoods •  Hakes Brothers •  Chesapeake Homes •  Geonerco Group •  Berks Homes •  Landon Homes •  Southern Homes of Polk County •  Elliott Homes •  Devon Street Homes •  Keystone Homes •  Simmons Homes •  Dorn Homes •  Payne Family Homes •  Traditions of America •  Shaddock Homes •  Colina Homes •  Hills Properties/Inverness Homes •  Hubbell Homes •  Pacific Communities Builder •  Truland Homes •  New Tradition Homes •  Grayhawk Homes •  A. Sydes Construction •  Cornerstone Communities •  Eagle Construction of Virginia •  Van Daele Homes •  SeaGate Homes •  Capstone Homes •  Greenstone Homes •  Liberty Home Builders •  Lokal Homes •  Our Country Homes •  Main Street Homes •  Stonehollow Homes •  McKee Homes •  Baldwin & Sons •  Silverstone Communities •  Windsor Homes •  Greenland Homes •  Stoneridge Homes •  Insight Homes •  First America Homes •  Mandalay Homes •  Palo Verde Homes •  Robert Thomas Homes •  Davidson Homes •  Legacy Homes of Alabama •  PSW Real Estate •  Boulder Creek Neighborhoods •  Braselton Homes •  Esperanza Homes •  Saussy Burbank •  Craftmark Group •  Florsheim Homes •  Sumeer Homes •  Kendall Homes •  Tropicana Homes •  Landmark Homes •  Empire Communities •  Garman Homes •  Reliant Homes •  StyleCraft Homes •  Sabal Homes •  Riverwood Homes •  Tim O'Brien Homes •  Manuel Builders •  Bonadelle Neighborhoods •  Robertson Brothers Homes •  Stock Development •  Pratt Home Builders •  Marrano Homes/Marc Equity Corp. •  Homes By Dickerson 

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